1. River case study: Banbury Floods (Rivers topic L11)

    banbury floods 2007 case study


    banbury floods 2007 case study

  3. River case study: Banbury Floods (Rivers topic L11)

    banbury floods 2007 case study

  4. River flooding case study

    banbury floods 2007 case study


    banbury floods 2007 case study

  6. Floods 2007: Five years on, has enough been done?

    banbury floods 2007 case study


  1. tenbury in flood

  2. Britain's Biggest Flood 2007 for Channel 5

  3. Tewkesbury School lockdown as emergency services respond to incident in Gloucestershire

  4. Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512BB

  5. 4965 Rood Ashton Hall at Banbury

  6. rothbury floods 2008.wmv


  1. Banbury Flood Management Scheme

    The Great Floods of 2000; Kerala flood case study; Rocks, Resources and Scenery. Geological time is on a different time to human time; Rock Types and the Rock Cycle; Rock and Weathering; ... There was further flooding in 2007. What is the Banbury flood management strategy? In 2012, ...


    Learn how Banbury reduced its flood risk with a multi-faceted scheme. Watch this video for a detailed explanation of the five major elements.

  3. Banbury Flood Case Study

    Environmental. The A361 can continue to be open in a flood so people can still go to school and work etc. Quality of life is improved as there are new footpaths and green areas. recued levels of anxiety through fear of flooding. The cost of the scheme was £18.5 million. It protects 441 houses and 73 commercial properties.

  4. PDF Banbury Flood Alleviation Scheme

    The Environment Agency engaged Black & Veatch to provide study and design services for the Banbury Flood Alleviation Scheme, and the company delivered recommendations in 2001. Mid- ... Banbury in 2007 by pumping rainwater into the river downstream ... Banbury Flood Storage Reservoir and other flood risk management structures. On completion, the ...

  5. Floods 2007: Five years on, has enough been done?

    About 230 homes in the town bore the brunt of the July 2007 flood. Since then, West Oxfordshire District Council has secured more than £1m in funding for flood alleviation projects. David Harvey ...

  6. River Management Case Study

    There were serious floods in Banbury in 1998 and 2007 when the River Cherwell burst its banks. New flood defence scheme in 2012. This new and improved flood defence scheme included: ... 5.1.7 Case Study: Tourism in Kenya. 5.1.8 Case Study: Tourism in Jamaica. 5.1.9 Case Study: Economic Development in India.

  7. "I wish I'd never heard of Banbury": The ...

    Introduction. Floods are the most frequently reported and costly natural disasters world-wide (Hewitt, 1997).The extent of flooding, and the accompanying impacts, are expected to increase over the next 50-100 years owing to the effects of global warming (IPCC, 2007; Stern and HM Treasury, 2007) and factors such as disparities in wealth and access to resources (Evans et al., 2004).

  8. GCSE geography managing floods in Banbury case study

    Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like In the Cotsworld Hills about 50km north os Oxford. Population about 45000, -Banbury is located on the floodplain of the Richer Cherwell (this is a tributary of the River Thames) -The geology and geography of the valley that the River Cherchwell runs through makes it particilarly suscceptible to flooding, -closure of town's ...

  9. Managing Floods

    Managing Floods - Banbury Case Study (River Landscapes Lesson 11) This lesson plan 11 ONLY but is part of a unit bundle for River Landscapes. Aimed at GCSE students/KS4, these lesson plans link are designed with close links to the textbook GCSE 9-1 geography AQA. 2016 by Bob Digby et al. They are fully editable and require Microsoft Software to ...

  10. PDF The design and construction of Banbury flood storage reservoir

    The Banbury flood storage reservoir includes the following features, whose general locations are illustrated in Figure 1: • an embankment of maximum height about 4.5m (average about 2.5m) and length 2.9km, running parallel to the north-eastern side of the M40 and alongside the eastern bank of the Oxford Canal;


    why it needed protection Environmental benefits 100,000 tonnes of earth removed for embankments - created reservoir habitat biodiversity plan in place - new habitats in ponds, trees and hedgrows allowed natural floodplain to flood when river gets too high why and impacts 1998

  12. AQA Geography GCSE

    Age range: 14-16. Resource type: Lesson (complete) File previews. pptx, 6.19 MB. Living with the physical environment - Physical landscapes in the UK -. This lesson is suitable for Key Stage 4 AQA Geography GCSE geography students. The lesson is suitable for a single 50 minutes - 1 hour lesson. Students will learn: Location of Banbury.


    1998 and 2007 what were the flood management strategies in banbury? -new pumping station to transfer excess rainwater into river below the town -raising the A361 road to prevent flooding -biodiversity action plan, creating habitats with trees hedgerows and ponds to absorb and store excess water


    What was the strategy used? 2.9km embankment creates storage area for water, road raised. Why was the management needed? £12.5 million pound cost of damage from floods in 1998 and another flood in 2007. What were the economic issues? £18.5 million cost, 441 and 73 homes and businesses protected. What were the social issues?

  15. AQA Rivers

    AQA Rivers - Flood Management Case Study Banbury. Subject: Geography. Age range: 14-16. Resource type: Lesson (complete) File previews. pptx, 8.56 MB. Hi, This is the last in a series of lessons written for AQA GCSE Geography. It follows the Paper 1 Section C scheme and looks at the need for, strategies and effectiveness of flood management in ...

  16. Banbury case study

    Banbury case study. 3.5 / 5 based on 5 ratings? Geography; Water and rivers; GCSE; All boards; Created by: cameronlili16; Created on: 05-04-18 19:11; View mindmap. Banbury. what. 1988; caused £12.5 million worth of damage; 150+ homes and 35 businesses were affected; another flood in 2007 reinforced the need to implement a flood alleviation ...

  17. Tewkesbury Floods 2007 Case Study

    The flooding in Tewkesbury was the result of both natural and human factors. The primary natural cause was the extreme and persistent rainfall during the summer, which led to the rivers Severn and Avon converging near Tewkesbury, overflowing their banks. The town's geographical setting made it inherently susceptible to flooding.

  18. Banbury Case Study Flashcards

    Banbury is located in the Cotswold Hills 50 km North of Oxford. The population is around 45,000, much of the town is on the floodplain of the River Cherwell, a tributary of the River Thames. Banbury has a history of flooding. In 1998 flooding led to the closure of the town's railway station, closure of local roads and £12.5 million of damage ...

  19. Floods and cause-specific mortality in the UK: a nested case-control study

    Floods are the most frequent type of weather-related disaster, accounting for about 47% of all weather-related disasters from 1995 to 2015 [1, 2].Between 1995 and 2015, more than 2.3 billion people were affected by flood disasters, with over 157 thousand people dying directly as a result of floods [].In recent years, many intense urban flooding events have been recorded in the UK, resulting in ...

  20. River flooding case study

    This lessons explores a river flood case study. The focus is on the town of Banbury. Designed for GCSE but can also be used at KS3. This lesson has a Do In Now activity with answers, new content page with a brief overview of the flood event and assessment question. It is advised that teachers explore the impacts in greater depth to help pupils ...

  21. Banbury Case Study

    S: Reduced anxiety around floods. S/Ec: A361 remains open during floods, allowing for more efficient transportation. S/Env: Footpaths and green spaces are improved. Ec: 441 houses and 73 commercial buildings are now protected against flooding and will not be damaged and therefore rebuilt. Env: The Biodversity Action Plan created several new ...

  22. Banbury Floods 2007 Case Study

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  23. Geography

    Geography Vocabulary October 2023. 10 terms. Emerson_gammon. Preview. Development, Imperialism, and Gender Equality. 48 terms. OKB14. Preview. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Where is Banbury?, When was the town of Banbury destroyed due to flooding?, What was the river that flooded in Banbury? and more.

  24. Geography GCSE Case Study

    Economic benefits. • protects 441 houses and 73 commercial properties. • benefit worth £100 million. • property values increase. Environmental impacts. • part of the floodplain will be left to flood if river levels get too high. • around 100,000 tonnes of earth needed for embankment.