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Marketing Cover Letter: 10 Examples & Writing Tips

best cover letter for marketing job

When applying for a marketing position, submitting a cover letter alongside your resume is essential to stand out to hiring managers. A marketing cover letter serves as an opportunity to explain your relevant experience, skills, and passion for the industry.

The purpose of a marketing cover letter is to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) and showcase how your skills and experience align with the job requirements. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills and attention to detail.

Importance of writing a customized Marketing Cover Letter

A customized marketing cover letter can increase your chances of landing an interview as it shows you have put in the effort to tailor your application to the specific role and company. This demonstrates your enthusiasm for the position and your ability to market yourself effectively.

Best practices for writing a marketing cover letter

When writing a marketing cover letter, it is important to keep it concise, highlighting only the most relevant experiences and skills. It should also be personalized, addressing the specific needs of the job and the company. Finally, it should showcase your creativity and writing abilities.

A well-written marketing cover letter serves as an important tool for job seekers to showcase their qualifications and demonstrate their fit for the role. In the following sections, we will explore 10 examples and writing tips to help you craft a compelling marketing cover letter.

Research the Company and Job Position

In today’s competitive job market, having a polished and effective cover letter can be the difference between landing an interview and getting passed over. One key element of this process is conducting thorough research on the company and job position.

A. Importance of researching the company and job description

Before you start writing your cover letter, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of the company and its values, brand, and culture. Your goal is to show how your skills and experience align with the company’s goals and mission. Additionally, researching the job description will allow you to customize your application to the specific position you’re applying for, highlighting your relevant experience and qualifications.

B. Tips for conducting research on the company and job position

To begin your research, start with the company’s website, social media accounts, and any recent press coverage. Look for information about the company’s history, mission statement, values, and how they’re making a positive impact in their industry. Pay attention to any recent news related to the company, such as new product launches, partnerships, or any awards or recognitions.

Next, review the job description carefully and consider how your skills and experience match with the specific requirements and qualifications outlined. Do your best to speak to the specific skills and qualities that the company is looking for in a candidate.

Another way to gather insights on the company is to talk to current or former employees, industry professionals, or business contacts who have knowledge or experience in the company’s field.

C. The benefits of tailoring your cover letter to the job description and company culture

By customizing your cover letter to the company’s values and the job position, you’re showing the employer that you’re invested in their vision and eager to work for their organization. Hiring managers are always looking for candidates who are a good fit for the company culture, and tailoring your cover letter to match their values can set you apart from other candidates.

When writing your cover letter, be sure to use specific examples of your achievements, skills, and experience that relate to the job description and the company’s mission. By demonstrating your understanding of the company’s goals and showing how you can contribute to their success, you’re more likely to catch the employer’s attention and get an interview.

Conducting thorough research on the company and job position shows the employer that you’re serious and invested in the opportunity. By tailoring your cover letter to match the company’s culture and the job’s requirements, you can make a strong case for why you’re the right fit for the job.

Tips for Formatting your Cover Letter

A strong marketing cover letter can make a huge difference in your job application process. As you craft your cover letter, keep in mind that presentation and formatting are just as important as the content you include. Here are some tips for formatting your marketing cover letter:

A. Basic format of a marketing cover letter

A marketing cover letter should follow the standard format of a business letter. This means including your contact information at the top, followed by the date and the recipient’s contact information. Use a professional font and keep your letter to one page.

B. Essential elements to include in the cover letter

In addition to the basic format, there are certain elements that should be included in a marketing cover letter. First, make sure you address the hiring manager by name – this shows that you’ve done your research and are invested in the position. Next, introduce yourself and briefly explain why you’re interested in the job. Be sure to highlight your relevant experience and skills, and explain how they would make you a strong fit for the position. Finally, close your letter by expressing your enthusiasm for the job and thanking the hiring manager for their time.

C. Best practices for formatting your marketing cover letter

Here are a few additional best practices to keep in mind as you format your marketing cover letter:

  • Use bullet points to break up dense text and draw attention to important information.
  • Avoid using long paragraphs and blocks of text – keep it visually appealing and easy to read.
  • Bold or italicize keywords to make them stand out and emphasize your skills.
  • Use white space to your advantage – don’t cram too much content onto the page.
  • Use a professional tone and avoid using slang or overly casual language.

Formatting your marketing cover letter correctly can help ensure that your application stands out in a competitive job market. Remember to follow the basic format of a business letter, include all essential elements, and use best practices to make your content visually appealing and easy to read. With these tips in mind, your marketing cover letter can help you land your dream job in the field of marketing.

Opening lines for Marketing Cover Letters

Crafting a compelling introduction is critical in marketing cover letters. It sets the tone for the entire document and leaves a lasting impression on the hiring manager. In this section, we will discuss some effective introductions to use, tips for crafting a strong introduction, and common mistakes to avoid.

A. Effective introductions to use in your marketing cover letters

The following are some examples of effective introductions for your marketing cover letter:

“As a seasoned marketer with over 5 years of experience in driving brand awareness and revenue growth, I am excited to apply for the Marketing Manager position at XYZ company.”

“Having honed my skills in digital marketing through working with top e-commerce businesses, I am confident that I can help ABC company achieve its marketing goals.”

“I have a passion for marketing and a proven track record of developing innovative marketing strategies. I would love the opportunity to apply my skills to the Marketing Coordinator position at LMN company.”

B. Tips for crafting a strong introduction that grabs attention

Follow these tips to craft a strong introduction that grabs the hiring manager’s attention:

Personalize the introduction by using the hiring manager’s name.

Start with an attention-grabbing statement that highlights your skills and experience.

Mention the company and position you are applying for in the introduction.

Tailor your introduction to the company and position you are applying for by researching the company’s values and mission.

End your introduction with a clear statement of your interest in the position and how you can help the company achieve its goals.

C. Common mistakes to avoid in the opening statement

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when crafting your opening statement:

Using cliches or generic phrases that do not differentiate you from other applicants.

Focusing too much on your experience without mentioning your interest in the company or position.

Writing a lengthy introduction that loses the reader’s attention.

Using informal language or slang.

Starting with a weak or irrelevant statement that does not grab the reader’s attention.

By following the above tips and avoiding these common mistakes, you can create a strong introduction that sets you apart from other applicants and impresses the hiring manager.

Showcase Your Skills and Experience

When it comes to crafting a winning marketing cover letter, it is crucial to showcase your skills and experience effectively. Here are some tips to help you highlight your marketing skills and craft a convincing narrative of your achievements:

A. Tips for Highlighting Your Marketing Skills

  • Focus on the skills that are most relevant to the position you are applying for. Take a close look at the job description and tailor your skills to match the requirements of the position.
  • Use specific examples to showcase your skills, such as successful campaigns you have worked on or specific marketing techniques you have used.
  • Highlight any awards or accolades you have received for your marketing work, as this can add credibility to your skills.

B. Crafting a Convincing and Relevant Narrative of Your Achievements

  • Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your achievements. This will help you tell a compelling story of how you contributed to the success of a marketing campaign or project.
  • Use quantitative data whenever possible to demonstrate the impact of your achievements. For example, instead of saying you increased website traffic, state exactly by how much.
  • Tie your achievements back to the requirements of the job you are applying for. This shows the recruiter that you have the skills and experience they are looking for.

C. Understanding What the Recruiter is Looking For

To make sure your cover letter stands out, it is crucial to understand what the recruiter is looking for. Here are some tips to help you do this:

  • Research the company and the position thoroughly. Look for information on the company’s values, goals, and marketing strategies, as well as the requirements of the position.
  • Use the job description as a guide. Look for keywords and phrases that match your skills and experience, and make sure to include them in your cover letter.
  • Show that you understand the challenges and opportunities the company is facing. This demonstrates your knowledge of the industry and your ability to contribute to the company’s success.

Showcasing your marketing skills and experience effectively in your cover letter can make all the difference in landing your dream job. By following these tips, you can craft a compelling narrative of your achievements and demonstrate your understanding of what the recruiter is looking for.

Give Specific Examples

One of the most effective ways to make your marketing cover letter stand out is by giving specific examples of your past achievements. Not only does this demonstrate your experience, but it also shows that you have a concrete understanding of the industry and a proven track record of success.

A. The Value of Giving Specific Examples

Recruiters and hiring managers want to see evidence that you can deliver results. Simply stating that you are a “results-driven marketer” will not be enough to catch their attention. By providing specific examples of how you have contributed to successful marketing campaigns in the past, you can clearly demonstrate your abilities and differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Moreover, specific examples can help you to paint a clearer picture of your skills and expertise. Rather than making broad, sweeping statements about your experience, which can be easily dismissed as generic buzzwords, specific examples add specificity and credibility to your claims.

B. Recent Accomplishments and How to Present Them

When selecting examples to include in your marketing cover letter, it is generally best to focus on recent accomplishments. This is because recent achievements are generally more relevant and indicative of your current abilities than those from several years ago.

When presenting your accomplishments, make sure to describe the results you achieved in a clear and concise manner. Use metrics and numbers whenever possible to quantitatively show your impact. For example, instead of saying “I managed a successful marketing campaign,” you might say, “I managed a marketing campaign that generated a 30% increase in website traffic and a 20% increase in sales.”

C. Tailoring Your Examples to the Recruiter’s Needs and the Company Culture

Finally, it is important to remember that every marketing role is different, and recruiters will be looking for specific skills and attributes based on the needs of their company. To make sure your examples resonate with recruiters, tailor them to the specific needs of the company and the role you are applying for.

Research the company’s culture and values, and try to identify examples that demonstrate how you align with their mission. Additionally, study the job description and identify the key skills and attributes the company is looking for. Then, select examples that showcase your abilities in those specific areas.

Giving specific examples in your marketing cover letter can be a powerful way to differentiate yourself from other candidates and demonstrate your expertise. By focusing on recent accomplishments, describing them clearly and concisely, and tailoring them to the needs of the company, you can increase your chances of landing your dream marketing job.

Benefits and Value Proposition

As a candidate for a marketing position, it’s crucial to showcase the value you can bring to the company. Your value proposition is a statement that explains what sets you apart from other applicants and how you can benefit the organization.

A. The importance of showcasing the value you bring to the company

Employers are always on the lookout for candidates with a unique skill set and experience that can add value to their company. By emphasizing your value proposition, you can demonstrate how you can contribute to the organization’s overall success. This can increase your chances of getting hired and getting the compensation you deserve.

B. How to emphasize the benefits of hiring you

To emphasize the benefits of hiring you, you should first understand the organization’s objectives and expectations. This can help you tailor your value proposition to align with their needs. You should also highlight your accomplishments and successes in previous jobs that are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Another way to emphasize your value is to demonstrate your industry knowledge and expertise. Highlight your certifications, training, or relevant publications. You can also showcase your soft skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork, which can help you stand out as a well-rounded candidate.

C. Best practices for positioning your value proposition

To effectively position your value proposition, you should keep the following best practices in mind:

Be specific: Avoid vague or general statements. Instead, provide concrete evidence and examples of how you have added value to previous companies.

Focus on the employer’s needs: Tailor your value proposition to address the employer’s needs, objectives, and expectations.

Be concise: Keep your value proposition succinct and to the point. Avoid rambling or going off-topic.

Use persuasive language: Use persuasive language to engage the employer and convince them of your value.

Highlight your unique selling proposition: Identify what makes you unique and valuable compared to other candidates. Also, don’t hesitate to mention your passion and enthusiasm for the position and the industry.

Showcasing your value proposition can significantly increase your chances of landing your dream marketing job. By being specific, focusing on the employer’s needs, and highlighting your unique selling proposition, you can position yourself as an invaluable and irreplaceable asset to the organization.

Professionalism and Tone

Professionalism and tone are essential elements of any effective marketing cover letter. A well-written and professional cover letter can not only make a good first impression but also set the tone for a successful job application process. Here are some essential guidelines for maintaining a professional tone in your marketing cover letter:

A. Essential Guidelines for Maintaining a Professional Tone

Use a formal tone: Your marketing cover letter should convey professionalism and expertise, so it’s essential that you use a formal tone throughout. Avoid using colloquial language, abbreviations, or slang terms.

Address the recipient appropriately: Address the recipient by their name, instead of using generic salutations like “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam.” This conveys attention to detail and shows that you have taken the time to research the recipient.

Keep it concise and to the point: Your cover letter should be concise and to the point, generally not exceeding one page. Use short, clear sentences without unnecessary elaboration or repetition.

Use active voice: Writing in the active voice imparts a sense of action and can make your cover letter more engaging. Avoid passive voice constructions that can make your writing appear lackluster.

B. Best Practices for Language and Tone

Apart from the essential guidelines outlined above, here are some best practices for language and tone in your marketing cover letter:

Show confidence: A confident tone shows that you believe in your abilities and are capable of delivering what the company needs. However, avoid overstatements or unrealistic claims.

Customize your language: Use language that resonates with the company or the job requirements. Use keywords, phrases, and terminology that the company or industry uses in their communications.

Use appropriate tone: The tone of your cover letter should match the company culture and values. If the company culture is informal, you may adopt a slightly informal tone. However, maintaining a professional tone is always recommended.

C. Avoiding Overused Phrases and Verbs

Using generic phrases and verbs can make your cover letter seem unimaginative and unoriginal. Here are some overused phrases and verbs to avoid:

“I’m a results-driven individual.”

“I’m a team player.”

“I have excellent communication skills.”

“I’m a problem solver.”

“I’m passionate about what I do.”

Instead, use specific examples that highlight your skills and experience. Use action verbs that convey power and describe a specific contribution you have made. For example, “Managed a successful campaign that increased sales by 20%,” or “Developed and executed a comprehensive social media strategy that increased engagement by 30%.” This approach not only makes your cover letter more compelling but also gives the employer a clear idea of your skills and accomplishments.

Call to Action and Follow-Up

One of the most important aspects of a marketing cover letter is the call to action (CTA) and follow-up. A well-crafted CTA can help differentiate you from other applicants and increase your chances of landing an interview. In this section, we will discuss the importance of CTAs, how to craft an effective one, and the best practices for following up with recruiters.

A. Importance of Call to Actions in Cover Letters

CTAs are crucial because they provide a clear and concise invitation for the recruiter to take action. Without a CTA, your cover letter may be considered incomplete or lack direction, leading the recruiter to move on to the next applicant. On the other hand, a well-placed CTA can guide the recruiter to take the desired action, whether that means scheduling an interview or reviewing your portfolio.

B. Crafting an Effective Call to Action

A good CTA should be brief, compelling, and aligned with your objective. The language used in the CTA should also be action-oriented, so the recruiter feels compelled to take the desired action. For example, a great CTA for a marketing cover letter might be:

“Let’s connect! I would love to discuss how my digital marketing expertise can help your company grow. Please feel free to reach me at [insert phone number or email] to schedule an interview.”

This CTA is both inviting and clear, indicating that the applicant is interested in the company’s growth and ready to discuss their qualifications during an interview.

C. Following up with the Recruiter after Submitting Your Cover Letter

The follow-up process is just as crucial as crafting a winning CTA. After submitting your cover letter, it is essential to follow up with the recruiter to express your continued interest in the position. Keep in mind that most recruiters receive numerous applications, and a follow-up can help you stand out from the competition.

A few tips for following up with the recruiter include:

  • Wait a few days after submitting your application before following up.
  • Keep your message clear and concise, reminding the recruiter why you are interested in the position and highlighting your qualifications.
  • Be professional and polite in your approach, keeping the recruiter’s schedule and workload in mind.
  • Use a call-to-action in your follow-up, such as asking for a phone call or in-person interview.

By following these tips, you can build strong relationships with recruiters and increase your chances of landing an interview. Remember, crafting an effective call to action and following up are both key components of a successful marketing cover letter.

Review and Editing Tips

As with any important document, your marketing cover letter requires thorough proofreading and copyediting. Even a small mistake can significantly reduce your chances of being considered for the position. Here are some tips to ensure your cover letter is error-free:

A. Proofreading and copyediting your marketing cover letter

  • Start by taking a break after writing your cover letter, then come back later with fresh eyes to review it.
  • Read your cover letter out loud to catch any awkward phrasing or spelling mistakes.
  • Use grammar and spelling tools such as Grammarly or Hemingway to help you identify any issues.
  • Have a friend or colleague review your cover letter as a second set of eyes.

B. Common mistakes to avoid

There are some common mistakes that applicants make with their marketing cover letters. To avoid these mistakes, keep the following in mind:

  • Do not simply repeat your resume – your cover letter should expand on your experience and skills.
  • Keep the tone professional, avoiding overly casual or slang language.
  • Avoid cliches and generic statements – instead, use specific examples to showcase your achievements and skills.
  • Make sure to address the hiring manager or recruiter by their name (if available) instead of using a generic greeting such as “To whom it may concern.”

C. Tips for submitting your marketing cover letter

When submitting your marketing cover letter, make sure to follow these tips:

  • Proofread your cover letter one last time before submitting it.
  • Save your cover letter as a PDF before submitting to ensure formatting remains intact.
  • Customize your cover letter for each position by highlighting how your skills and experience align with the job description.
  • Follow any specific instructions provided by the employer regarding submission or formatting.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your marketing cover letter effectively showcases your skills and experience while avoiding common mistakes. Remember, a well-crafted cover letter can make all the difference in landing your dream job.

Sample Marketing Cover Letters

When it comes to searching for a job in the marketing industry, drafting an effective marketing cover letter is vital. The cover letter serves as a chance for you to showcase your skills, experiences, and qualities relevant to the position you’re applying for. In this section, we’ll discuss examples of effective marketing cover letters, tips for leveraging these cover letters, and analyzing the structure, style, and content of sample marketing cover letters.

A. Examples of Effective Marketing Cover Letters

There are countless ways you can write your marketing cover letter, but the key is to create a compelling and impressive one. Here are some examples of effective marketing cover letters that you can use as a guide.

The “Storytelling” Cover Letter – In this type of cover letter, the writer tells a compelling story about their past experiences and how it led them to apply for the position they’re seeking. This way, the hiring manager can get to know the candidate, their achievements, and what drives them to succeed.

The “Data-Driven” Cover Letter – This type of cover letter emphasizes the candidate’s analytical and data-driven background. The writer should highlight their expertise in research, analysis, and data interpretation, and how these skills can add value to the company.

The “Creative” Cover Letter – This type of cover letter is perfect for those in the creative marketing field. The writer can showcase their creativity by adding visuals such as graphs or charts, or by presenting their information in an unconventional way.

B. Tips for Leveraging These Marketing Cover Letters

While these cover letter examples can serve as excellent templates, it’s crucial to customize and personalize it to fit your particular situation. Here are some tips for leveraging these marketing cover letters:

Analyze the job description – It’s essential to understand the requirements and responsibilities of the position you’re applying for so you can tailor your cover letter to address them. Make sure you showcase how your skills and experiences align with the job requirements.

Highlight your unique value proposition – What makes you stand out from other candidates? Make sure to showcase your unique qualifications and how they can add value to the position you’re applying for.

Be concise and to the point – Keep your marketing cover letter brief and to the point. The hiring manager shouldn’t have to read more than one page.

C. Analyzing the Structure, Style, and Content of Sample Marketing Cover Letters

The structure, style, and content of your marketing cover letter can make or break your chances of getting hired. Here’s how you can analyze them:

Structure – Your marketing cover letter should start with a captivating introduction, followed by your qualifications, experiences, and how they align with the job requirements. Lastly, end your cover letter with a compelling call to action.

Style – Use a professional and conversational tone in your cover letter.

Tips for Writing a Successful Marketing Cover Letter

Crafting a marketing cover letter that stands out from the rest can be a challenging task. However, with the right approach and a bit of creativity, you can write a compelling cover letter that will grab the attention of potential employers. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Highlight your achievements and skills

The goal of your cover letter is to demonstrate to the employer how you can add value to their organization. Therefore, it’s important to highlight your achievements and skills that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. For example, if you’ve successfully executed a marketing campaign that resulted in increased sales or engagement, mention it in your cover letter.

2. Research the company

It’s essential to research the company you’re applying to before writing your cover letter. This will give you a better understanding of their values, mission, and products/services. Use this information to tailor your cover letter to show the employer how you can contribute to their organization.

3. Be concise

Keep your cover letter brief and to the point. Employers receive dozens of applications, so you want to make sure that your cover letter stands out without being too lengthy. Ideally, your cover letter should be no longer than one page.

4. Use a professional tone

Your cover letter should be written in a professional tone. Avoid using casual language or slang. Instead, use formal language and proper grammar.

5. Show your passion for marketing

Employers want to hire someone who is passionate about their work. Use your cover letter to demonstrate your enthusiasm for marketing and the industry as a whole.

6. Include a strong call-to-action

End your cover letter with a strong call-to-action. This shows the employer that you’re serious about the job and that you’re eager to hear back from them. For example, you could express your interest in scheduling an interview or ask to discuss your qualifications further.

Writing a successful marketing cover letter requires a combination of research, skill, and creativity. By highlighting your achievements, tailoring your letter to the company, being concise and professional, demonstrating your passion for marketing, and including a strong call-to-action, you’re sure to impress potential employers and increase your chances of landing an interview.

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Customizable Cover Letter Examples

In a hurry for a cover letter example you can download and customize? Check out the ones below from HubSpot’s cover letter template kit .

1. Standard Cover Letter Example

cover letter examples: standard cover letter

Download a Customizable Copy of This Cover Letter Example

This standard cover letter is among my favorite approaches because it hits all the right notes: It includes a space to give a brief summary of your experience, as well as a space to delve in-depth into the specific responsibilities of your current role.

You also have the chance to describe the challenges you’ve mastered in previous roles, showing that you’re capable of facing any problem that comes your way.

Why I Love It

I love this cover letter because it allows you to describe the high points of your career while still being professional, personalized, and succinct.

2. Data-Driven Cover Letter Sample

cover letter examples: data driven cover letter

Numbers are worth a million words — or that’s how I think the saying should go (if only we could include pictures in cover letters).

Citing data and statistics about your achievements at your current company is an assured way to capture a hiring manager’s attention.

Over the years, I've learned most hiring managers don’t read the entire letter, so a bulleted summary of your achievements can be a powerful way to increase the effectiveness and scannability of your message.

I love this cover letter because it’s adaptable to any role. Even if you don’t work in a data-centric role, you can include any enumerable achievement.

If I worked in a creative industry, for instance, I could include the number of creative assets you designed for your current company.

3. Entry-Level Cover Letter Example

cover letter examples: entry-level cover letter

Many of us have had "first job jitters" (that's what I'm calling it) when applying for our first career opportunity.

However, my experience taught me to increase my chances of getting that first interview by including a cover letter that explains how my education can help me succeed in the role I applied for.

In fact, HubSpot staff writer Erica Santiago says highlighting her education was key to snagging her first role out of college.

"When I graduated from journalism school, I only had a couple of internships under my belt and maybe some writing clips — not enough to compete with most young professionals with more experience," she recalls.

"So, I highlighted the classes I took such as 'News Reporting and Writing' or 'Electronic News Gathering," she says, "And I explained the assignments I did and how they gave me real-world experience in interviewing and reporting."

She says that's how she got her first job as a digital journalist for WSVN in Miami.

If you need help understanding how to highlight your education in a cover letter, look no further than this example from HubSpot.

While other cover letter samples give experienced professionals the opportunity to share their experience at length, this one gives you the chance to describe your personal and professional attributes.

You can then convey how you can use your knowledge to help your target company reach its goals.

I love this cover letter because it’s easy and simple to use for a student who has little experience in their target industry — including those who haven’t yet completed an internship.

Looking for more? Download the entire kit below.

5 Professional Cover Letter Templates

Fill out the form to access your templates., best cover letter examples.

What does a good cover letter look like in practice, and how can you make yours stand out? I  found six examples from job seekers who decided to do things a bit differently.

Note: Some of these cover letters include real company names and NSFW language that I've covered up.

1. The Cover Letter That Explains 'Why,' Not Just 'How'

You may already know how to talk about how you’ll best execute a certain role in your cover letter. But there’s another question you might want to answer: Why the heck do you want to work here?

The Muse , a career guidance site, says that it’s often best to lead with the why — especially if it makes a good story.

I advise against blathering on and on, but a brief tale that illuminates your desire to work for that particular employer can really make you stand out.

cover letter that explains "why" with a story about a childhood experience with the chicago cubs

Image Source

Here’s another instance of the power of personalization.

The author of this cover letter clearly has a passion for this prospective employer — the Chicago Cubs — and if she’s lying about it, well, I'm sure that would eventually be revealed in an interview.

Make sure your story is nonfiction and relatable according to each job. While I love a good tale of childhood baseball games, an introduction like this one probably wouldn’t be fitting in a cover letter for, say, a software company.

But a story of how the hours you spent playing with DOS games as a kid led to your passion for coding? Sure, I’d find that fitting.

If you’re really passionate about a particular job opening, think about where that deep interest is rooted. Then, tell your hiring manager about it in a few sentences.

Why This Is A Great Cover Letter

This example shows how effective personalization can be. The writer is passionate about the employer, drawing from her own childhood experience to communicate her enthusiasm.

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2. The 'We're Meant for Each Other' Cover Letter

This cover letter example is a special one because it was submitted to us here at HubSpot. What does the letter do well? It makes a connection with us before we've even met the letter's author.

We're meant for each other cover letter submitted to HubSpot

"Content Marketing Certified" shows the applicant has taken the content marketing certification course in our HubSpot Academy (you can take the same course here ).

Our "records" indicate he/she did indeed give an interview with us before — and was a HubSpot customer.

The cover letter sang references to a relationship we didn't even know we had with the candidate.

The letter ends with a charming pitch for why, despite him/her not getting hired previously, our interests complement each other this time around.

(Yes, the applicant was hired).

This cover letter example does an excellent job of building rapport with the employer. Despite not getting hired for previous roles they applied for at HubSpot, the writer conveys exactly why they are right for this role.

Read more: Customer Service Cover Letter Tips

3. The Cover Letter with H.E.A.R.T.

HubSpot has a lot of H.E.A.R.T. — Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, Transparent.

Our Culture Code is the foundation of the company's culture, the driving force behind our mission to help millions grow better , and serves as the scaffolding for our hiring practices.

Recruiters at HubSpot look for applicants that demonstrate how they embody the Culture Code and job description, paying extra attention to cover letters that are super custom to HubSpot.

In another HubSpot submission, a HubSpot applicant writes about how she found out about HubSpot, why she likes the company, and how her professional experience aligns with H.E.A.R.T.

cover letter that details experience according to hubspot values: humble, empathy, adaptability, remarkable, and transparent.

HubSpot's recruiting team was impressed with her dedication to the company and how she went beyond what was asked for by linking her portfolio in her closing paragraph.

Featured Resource: 5 Free Cover Letter Templates


Download our collection of 5 professional cover letter templates to help you summarize your professional journey and land your dream job – whether it's at your first or fifth company.

Short Cover Letter Examples

4. the short-and-sweet cover letter.

In 2009, David Silverman penned an article for Harvard Business Review titled, " The Best Cover Letter I Ever Received. " That letter has three complete sentences, as follows:

Short and sweet cover letter example with only three sentences

One might argue that this particular letter is less than outstanding, and I'll also admit it's an older example.

It’s brief, to say the least, and the author doesn’t go into a ton of detail about what makes him or her qualified for the job in question.

But that’s what Silverman likes about it — the fact that the applicant only included the pieces of information that would matter the most to the recipient.

"The writer of this letter took the time to think through what would be relevant to me," writes Silverman. "Instead of scattering lots of facts in hopes that one was relevant, the candidate offered up an opinion as to which experiences I should focus on."

When you apply for a job, start by determining two things:

  • Who might oversee the role — that’s often included in the description, under "reports to." Address your letter to that individual.
  • Figure out what problems this role is meant to solve for that person. Then, concisely phrase in your cover letter how and why your experience can and will resolve those problems.

The key to this standout cover letter is research.

By looking into who you’ll be reporting to and learning more about that person’s leadership style, you’ll be better prepared to tailor your cover letter to focus on how you can create solutions for them.

Read here for more tips on how to land your dream job .

5. The Short Story

Basha Coleman began her cover letter with a short story. The goal of this short story is two-fold:

  • Detail the experience she already has with the organization.
  • Stand out to the hiring team.

short cover letter example from basha coleman that starts with a short story about her existing experience with pepsi

I notice her short story follows a typical narrative arc: It has a conflict/obstacle, a turning point, and a positive outcome, all created with a goal to emphasize a theme or point.

In this case, Coleman is emphasizing her existing affinity with the brand and her triumphs within the program so that she can continue on her career path.

Like the second example in our list, this cover letter does an excellent job of conveying the applicant’s existing affinity for the brand. If you are applying to a company you love, don’t be shy about showing it and explaining why.

6. The Bare Bones Cover Letter

In today's job market, cover letters aren't always necessary. Even though many recruiters won't ask for or even read them, cover letters can still be effective and convey personality to a reader.

Writing a strong cover letter can help you better convey your interest in the position and company.

This template from The Balance Careers puts together the essential components of a short cover letter: excitement about the position, your qualifications, and a call-to-action for the recruiter to follow up with you.

Combining these central aspects in a well-written, compelling narrative will go a long way in convincing readers to hire you.

short cover letter example with summarized bullet points

This letter is organized and concise. The inclusion of bullet points to highlight key skills and help the recruiter skim the document is a nice touch.

Check out this post for more useful cover letter tips .

7. The Breezy Follow-Up

In this cover letter, Amanda Edens is following the instructions the hiring manager gave by forwarding an email with resume and writing samples attached.

short cover letter example from Amanda Edens with bullet points and breezy language

This short cover letter is the result. I especially admire how she uses casual and breezy language to convey personality and enthusiasm, and she keeps her paragraphs succinct.

Not only does Amanda include links to relevant writing samples that are live on the web, but she also closes with a strong final paragraph that:

  • Summarizes the expertise she has relevant to the posting
  • Emphasizes that she doesn't want to simply get a job but rather help the organization accomplish their goals
  • The reader gets everything they need in an organized and thoughtful manner.

8. The Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

In this cover letter the candidate, Michelle, plays up her prior music industry experience to build a connection with Epic Music Group. If you have specific industry experience for the role you are applying for, be sure to highlight that.

Cover Letter Example: Admin Cover Letter

It’s clear that she’s passionate about not only the music industry, but Epic as a whole.

She’s done so much research on the company that she knows what software programs they use, and happens to be proficient in it to help convey value to the hiring manager.

This example further illustrates the importance of research.

Make sure you understand the culture of the company to which you’re applying before you send a completely unfiltered cover letter — if you don’t, there’s a good chance it’ll completely miss the mark.

In just three short paragraphs, the applicant uses their company research to drive home why they are the perfect fit for the role — emphasizing industry experience as well as software knowledge specific to the company.

All of this communicates that she’d be able to start with very few hiccups while getting up to speed.

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9. The Internship Cover Letter

Maybe you’re just getting started in your career and looking to land the right internship to gain experience in your field.

In this case, you’ll need to highlight more of your educational background and transferable skills since you won’t have as much professional experience to highlight.

Cover Letter Examples: Internship Cover Letter

The cover letter above is a great example of how to emphasize your skills and accomplishments when applying to internships or entry-level positions. A few things the applicant does well:

  • Highlights relevant extracurriculars and affinity networks. In this case, the applicant is applying for a business analyst position, so mentioning their involvement in a FinTech group makes sense.
  • Previous internships in relevant fields: Our applicant points out that they’ve interned as a Business Analyst at another firm. Pointing out that they’ve done the role before will help make their case for fit.
  • Highlight other useful skills: This applicant is fluent in both English and German. If an international company or an organization needs bilingual support, knowing multiple languages is an asset.

This cover letter example illustrates how you can leverage your education and background to get the gig even when you don’t have much working experience. Highlighting previous internships or experience in related fields can go a long way in convincing hiring managers you’re the perfect candidate for the role.

Further reading for recent graduates:

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Creative Cover Letter Examples

10. the brutally honest cover letter.

Then, there are the occasions when your future boss might appreciate honesty — in its purest form.

Former Livestream CEO Jesse Hertzberg, by his own admission, is one of those people, which might be why he called this example " the best cover letter " (which he received while he was with Squarespace):

Brutally honest cover letter example

As Hertzberg says in the blog post elaborating on this excerpt — it’s not appropriate for every job or company.

But if you happen to be sure that the corporate culture of this prospective employer gets a kick out of a complete lack of filter, then there’s a chance that the hiring manager might appreciate your candor.

"Remember that I'm reading these all day long," Hertzberg writes. "You need to quickly convince me I should keep reading. You need to stand out."

The applicant did their research on the company’s culture and executed this cover letter flawlessly. It’s funny and shows off the applicant’s personality all while making it clear why they are a good fit for the role.

Further reading:

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  • How to Find Your Dream Job

11. The Pivot Cover Letter

Making a career switch? Your cover letter can be an excellent opportunity for you to explain the reasoning behind your career change and how your transferable skills qualify you for the role.

Cover Letter Example: Creative Pivot Cover Letter

It’s clean but effective.

Since the role she is applying for is more visual, it’s important to both show and tell why you’re a good fit.

This cover letter strikes the perfect balance between creativity and simplicity in design while putting the applicant's career change into context.

The copy is clean, with a creative font choice that isn’t distracting from the content, but still demonstrates the applicant’s knack for design.

12. The Graphic Design Cover Letter

When applying for more creative roles, the design of your cover letter can say just as much as the words on the page. Take the graphic designer letter example below.

sandra barnes cover letter

It’s got so much going for it:

  • Pop of color
  • Clean layout
  • Interesting fonts

Besides the style elements, this example also doesn’t skimp on the key skills recruiters are looking for. Using metrics, the applicant proves their value and why they would be a great fit.

This cover letter thoroughly conveys the applicant’s skills and qualifications using a variety of visual elements and emphasizing their greatest achievements.

Pro tip: If you're applying for a graphic design job, share a link to your graphic design portfolio website , even if it's not an application requirement.

Job Cover Letter Examples

Next up, let’s go over some classic cover letter examples for jobs, especially if you’re applying to internships or only have a few years of experience.

The below cover letters follow the golden rules and don’t deviate too much from the standard — which is ideal if you’re applying to positions in more traditional industries.

13. Consulting Internship Cover Letter Example

consulting cover letter

Many internship applicants are early on in their careers or are still in college. That means they’ve yet to gather enough experience to offer tangible proof of their ability to do the job.

That means that a cover letter is the place where an internship applicant can shine.

This cover letter example highlights the applicant’s skills in a bullet-point format. That makes it easier for an overburdened hiring manager to get the essence of her points, quickly, if they’re only skimming cover letters.

Not only that, but this applicant personalized the letter in every single sentence. She shares information about her prior conversations with some of the company’s employees and mentions the company’s name at every turn.

While she only has one prior consulting job, she deftly mentions the skills she developed in that role and ties them into her desired position at Quantcast Product Group.

This cover letter example does a fantastic job advertising the applicant’s soft skills in a highly scannable format — while still going heavy on the personalization.

Don’t be shy to lightly play with formatting to get your point across and to imbue the letter with your passion for a company.

14. Nonprofit Referral Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: nonprofit referral

This cover letter example for a nonprofit job hits the ground running by right away inserting the name of one of the nonprofit’s Superintendents.

That’s an excellent way to get a recruiter’s attention and make you stand out from the slush pile, even if you’re only just out of school, as is the case for this applicant.

If you’ve received an internal recommendation for a position, you’d be wise to open your letter with that information. Don’t worry about it feeling too stilted or strange — remember, hiring managers only skim letters.

Your goal is to make sure they get information about you that they otherwise won’t get from your resume.

With only three full paragraphs, this cover letter example is short, sweet, and to the point. No time is wasted, and it also goes over the critical basics, such as skills and experience.

This nonprofit cover letter includes a recommendation from an internal employee at the target organization, making it more likely to stand out from the slush pile.

I  also love that it doesn’t skimp on the basics, such as skills, enthusiasm, and experience.

15. General Email Inquiry Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: general internship inquiry

Even if a job opportunity isn’t available at an organization yet, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be. You can always send a general inquiry cover letter, like the one in this example.

This email cover letter for a political campaign internship is short and sweet, but includes the critical information the campaign coordinator needs to consider the applicant for any new positions that may open up.

The best part about this cover letter is that it can be easily customized from one political campaign employer to the next.

While it does include a level of personalization, it’s brief and can be easily changed to address the specific political candidate.

When sending general inquiries like this one, it’s essential to make the personalization aspect as pain-free as possible for yourself. That may mean including only one sentence or two, knowing that a general inquiry might not be replied to.

Setting up customized email signatures is also highly recommended. They should include your name, job title, and ideally links to your website or social accounts as well as your headshot.

These add a professional touch and help you stand out from other cover letters in the recipient’s inbox. At the same time, the headshot makes you easier to remember in case a job position becomes available, while the website or social links allow recruiters to learn more relevant details about you.  

This email cover letter example hits all the right notes while keeping it brief and to-the-point. While we don’t recommend choosing this format for a formal cover letter, it works if you’re sending a general inquiry to an employer over email.

It’s also a good example to follow if you’re still in college or have very little experience.

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16. Post-Phone-Call Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: post phone call

If you get a phone call from a potential employer and they invite you to send your resume, pat yourself on the back — that is such a win. In your cover letter, be sure to mention that right away, like this example does.

A hiring manager or an executive at a company likely has a lot of tasks on their plate, which means that they may forget about your call from one week to the next.

That is totally okay, which is why this example starts with a reminder that the applicant and the letter recipient spoke back on January 31st. It also has a few more details about why they started speaking in the first place.

Aside from leveraging the phone call that’s already occurred, this cover letter also does an excellent job explaining why the applicant is an ideal choice for the job.

It goes into detail about skills and previous experience with a high level of enthusiasm, and includes a promise to follow up at the end.

This cover letter example includes two things that will immediately draw my attention: A phone call they’ve already had, and a mutual contact at their organization.

The job and internship search can be grueling; never be afraid to use everything you have at your disposal to improve your standing over other applicants.

Read more: How to Start a Cover Letter

17. Mission-Driven Graduate Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: mission driven

This cover letter example from a recent B.A. graduate wowed me from the first sentence.

The applicant right away explains her attained degree and her specific career interests, then dives into the aspects of her experience that make her such a great candidate.

It's so personalized to the employer’s own mission that it’s difficult to stop reading it.

Even if the hiring manager isn’t a science or health professional, they would be able to effectively gauge the applicant’s suitability for the role by the expertise she shows in her cover letter alone.

The applicant explains at length why she’s excited to work for that specific hospital. The organization serves Aboriginal populations, which aligns with her own values and research interests.

In the last paragraph, she summarizes what she knows about the employer in one sentence, then describes how each of her experiences supports the employer’s mission.

That is an exceedingly clever and meaningful way to align yourself with an organization at a deeper level.

If you’re applying to a mission-driven organization, don’t be shy about showing your excitement and expertise. You don’t need a lot of experience to show that your values align with those of your target organization.

This cover letter example is especially good inspiration if you’re making a career change, have only just a few internships under your belt, or are graduating from college.

18. Short Recommendation Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: short recommendation

Referral or recommendation cover letters don’t need to be too long, and this is a great example of that. It immediately leverages a mutual connection at the company.

The mutual connection recommended that the applicant contact the hiring manager for a role, which is a piece of information I  always recommend you frontload in your letter.

This specific cover letter comes from an applicant with little experience, making it a good example to follow if you’re switching careers or just out of college.

Instead of talking about their experience, the applicant uses anecdotal evidence to convey their enthusiasm for working at that company.

The writer also goes over their most salient skills, such as being able to speak multiple languages. They also explain how their degree directly applies to the target role.

I  love that the candidate highlights their leadership abilities and makes that an effective selling point for being hired.

This cover letter doesn’t go on for too long, which we love. It’s simple and sweet and provides all the information the hiring manager needs to look more closely at the applicant’s resume and make an interviewing decision.

19. Professor or Research Position Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: professor or research

Academic or research position cover letters might require a little more information than the typical cover letter — and this is one such example. Why is it okay to go a little longer?

Because the letter is not only a way to supplement the PhD candidate’s academic CV, but to provide a writing sample for the search committee.

I love this cover letter because it expresses the candidate’s enthusiasm for teaching and explains her instructional ethos, such as providing out-of-the-classroom opportunities, championing communication, and encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone.

The applicant also suggests courses she may be able to teach at the target institution, and expresses her interest in developing new courses as needed.

She also suggests how she can enhance the college’s extracurricular programming by offering study abroad courses, which shows not just an interest in teaching but adding to the school’s overall culture.

While this letter goes for a little longer than recommended, it serves as a fantastic writing sample and explains the applicant’s research background at length.

If you’re applying to academic or research roles, don’t be afraid to go into detail about what most excites you in terms of research interests.

20. Director Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: director

This cover letter example — for a Director of Catering position at a university — doesn’t waste any time.

The applicant right away says that they’re a strong candidate for the role, then jumps right into three salient qualifications that make him a great fit.

I love how the applicant uses bullet points and bold text to guide an overburdened hiring manager through the cover letter — and to give them permission to scan it, if needed.

If the hiring manager would like more information or actual examples of the skills, they merely need to read the rest of the bullet point paragraph.

As mentioned, light formatting can be beneficial to your cover letter, as it draws the recruiter’s eyes and prevents them from having to fish for the information they’re looking for.

This short, sweet cover letter includes the critical information a hiring manager or high-level executive needs to make an interview decision.

I  love the use of formatting that doesn’t stray too much from regular cover letter conventions, and I  like that the applicant kept all other paragraphs extremely brief.

21. Editorial Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: editorial

Applying for an editorial or journalistic position? Like a cover letter example I  shared earlier, you can take a more storytelling approach to capture the hiring manager’s attention.

This cover letter example does that effectively by telling an anecdote that directly mentions the newspaper where they’d like to work.

This immediately draws the reader in and tells them that this application isn’t random at all; the applicant would like to work at the newspaper because they’ve read it every morning.

Not only that, but they have a favorite reporter on the newspaper’s staff. The applicant then jumps into the specific reason they want to take an editorial position at the Baltimore Sun.

The cover letter includes all pertinent information, such as how previous positions have equipped the applicant to take on this job. It closes with enthusiasm after keeping the reader rapt every step of the way.

The applicant uses storytelling to — you guessed it — apply for a position that needs storytelling skills. If you’re applying for a data-driven position or a graphic design position, why not showcase those skills in the cover letter itself?

I  like that this letter doesn’t diverge too much from cover letter conventions while still differentiating itself.

22. Promotion Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: promotion

In this cover letter example, the applicant already works for the employer and wishes to apply for the next position to move up in their career.

I  like that the letter cites the applicant’s extensive knowledge of the organization, which will no doubt give them an advantage over external applicants.

Not only that, but the applicant also references their experience before they started working at the employer and uses that information to make their candidacy even more desirable.

Lastly, this letter includes a healthy level of enthusiasm for the university and the position — something that is never extra in a cover letter.

This cover letter example does an excellent job showing the candidate’s knowledge of their current organization while stating why they’re a natural fit for the promotion.

Plus, the letter includes information on the applicant’s relevant activities outside of work — if you’re involved in any organizations that might help you do your job better, be sure to include them.

23. Law Cover Letter Example

job cover letter examples: law

This law cover letter example jumps right into personalization, a bold move that will serve you well if you’re genuinely interested in a company and want to stand out.

The applicant cites the recipient’s recent article on bond litigation, then ties that into the role they’d like to get at the law firm.

The applicant then goes into his skills and the feedback he’s received from past managers. This is an excellent way to introduce your skills without sounding dry — or even unfounded.

By citing positive feedback you’ve received, you’ll imply that others have praised you for having those skills, and that you’re not only "tooting your own horn."

Pro-Tip: In cover letters, it’s absolutely okay to toot your own horn — that’s what they’re for. But if you can cite others’ remarks, that also helps.)

At just two and a half paragraphs, this letter is exceedingly short but no less effective. It’s an excellent example of how to personalize your letter quickly while still conveying the essentials of a cover letter.

This short cover letter example keeps it brief while still creating high impact. The applicant personalizes the letter immediately, cites external feedback, and conveys enthusiasm.

This letter proves you don’t need to write a novel about an employer to sway the hiring manager into giving you an interview.

Now that I've shown you some excellent examples, let's talk about how you can create the best cover letter for your dream job.

What is a good cover letter?

A cover letter is used to show your interest in the role, passion for the company, and the impact you've had in previous positions. Good cover letters should include a standout opening, relevant skills and qualifications, and a strong finish with a call-to-action — all within one page and unique to each application.

What’s on a cover letter?

Before you start writing your cover letter, let's cover a few basic must-haves you'll want to include. If you’re looking for more detailed instructions, check out this guide to writing a cover letter .

Add a simple, but pleasant greeting to address the recruiter or hiring manager.

Learn more:

  • Dear Sir or Madam Alternatives
  • Cover Letter Greetings

Write a catchy introduction that explains why you’re interested in the role.

  • How to Write an Introduction
  • Tips for Writing a Good Introduction Sentence

Work Experience

This is the heart of your cover letter. It outlines your relevant experience and why you’d be a great fit for the role. You can highlight special skills, experiences, professional achievements, or education to help make your case.

  • How to Write About Your Professional Background
  • Professional Bio Examples
  • LinkedIn Bio Examples

In this paragraph, add a call-to-action by expressing interest in an interview. Offer your contact information and sign off.

  • Email Closing Line Examples
  • Tips for Writing Conclusions

What does a cover letter look like?

Besides showing off your skills and qualifications, cover letters give you the opportunity to present a clear, concise, and compelling writing sample. It shows off your personality and your ability to convey ideas.

That's a lot of information to include on a single page, so it can help to have a clear structure to start with.

Check out our fillable cover letter templates to see how you should organize the content of your cover letter.

HubSpot Cover Letter Template

What makes a great cover letter?

A cover letter is personal, but it also needs to help you reach a goal and help the hiring team understand how you could perform that role with their company. This complexity can make cover letters really tough to write.

Because cover letters are difficult to write, many come off as boring, basic, or confusing for hiring managers to read. But the tips below about the qualities that make a cover letter great can help you take your cover letter from basic to bright.

Start with this quick video, then keep reading for more tips:

Personalized Introduction

Begin with an introduction that's personal. It should capture the reader's attention and address your recipient by name. Then, add a compelling opening sentence that emphasizes your interest in the specific role.

Helpful Cover Letter Introduction:

"Dear [Hiring Manager's Name],

In an increasingly digitized world, where customer-centric strategies are vital for business success, I am thrilled to apply for the [Job Title] position at HubSpot."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Introduction:

"To Whom it May Concern,

I am applying for the [Job Title] position at HubSpot. I have some experience in marketing and can help your clients grow their businesses."

Relevant Professional Experience

It can be tempting to use the same cover letter for every job. After all, it's about your experience, isn't it? But it's not enough to rephrase the work history in your resume.

Recruiters and hiring managers are looking to fill a specific role, so you need to show how your experience translates to their unique needs.

So, the body of a great cover letter should showcase the specific professional experiences that are relevant to the job you're applying for. Emphasize your accomplishments and skills that directly relate to what the job needs.

To speed up this part of the cover letter writing process, start by creating a list of your transferable skills . Drafting this list can help you quickly focus on the skills to highlight in your cover letter.

Then, use AI tools to summarize job descriptions and narrow in on where your experience and the needs of the role you're applying for overlap. This post is full of useful AI assistant tools if you're new to AI.

Helpful Cover Letter Experience:

"At [Company Name], I had the opportunity to assist a global ecommerce retailer in enhancing their online customer experience. By conducting in-depth market research and customer journey mapping, I identified pain points and areas of improvement in their website navigation and user interface."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Experience:

"I also worked with an ecommerce retailer to improve the customer experience. We did some surveys and training, and they were happy with the results."

Useful Examples

To make your cover letter stand out, add specific examples that show how you've solved problems or gotten results in past roles.

Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible, using data to give the reader a clear understanding of your impact.

Helpful Cover Letter Example:

"I lead a team of five content writers while increasing website traffic by 18% year-over-year."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Example:

"I have a great track record of leadership and achieving fantastic results."

Research and Company Knowledge

Hiring teams aren't hiring anyone with the skills to do the job. They're hiring a person they'll work alongside at their specific company.

So, to show that you're not just looking for any job anywhere, share your knowledge of the company's industry, values, and culture in your cover letter.

Spend some time on the company website and take notes on what makes this business interesting to you and why you would want to work there.

Then, explain how your skills align with the company's mission and goals and explain how you could add to their chances of success. This will showcase your interest in the company and help them see if you are a good cultural fit.

Helpful Cover Letter Research:

"I was particularly drawn to HubSpot not only for its industry-leading solutions but also for its exceptional company culture. HubSpot's commitment to employee development and fostering a collaborative environment is evident in its recognition as a top workplace consistently. I strongly believe that my passion for continuous learning, self-motivation, and dedication to contributing to a team will make me a valuable asset to HubSpot."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Research:

"I have been inspired by HubSpot's commitment to inbound marketing and its comprehensive suite of solutions. HubSpot's dedication to providing valuable content and fostering meaningful relationships aligns with my own values and aspirations."

Clear Writing

Your cover letter needs to pack in a lot of important information. But it's also important that your cover letter is clear and concise.

To accomplish this, use professional but easy-to-understand language. Be sure to remove any grammar or spelling errors and avoid lengthy paragraphs and avoid jargon or overly technical language.

You may also want to use bullet points to make your letter easier to skim. Then, proofread your cover letter for clarity or ask a friend to proofread it for you.

  • Guide to Becoming a Better Writer
  • Tips for Simplifying Your Writing

Helpful Cover Letter Writing:

"In addition to my academic accomplishments, I gained valuable practical experience through internships at respected law firms.

Working alongside experienced attorneys, I assisted in providing legal support to clients. This hands-on experience helped me develop a deep understanding of client needs and enhanced my ability to effectively communicate complex legal concepts in a straightforward manner."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Writing:

"Furthermore, as a complement to my academic accomplishments, I have garnered invaluable practical experience through internships at esteemed law firms.

Throughout these placements, I actively collaborated with seasoned attorneys to conduct due diligence and furnish clients with comprehensive legal support. Notably, these experiences fostered a profound comprehension of client necessities, whilst honing my legal acumen to articulately convey intricate legal principles within a lucid and concise framework, adhering to applicable precedents and statutes of limitations."

Genuine Interest and Enthusiasm

Find ways to convey your passion for the role and how excited you are to contribute to the company you're applying to. At the same time, make sure your interest feels authentic and outline how it aligns with your career goals.

Your ultimate goal is an enthusiastic letter that feels honest and leaves a lasting positive impression.

Showing excitement in writing doesn't come naturally for everyone. A few tips that can help you boost the genuine enthusiasm in your letter:

  • Record audio of yourself speaking about the role, then use voice-to-text technology to transcribe and add these sections to your letter.
  • Choose your words carefully .
  • Write in active voice.

Helpful Cover Letter Tone:

"I am genuinely enthusiastic about the prospect of joining [Company/Organization Name] as an accountant. My combination of technical proficiency, eagerness to learn, and strong attention to detail make me an ideal candidate for this role. I am confident that my dedication, reliability, and passion for accounting will contribute to the continued success of your organization."

Unhelpful Cover Letter Tone:

"Honestly, I can hardly contain my excitement when it comes to reconciliations, financial statement analysis, and tax regulations! Engaging in spirited discussions with professors and classmates has allowed me to foster an unbreakable bond with the fascinating world of accounting, and I'm positively bursting with enthusiasm at the prospect of applying my skills in a professional setting."

Memorable Conclusion

End your cover letter on a strong note. Summarize your top qualifications, restate your interest in the position, and express your interest in future communication.

Then, thank your reader for their time and consideration and include your contact information for easy follow-up.

To make your conclusion memorable, think about what parts of your letter you'd most like the hiring manager to keep top of mind. Then, consider your word choice and phrasing. If you're feeling stuck, this list of ways to close an email can help.

Helpful Cover Letter Conclusion:

"Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the opportunity to further discuss how my qualifications align with the needs of Greenpeace. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to arrange an interview.

Together, let's make a lasting impact on our planet.

[Your Name]"

Unhelpful Cover Letter Conclusion:

"Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of discussing my qualifications further and how I can contribute to Greenpeace's mission. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to arrange an interview.

I’d like to add another stage to the job search: experimentation.

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s so easy to feel defeated, less-than-good-enough, or like giving up your job search.

But don’t let the process become so monotonous. Have fun discovering the qualitative data I’ve discussed here — then, have even more by getting creative with your cover letter composition.

I certainly can’t guarantee that every prospective employer will respond positively — or at all — to even the most unique, compelling cover letter. But the one that’s right for you will.

So, get inspired by these examples and templates. Write an incredible cover letter that shows the hiring team at your dream job exactly who you are.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. This article was written by a human, but our team uses AI in our editorial process. Check out our full disclosure to learn more about how we use AI.

Professional Cover Letter Templates

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5 Marketing Cover Letter Examples That Worked in 2024

Stephen Greet

  • Marketing Cover Letter
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Intern
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Director
  • Write Your Marketing Cover Letter

You’re a promotional wiz. Target markets are identified, sales campaigns are created, and conversion rates are increased successfully with you on the job. 

But does your cover letter complement your marketing resume and help you convert job leads into interviews?

You thrive when writing promotional copy, so all you need is a push in the right direction when writing a great cover letter and really grab a hiring manager’s attention. You can use our marketing cover letter examples as templates or our free cover letter builder for success in your job hunt.

best cover letter for marketing job

Marketing Cover Letter Example


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

Marketing cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Your marketing cover letter will be successful when you show how your experience with web content optimization, email marketing campaigns, and social media targeting addresses the requirements associated with a media publication role.

Level up your cover letter game

Relax! We’ll do the heavy lifiting to write your cover letter in seconds.

Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter Example

Marketing coordinator cover letter example

  • Harness the power of metrics in your cover letter to further illustrate your tangible success as a marketing coordinator skilled in tools like CMS platforms, Joomla, and SEO.

Marketing Intern Cover Letter Example

Marketing intern cover letter example

  • Can you connect personal passion (think: passion for sustainable energy practices) with a company’s mission (think: Chevron’s mission of sustainability)?
  • Reinforce this connection in your closer to reaffirm alignment with the company’s mission and eagerness to contribute to its goals.

Marketing Assistant Cover Letter Example

Marketing assistant cover letter template

  • Notice how Leo highlights his past interaction with Blue Diamond Growers during their Homegrown Goodness Tour? Why not use such associated memories or personal experiences with the hiring company’s products or initiatives to add a unique twist to your masterpiece?

Marketing Director Cover Letter Example

Marketing director cover letter template

  • Did you lead a marketing team to spend less yet reap more? Do you recount that workplace where you nurtured marketing rookies into champions? Turn these episodes of success into a compelling tale that will have the hiring manager root for you, envisioning you replicating the success in their company.

Related cover letter examples

  • Business analyst
  • Social media manager
  • Data analyst
  • Product manager

Harness Your Skills for the Perfect Marketing Cover Letter

Job seeker stands with hands in air, questioning how to fill out job materials

When creating a marketing campaign, you understand the importance of tailoring your message to the brand’s target market. The same is true for your cover letter. 

Every company markets its products and services in varying ways. One company may focus on social media marketing, whereas another wants to boost its email marketing efforts. Therefore, the skills and values you emphasize here should be customized for each company.

best cover letter for marketing job

Engage employers instantly with your greeting and intro 

You’re used to grabbing attention in ads within the first few sentences to get readers interested in your offer. The same is true for your cover letter. You want to grab attention right away. 

First, you want to address someone by name, if possible. Some companies will list a contact person in the job description , or you could try to find the hiring manager’s name on the company website or LinkedIn. It’s the same as how using someone’s name in an email marketing subject line makes it feel more personal and engaging. Otherwise, “Dear [name of company] hiring team,” can work well too.

The next step is connecting with the company’s mission or needs, just like you’d connect with a customer’s pain points or ideals in promotional content. For instance, if the company emphasizes environmentally-friendly products or team culture, you could try to highlight those aspects. 

Just like customers don’t like generic ads with irrelevant information, hiring managers won’t like your opening if it reads like the one below. 

You’re not selling your skills with this one!

I’m writing to apply for the marketing position at your company. I have a few years of experience in marketing and have been quite good at it. The position appeals to me and is one I’d like to fill, and your company sounds like a pleasant place to work.

A better idea is to connect with the company and make your opening feel specific to their needs, just like you’d do for everyone in your marketing campaign’s target audience. The example below perfectly connects with GoDaddy’s focus on customer-centric innovation and cutting-edge web services. 

Use an opener aligned with the company’s vision! 

Dear Ms. Sharma,

As an admirer of GoDaddy’s impressive achievements in empowering entrepreneurs and businesses through cutting-edge web services, I’m thrilled to apply for the marketing coordinator position. GoDaddy’s commitment to customer-centric innovation resonates deeply with me.

best cover letter for marketing job

Emphasize achievements in your marketing cover letter body

In any marketing message, you know it’s essential to share the facts about what a product or service can help a customer achieve. You want to do the same with your abilities in a cover letter. 

Leaning on marketing metrics from previous achievements is a great way to stand out. Consider metrics like engagement or click-through rates that many companies will focus on. 

Additionally, tailor what you put in the body to the company’s needs to better connect with each specific marketing role. For instance, if you’ll be focused on SEO, sharing how you boosted organic traffic by 59% using keyword research tools like Semrush would be a great idea.

A good body paragraph optimized with relevant marketing metrics

With over 6 years of experience in digital marketing, I have honed my skills in connecting with audiences and optimizing web content. While working as a marketing coordinator at Carvana, I led a social media campaign that increased our follower base by 44% within six months and boosted engagement rates by 32%. 

best cover letter for marketing job

Seal the deal with a strong closing for your marketing cover letter

As you end your cover letter, think about how you would close out a sales call. You’d want to summarize the key information you covered and end with a CTA. 

Do the same for your cover letter, but remember you’re not going for a hard sell. A light CTA like “I look forward to hearing from you soon” is the right level of persuasion to aim for here. 

Additionally, just like you’d want to thank a customer for their time, saying thank you somewhere in the closing or sign-off is a good idea. 

What you don’t want to do is have a closer like the one below that shares the wrong personal information and doesn’t relate to the company or specifics of the marketing position at all.

Providing the wrong information here! 

Thanks for considering my application.

I can start immediately since I’m currently unemployed and I’m really keen to get this job. I hope you choose me for the marketing position.

Instead, aim for a closer like the one below that reconnects with GoDaddy’s mission of providing excellent web services and finishes with a nice CTA, as you would do with any of your marketing messages. 

A CTA-infused closer for success!

I am excited about the opportunity to leverage my skills to further GoDaddy’s mission of providing excellent web services. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing how I can be a valuable asset to the GoDaddy team. 


Luna Torres

Marketing Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

  • The last thing you want to spotlight in your marketing cover letter is a poor knowledge of market trends! Demonstrate key knowledge about your target market (the company you’re applying to) by appealing to their vision. You can find more info on their organizational values or how you can help solve current obstacles by doing some research. Find their website, and definitely revisit the original job listing to see what the role emphasizes so you know what to reflect in your marketing cover letter.
  • This tip goes hand-in-hand with staying on top of trends and lingo that apply to your dream job’s target market. Right now, your target audience is the recruiter or hiring manager who’s reading your cover letter! So seize the chance to appeal to them by name—not the dreaded sir or madam —you’ll make a much better impression.
  • While writing your cover letter, demonstrate your marketing knowledge by getting super specific about company needs. (This will be your job once you nail that interview, after all!) You want to offer up key examples of how you can better the organization and contribute to their team. For instance, discuss specific SEO tools, such as Ahrefs or SEO Testing, to provide memorable context for accomplishments that align with the company’s current goals.
  • You don’t want to send out a promotional email or make a social media post only to discover a typo you previously overlooked! And you definitely don’t want to do this with your cover letter, either. It’s well worth your time to proofread, especially if you used ChatGPT for your cover letter , just in case you left out a comma or misspelled an important keyword.
  • Marketing is all about results! How are your customer acquisition and retention rates? Has your work resulted in a measurable increase in star ratings on Google Reviews? Look for numerical, quantifiable metrics for the positive impact you’ve made with your knowledge of Adobe software and Google Suite.

Your cover letter shouldn’t go over one page. The optimal word count is somewhere between 300-500 words. This allows you enough room to provide details about your market analysis and campaign strategizing abilities while keeping it highly specific to each job’s needs. 

Candidates without much experience will want to pull from what they gained through education, transferable skills like customer service, and passion for each position. For instance, you could talk about your passion for creating a great customer experience and how your consumer behavior courses provided you with the skills needed to achieve that. 

Choosing the right tone is similar to choosing your brand’s voice for a specific target market. Analyze how the company speaks in the job description and try to match their levels of energy and formality as best as possible. 

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60+ Cover Letter Examples in 2024 [For All Professions]

Background Image

No matter where you are in your career, or what job you’re applying for, submitting a cover letter with your resume is a must . 

Done right, a cover letter will effectively complement your resume and explain to the hiring manager in more detail why you’re the right person for the job.

Writing a cover letter, however, is easier said than done. 

You have to effectively demonstrate that you’ll be able to perform the responsibilities listed in the job description and that you’d be a better fit for the company compared to other candidates. 

And unless you’re a professional writer, this can be a very hard task.

Fortunately, we created these cover letter examples to inspire you and help you get started with your own cover letter!

Let’s dive in!

21 Cover Letter Examples 

#1. career change cover letter example .

cover letter example for career change

Here’s what this cover letter does right:

  • Has an ideal length. This cover letter includes all the relevant information for the hiring manager without getting into too much detail.
  • Relevant introduction. The candidate explains that they’re changing careers and why they want to work in this new field from the get-go.
  • Explains their related experience. The candidate explains how their previous experience in retail sales can help them succeed in PR.

Check out our guide video guide to learn how to write a Cover Letter that gets you HIRED!

#2. Recent Graduate Cover Letter Example 

cover letter example for a recent graduate

  • Personally greets the hiring manager. The candidate has taken the time to find the hiring manager’s name and address them by it, which makes the opening of the cover letter much more personal.
  • Wraps up with a call to action. The candidate wraps up the cover letter by suggesting a meeting with the hiring manager, which makes them more memorable.
  • Explains why the candidate is the right person for the internship. In this cover letter for an internship , the candidate explains how they’ve previously interned in a different firm, which gives them the experience to succeed in this role.

Have you just graduated from college? Make sure to check out our guide on writing an entry-level cover letter from start to finish! 

#3. Middle Management Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Middle Management

  • Use of bullet points. The candidate presents the information in a concise and reader-friendly way, making it easy for the hiring manager to find their key achievements. 
  • Formal closing. The candidate has used a formal and polite tone to conclude their cover letter, which combined with a call to action makes them look professional and passionate about getting the job. 
  • Explains how the company would benefit from hiring them. The candidate outlines exactly what they could do for the company, which not only highlights their skills but also shows they’ve done their research on the company’s needs. 

#4. Business Manager Cover Letter Example

cover letter example for business manager

  • Detailed header. In addition to the must-have contact details, this candidate has also included their professional Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, making it easy for the hiring manager to look more closely into their career. 
  • Concise and to the point. This candidate has used short paragraphs and bullet points to make the cover letter easy to skim through. 
  • Wraps up with a call to action. By letting the hiring manager know they’ll be contacting them soon, they’re more likely to make an impression.

Check out this article for a complete writing guide and an inspiring business manager resume sample. 

#5. Ph.D. Cover Letter Example

cover letter example for phd

Here’s what this cover letter does right: 

  • Attention-grabbing introduction. In the opening paragraph, this candidate explains why they’re passionate about pursuing a Ph.D. in great detail. 
  • Explains the candidate’s qualifications in detail. The candidate builds on their passion by explaining how they’re also qualified for the degree because of their education history and academic achievements. 

#6. Senior Executive Cover Letter Example

cover letter example for senior executive

  • Professional and minimalistic template. This senior executive has used a professional but minimalistic template that lets their work experience do the talking. 
  • Achievement-oriented opening paragraph. Right from the get-go, this candidate explains what makes them so good at their job, effectively grabbing the hiring manager’s attention.  
  • Wraps up with a call to action. By suggesting to have a meeting and discussing how they can help the company meet its goals, the candidate stands more chance to make a positive lasting impression. 

#7. Architect Cover Letter Example 

Cover Letter Example

  • Modern resume template. This architect has picked a template that perfectly matches his industry, as it is professional and modern at the same time. 
  • A personal greeting to the HR. They address the hiring manager by their first name, which helps make a better first impression. 
  • Measurable achievements. By quantifying their achievements, the candidate proves their achievements instead of just claiming them.

Struggling with your architect resume ? Check out our full guide!

#8. Business Analyst Cover Letter Example 

cover letter examples

  • Detailed contact information. The candidate has listed both their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, providing the HR manager an opportunity to learn more about the candidate.  
  • Mentions what the candidate can do for the company. This cover letter doesn’t just explain why the job would be great for the candidate, but also how the candidate would benefit the company. Win-win, right? 
  • Error-free and reader-friendly. It’s super important for the cover letter to have no spelling or grammatical errors and be reader-friendly. This candidate made sure they did both.

Need a resume alongside your cover letter? Check out our guide on how to write a business analyst resume . 

#9. Consultant Cover Letter Example 

best cover letter example

  • Professional cover letter template. Being an experienced consultant, this candidate has picked a professional template that doesn’t steal the spotlight from their achievements. 
  • Experience and achievement-oriented. The candidate has effectively elaborated on their top achievements relevant to the job. 
  • Highlights the candidate’s passion. To show they want the job, this candidate has also explained how passionate they are about their profession.

For more advice on landing a job as a consultant, check out our guide to writing a consultant resume .

#10. Digital Marketing Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Digital Marketing

  • Creative cover letter template. This digital marketer highlights their originality by picking a creative cover letter template. 
  • Lists the candidate’s awards. The candidate has taken advantage of the cover letter to list their most noteworthy awards in the industry. 
  • Concludes with a call to action. As they used a call to action to conclude their cover letter, the HR manager will be more likely to remember them.

Want to take your digital marketing resume to the next level? Check out our guide!

#11. Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example 

Cover Letter Example for Graphic Designer

  • Detailed contact information. The candidate has included additional contact information such as their website link, as well as their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.  
  • Ideal length. This cover letter is concise, which means that the HR manager is more likely to read it from start to finish.  
  • Draws attention to the candidate’s strong points. Although this candidate is a recent college graduate, they’ve managed to effectively show that they have enough knowledge and experience to do the job right.

Read this guide to write a graphic designer resume that’s just as good as your cover letter!

#12. Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Administrative Assistant

  • Minimalistic cover letter template. The candidate picked a well-designed but minimalistic template for their cover letter. 
  • Focused on skills and achievements. This cover letter is packed with the candidate’s skills and achievements, proving he can be an excellent employee. 
  • Formal closing. Politeness can go a long way and the candidate has used this to their advantage to make an impression. 

Our article on how to write an administrative assistant resume can help you take your job application to the next level.

#13. Front Desk Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Front Desk

  • Modern cover letter template. This template incorporates memorable colors and clear lines, which make the cover letter very visually appealing. 
  • Attention-grabbing introduction. Using an attention-grabbing intro, the candidate is more likely to make an impression. 
  • Calls the HR to action. By including a call to action, the candidate is reminding the HR of their immediate availability. 

#14. Human Resources Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Human Resources

  • It is concise and to the point. The candidate doesn’t dwell on unimportant details the HR won’t be interested in. 
  • Uses a traditional cover letter template. The cover letter design is more on the conventional side, which fits the industry better. 
  • Highlights the candidate’s strong points. The candidate has rich work experience and they use the cover letter to elaborate on it. 

This HR resume guide can help you get your resume just right.

#15. Sales Agent Cover Letter Example 

Cover Letter Example  for Sales Agent

  • Attention-grabbing cover letter template. As a salesperson, this candidate knows how important first impressions are, so they’ve picked a catchy cover letter template. 
  • Has an ideal length. At the same time, they’ve also made sure to keep their cover letter at just the right length. 
  • Lists the candidate’s career highlights. The candidate has made perfect use of the space by mentioning their most impressive professional achievements. 

Check out this sales agent resume guide to create an attention-grabbing sales resume .

#16. Receptionist Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Receptionist

  • Modern but minimalistic cover letter template. The template’s design hints the candidate is creative but professional at the same time. 
  • Uses a catchy introduction. The candidate has used an attention-grabbing opening paragraph to catch HR’s attention. 
  • Concludes the cover letter formally. The candidate proves that they’re polite and well-spoken, a quality very much important for the role they’re applying for. 

Take your receptionist resume to the next level with this receptionist resume guide .

#17. Information Technology Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Information Technology

  • Mentions measurable achievements. Numbers make an impact, which is why this candidate has included measurable achievements. 
  • Lists both soft and hard skills. The candidate has mentioned a great mix of soft and hard skills, showing how well-rounded they are. 
  • Contains relevant contact information. The candidate’s GitHub, website name, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles are all great additions to the resume. 

Looking for tips to help you write a great IT resume ? Check out our guide!

#18. Real Estate Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Real Estate Agent

  • Ideal length. Short and to the point, this cover letter is bound to get noticed by the HR manager. 
  • Wraps up with a call to action. This candidate reinforces the HR to call them back through a final call to action. 
  • Mentions the right skills. On top of their sales accomplishments, the candidate touch upon important soft skills such as customer service and communication . 

This real estate resume guide will help you take your resume from good to great.

#19. Teacher Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Teacher

  • Mentions relevant contact information details. This candidate has included optional (but relevant) contact information details, such as their LinkedIn, Quora, and Medium profiles. 
  • Achievement-oriented. The candidate has elaborated on their achievements in more detail throughout their cover letter. 
  • Highlights the candidate’s passion. For some jobs, being passionate is much more important than for others. Teaching is one of these jobs, which is why this candidate explains their passion for the job. 

Our guide on how to write a teacher resume has all the tips you need to land the job.

#20. Project Manager Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Project Manager

  • Leverages a catchy introduction. Through a catchy introductory paragraph, this candidate is sure to grab the HR’s attention and get them to read the rest of their cover letter.
  • Lists measurable accomplishments. This candidate explains exactly what they’ve achieved using numbers and hard data. 
  • Personally greets the HR. A personal greeting sounds much better than “Dear Sir/Madam,” and the candidate knows this. 

This guide on how to write a project manager resume can help you perfect your appication.

#21. Paralegal Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Paralegal

  • Minimalistic cover letter template. This cover letter design looks good but doesn’t steal the show from the candidate’s abilities.
  • Mentions the candidate’s academic achievements and extracurricular activities. Although the candidate is a recent graduate, they’ve used the cover letter to explain they have enough skills and achievements to do the job.
  • Lists measurable achievements. The candidate proves they did well in their internship by mentioning quantifiable achievements.

Check out this paralegal resume guide to perfect yours.

40+ More Cover Letter Examples and Guides 

Couldn’t find a cover letter example for your field? Do not worry.

Below you can find a number of other cover letter examples for different fields and industries:

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  • Accounting Cover Letter Examples
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  • Data Analyst Cover Letter Examples
  • Data Entry Cover Letter Examples
  • Dental Assistant Cover Letter Examples
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  • Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Examples
  • Engineering Cover Letter Examples
  • Executive Assistant Cover Letter Examples
  • Finance Cover Letter Examples
  • Graphic Design Cover Letter Examples
  • Healthcare Cover Letter Examples
  • Human Resources Cover Letter Examples
  • IT Cover Letter Examples
  • Law Cover Letter Examples
  • Management Cover Letter Examples
  • Marketing Cover Letter Examples
  • Mechanical Engineering Cover Letter Examples
  • Medical Assistant Cover Letter Examples
  • Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter Examples
  • Physician Cover Letter Examples
  • Project Manager Cover Letter Examples
  • Receptionist Cover Letter Examples
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  • Sales Cover Letter Examples
  • Social Work Cover Letter Examples
  • Software Engineer Cover Letter Examples
  • Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Examples
  • Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Examples
  • Team Leader Cover Letter Example

What is a Cover Letter? 

A cover letter is a one-page document that you submit as part of your job application, alongside your resume . 

Its purpose is to introduce you and briefly summarize your professional background. On average, your cover letter should be from 250 to 400 words long .

A good cover letter can give the hiring manager more insight into what makes you a good candidate and help them make up their mind about whether they should invite you for an interview. A bad cover letter, though, will get ignored (at best) and lose you the job (at worst).

So, to make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s essential to know how to write a convincing cover letter.

The first thing to remember is that a cover letter is a supplement to your resume, not a replacement. Meaning, you shouldn’t just repeat whatever is mentioned in your resume and call it a day. 

Optimally, you should use your cover letter to shed more light on your skills and qualifications, as well as explain anything you didn’t have space for in your resume (e.g. a career gap or why you’re changing careers).

If you’re writing a cover letter for the first time, though, putting all this together might seem pretty tough. 

Fortunately, you can follow our tried-and-tested format to make the experience much easier:

  • Header - Input your contact information.
  • Greeting the hiring manager - Open the cover letter with a “Dear Sir or Madam,” or use the hiring manager’s name if you know what that is.
  • Opening paragraph - Grab the hiring manager’s attention by getting straight to the point. Mention what your professional experiences are, and what role you’re applying for.
  • The second paragraph - Explain why you’re the perfect candidate for the job. Mention your top 2-3 achievements, your top skills, why you want to work in that specific industry, and whatever else is relevant.
  • The third paragraph - End your cover letter with a call to action. E.g. “I would love to meet personally and discuss how I can help Company X.”
  • Formal closing - Something like this: “Thank you for your consideration. Best, John Doe.”

Here’s what this looks like in practice:

cover letter structure

9 Tips to Write a Cover Letter (the Right Way)

Now that we've covered the basics, let's talk about cover letter tips . Below, we'll give you all the knowledge you need to take your cover letter from "OK" to "great."

#1. Pick the right template

A good cover letter is all about leaving the right first impression.

And what’s a better way to leave a good impression than through a professional, well-formatted, and visual template?

You can simply pick one of our tried-and-tested cover letter templates and you’ll be all set!

cover letter examples templates

#2. Add your contact details on the header

The best way to start your cover letter is through a header. 

Here’s what you want to include there:

  • Phone Number
  • Name of the hiring manager / their professional title
  • Name of the company you’re applying to

Optionally, you can also include the following:

  • Social Media Profiles - Any type of profile that’s relevant to your field. Social Profiles on websites like LinkedIn, GitHub (for developers), Medium (for writers), etc.
  • Personal Website - If you have a personal website that somehow adds value to your application, you can mention it. Let’s say you’re a professional writer. In that case, you’d want to link to your content portfolio site or blog.

#3. Greet the hiring manager the right way

Once you’ve listed all your relevant contact information, it’s time to address the hiring manager reading your cover letter. 

A good practice here is to find the hiring manager’s name and address them directly instead of using the traditional “dear sir or madam.” This shows that you’re really invested in the company and that you took your time to do some research about the job.

So, how can you find out the hiring manager’s name?

One way to do this is by looking up the head of the company’s relevant department on LinkedIn. Let’s say you’re applying for the position of Communication Specialist at Novoresume. The hiring manager is probably the Head of Communications or the Chief Communications Office.

Or let’s say you’re applying for the position of server at a restaurant. In that case, you’d be looking to find out who the restaurant manager is.

If this doesn’t work, you can also check out the “Team” page on the company website; there’s a good chance you’ll at least find the right person there.

If you still can’t find out the hiring manager’s name, here are several other greetings you can use:

  • Dear [Department] Hiring Manager
  • Dear Hiring Manager
  • To whom it may concern
  • Dear [Department] Team

#4. Create an attention-grabbing introduction

Recruiters get hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of applications. Chances are, they’re not going to be reading every single cover letter end-to-end.

So, it’s essential to catch their attention from the very first paragraph.

The problem with most cover letter opening paragraphs, though, is that they’re usually extremely generic, often looking something like this: 

Hey, my name is Jonathan and I’d like to work as a Sales Manager at XYZ Inc. I’ve worked as a sales manager at MadeUpCompany Inc. for 5+ years, so I believe that I’d be a good fit for the position.

As you can probably tell, this opening paragraph doesn’t tell the hiring manager anything other than that you’ve worked the job before - and that’s not really helpful in setting you apart from other candidates. 

What you want to do, instead, is start off with 2-3 of your top achievements to really grab the reader’s attention. Preferably, the achievements should be as relevant as possible to the position. 

For example:

My name’s Michael and I’d like to help XYZ Inc. hit and exceed its sales goals as a Sales Manager. I’ve worked with Company X, a fin-tech company, for 3+ years. As a Sales Representative, I generated an average of $30,000+ in sales per month (beating the KPIs by around 40%). I believe that my previous industry experience, as well as my excellence in sales, makes me the right candidate for the role of X at Company Y.

The second example shows how the candidate is a top performer. The first just shows that they’ve worked a sales job before.

Which one are YOU more likely to invite for an interview?

#5. Show you’re the perfect person for the job

One great thing about cover letters is that they allow you to expand more on the top achievements from your resume and really show the hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job. 

A good way to do that is to first read the job ad and really understand what skills/experiences are required, and then to ensure that your cover letter touches upon the said skills or experiences.

In my previous role as a Facebook Marketing Expert at XYZ Inc. I handled customer acquisition through ads, managing a monthly Facebook ad budget of $20,000+. As the sole digital marketer at the company, I managed the ad creation and management process end-to-end. This means I created the ad copy and images, as well as picked the targeting, ran optimization trials, and so on.

Other than Facebook advertising, I’ve also delved into other online PPC channels, including:

  • Google Search

#6. Explain why you’re a great company fit

The HR manager doesn’t only look at whether you’ll be good at the job or not. They’re looking for someone that’s also a good fit for the company culture.

After all, employees that don’t fit in are bound to quit, sooner or later. This ends up costing the company a ton of money, up to 50% of the employee’s annual salary . 

To convince the hiring manager that you’re a great company fit, do some research on the company and find out what it is you like about them, or about working there. You want to know things like:

  • What’s the company’s business model?
  • What’s the company's product or service? Have you used it?
  • What’s the culture like? Will someone micro-manage your work, or will you have autonomy on how you get things done?

Then, turn your top reasons for liking to work there into text and add them to your cover letter! 

#7. Wrap up with a call to action

To make the end of your cover letter as memorable as possible, you want to:

  • Wrap up any points you couldn't in the previous paragraphs. Mention anything you’ve left out that you think could help the hiring manager make up your mind.
  • Thank the hiring manager for their time. After all, it never hurts to be polite. 
  • Finish the cover letter with a call to action. A call to action is a great way to make your cover letter ending as memorable as possible. 

#8. Write a formal closing

Once you’re done with the final paragraph, all you have to do is write down a formal “goodbye” and you’re good to go.

Feel free to use one of the most popular conclusions in a cover letter:

  • Best Regards,
  • Kind Regards,

#9. Proofread your cover letter

Last but not least, make sure to always proofread each and every document that you’ll be including in your job application - cover letter included. 

The last thing you want is to be claiming you’re a great candidate for the job with a cover letter full of typos! 

For an even more comprehensive guide on how to write an impactful cover letter , check out our article ! 

Cover Letter Writing Checklist 

Cover Letter Writing Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some questions about cover letters? Check out the answers below:

1. How do I write a simple cover letter? 

To write a cover letter that’s simple but also professional, make sure to include a header with your personal information, a formal greeting to the hiring manager, an attention-grabbing opening paragraph, a second paragraph explaining why you’re a good candidate for the job, and a formal closing (preferably with a call to action). 

2. What are the 3 parts of a cover letter? 

The three parts of a cover letter are: 

  • The introduction , namely the header, the greeting to the hiring manager, and the opening paragraph. 
  • The sales pitch is usually the body of the cover letter. 
  • The conclusion involves a formal closing and a signature line.

3. What makes a great cover letter?

A great cover letter should be personalized for each job you’re applying for, instead of being overly generic. It’s also preferable to address the hiring manager by their name and not use the overly-used “Dear Sir/Madam.”

To make a great first impression, you should mention 1-2 of your top achievements in your opening paragraph - the more job-specific they are, the better. Also, don’t stop at showing the hiring manager why you’re a great candidate for the job. Make sure to also talk about how you’re a good culture fit for the company.

Last but not least, wrap up your closing paragraph with a call to action to give the hiring manager a little extra something to remember you by. 

4. When is a cover letter necessary?

Unless the job ad specifically states otherwise, you should always include a cover letter with your job application .

Even if the hiring manager doesn’t read it, you will look more professional simply by including one.

And that’s a wrap! We hope our cover letter examples and writing tips will inspire you to write a cover letter that will land you your next job.

If you’re looking for more invaluable career advice and articles, make sure to check out our career blog , or any of these related articles: 

  • How to Write a Resume
  • Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs
  • Cover Letter Format (w/ Examples & Free Templates)

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best cover letter for marketing job

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best cover letter for marketing job


best cover letter for marketing job


best cover letter for marketing job


best cover letter for marketing job


best cover letter for marketing job

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  • Build a job-winning resume using proven templates and advice.
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  • Find anyone’s professional email address in seconds.
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  • Value Validation Project Starter Kit Everything you need to create a job-winning VVP.
  • No Experience, No Problem Learn how to change careers with no experience.
  • The Interview Preparation System A proven system for job-winning interview prep.
  • The LinkedIn Launch Formula A proven system for six-figure success on LinkedIn.
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  • Interview Questions & Answer Examples Job-winning example answers for common interview questions.
  • What To Wear To An Interview A simple guide to dressing for the job you want.
  • How To Write A Job-Winning Thank You Note Learn how to write a post-interview thank you that wins job offers.

Recruiter Cover Letter Examples For 2024 (20+ Skills & Templates)

best cover letter for marketing job

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Looking to score a job as a Recruiter?

You're going to need an awesome cover letter. This guide is your one-stop-shop for writing a job-winning Recruiter cover letter  using our proven strategies, skills, templates, and examples.

All of the content in this guide is based on data from coaching thousands of job seekers (just like you!) who went on to land offers at the world's best companies.

If you want to maximize your chances of landing that Recruiter role, I recommend reading this piece from top to bottom. But if you're just looking for something specific, here's what's included in this guide:

  • What To Know About Writing A Job-Winning Recruiter Cover Letter
  • The Best Skills To Include On A Recruiter Cover Letter

How To Address A Recruiter Cover Letter

  • 3 Recruiter Cover Letter Examples

The 8 Best Recruiter Cover Letter Templates

3 tips for writing a job-winning recruiter cover letter.

Here's the step-by-step breakdown:

Recruiter Cover Letter Overview: What To Know To Write A Cover Letter That Wins More Job Offers

What do companies look for when they're hiring a Recruiter?

Companies want Recruiters with strong interpersonal and communication skills who can effectively connect with candidates and accurately represent the company's culture and values. They also love professionals with keen eye for talent and that are proficient with recruitment tools and technologies.

Your cover letter should show the company that your personality and your experience encompass all of these things.

Additionally, there are a few best practices you want to follow to write a job-winning Recruiter cover letter:

  • Properly address your letter: Begin your letter by addressing the hiring manager or team. Don't forget to state the specific Recruiter job you are interested in!
  • Express your understanding of the company: Clearly articulate that you are well-familiarized with the company's products and the market, and tie this up with your skills, demonstrating how they align with their needs.
  • Highlight your skills: Showcase your most relevant skills for the role, such as Hiring, Communication, and HR, as well as proficiency with specific recruiting tools, software, and technologies.
  • Tailor your cover letter for the job description: Emphasize your experience to meet the job requirements listed in the description.
  • Be concise and clear: Your cover letter should be short and easy to read. Keep it to one page and focus on the good stuff!
  • End with a call to action: Close with an effective call to action, expressing enthusiasm for the opportunity and inviting further discussion on how you can contribute to the company's success.
  • Proofread: Make sure to thoroughly proofread your cover letter for any grammatical errors or typos. A well-written, error-free letter can make a strong first impression. I recommend using Hemingway App or Grammarly to do this.

Let's dive deeper into each of these, so you have the exact blueprint you need to see success.

The Best Recruiter Skills To Include On Your Cover Letter

Keywords are one of the most important factors in your cover letter. They show employers that your skills align with the role, and they also help format your cover letter for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

If you're not familiar with ATS systems, they are pieces of software used by employers to manage job applications. They scan cover letters for keywords and qualifications and make it easier for employers to filter and search for candidates whose qualifications match the role.

If you want to win more interviews and job offers, you need to have a keyword-optimized cover letter. There are two ways to find the right keywords:

1. Leverage The 20 Best Recruiter Keywords

The first is to leverage our list of the best keywords and skills for a Recruiter cover letter.

These keywords were selected from an analysis of  real Recruiter job descriptions sourced from actual job boards. Here they are:

  • Communication
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Organization
  • Work Independently
  • Team Member

2. Use To Find The Best Keywords That Are Specific To Your Cover Letter And Target Role

The second method is the one I recommend because it's personalized to your specific cover letter and target job.

This process lets you find the exact keywords that your cover letter is missing when compared to the individual role you're applying for.

Recruiter Hard Skills

Here's how it works:

  • Open a copy of your updated Recruiter cover letter
  • Open a copy of your target Recruiter job description
  • In the widget below, paste the job description and hit scan!

ResyMatch is going to scan the target job description and show you the exact keywords and skills that are relevant to the role and that you should weave into your cover letter.

If you're ready to check it out, grab your target job description and run your first scan here:

To start, paste your target job description (or multiple job descriptions) into the box below:

Scan to help you identify keywords and skills within your target job description.


If you're more of a visual learner, here's a video walking through this whole process so you can follow along:

Personalization is what makes a cover letter stand out. That starts from the very first sentence where you greet the person reading your cover letter! There are two ways to do this well:

1. Use The Hiring Manager's Name

The first, and best, is by including the hiring manager's name. Let's say that you discovered the hiring manager's name from a post on LinkedIn or via an informational interview.

This is the jackpot! All you need to do is use their name in the introduction, like this:

Example of Starting A Cover Letter With The Hiring Manager's Name

2. Use This Formula: To The [Department] Team at [Company]

If you don't have the hiring manager's name, no problem! You can address your cover letter to the team that you're applying to.

For example, if you're applying for a Product Marketing Manager role at Discovery Education, you might start your cover letter like this:

Example of Starting A Cover Letter With The Team & Company

This shows the reader that this letter has been written specifically for them and the content inside of it will support that.

It's much more relevant and personal than  “To Whom It May Concern!”

For more advice on writing a strong opening to your cover letter, check out this guide.

3 Recruiter Cover Letter Examples For 2024

Now let's take a look at all of these best practices in action. Here are three cover letter examples for different situations from people with different backgrounds who are all applying for Recruiter roles:

Recruiter Cover Letter Example #1: A Traditional Background

Our first example is a cover letter written by a candidate with traditional experience. Here is what an example of their cover letter might look like:

Recruiter Cover Letter Example #1 - Traditional Background

Recruiter Cover Letter Example #2: A Non-Traditional Background

Our second cover letter example comes from a candidate looking to transition from a background as an Administrative Support Specialist to a Recruiter role. This cover letter demonstrates how the author identifies and communicates their transferable skills:

Recruiter Cover Letter Example #2 - Non-Traditional Background

Recruiter Cover Letter Example #3: Recruiter With A Career Gap

Our third example highlights a candidate with a career gap. Here is what their cover letter might look like:

Recruiter Cover Letter Example #3 - Career Gap

At this point, you know all of the basics you'll need to write a Recruiter cover letter that wins you more interviews and offers. The only thing left is to take all of that information and apply it to a template that's going to help you get results.

We made that easy with  our CoverBuild tool . It has 8 proven templates that were created with the help of recruiters and hiring managers at the world's best companies. These templates also bake in thousands of data points we have from the job seekers in our audience who have used them to land job offers.

Just click any of the templates below to start building your cover letter using proven, recruiter-approved templates:

best cover letter for marketing job

Free Job-Winning Cover Letter Templates, Have AI Write Yours in Less Than 2 Minutes .

Choose a cover letter template below to get started:.

best cover letter for marketing job

Great Choice! Now, how do you want to write your cover letter?

best cover letter for marketing job

Let AI write your unique cover letter using our proven templates.

best cover letter for marketing job

Or use our templates to write your own from scratch.

You're off to a strong start! But I've got a few more tips to help you take your cover letter to the next level:

1. Use To Write Your Cover Letter In <2 Minutes

All of these tips and best practices work, but you still have to implement them. Normally, that'd mean you sitting down and spending hours brainstorming ideas, typing, deleting, and typing again, and then feeling absolutely drained.

Now there's a way to work around all of that so you save your best energy for the writing and edits that matter most. Here's how it works:

  • Head to
  • Select the “2 Minutes” option to have AI write your cover letter
  • Select a template for your cover letter, then follow the 3 step process for sharing info about your experience and the target job with CoverBuild's AI
  • Click “Generate My Cover Letter” and watch the tool write a unique cover letter that's personalized to your experience and your target job!

To make it even easier, you can select a cover letter template from the widget below to get started:

If you'd like to see the process in action, here's a video walking through all of the steps above:

Note:  I do not recommend or advise that you simply copy and paste any AI-generated content and submit your application. You should always review, revise, and personalize the content yourself before applying.

2. Include Measurable Metrics And Outcomes

Too many job seekers only focus on the actions that they took and not the outcomes that resulted from those actions. As a hiring manager, it's impossible to differentiate between a dozen candidates who were all “Responsible for building applications to help achieve company goals.”

If you want to win, your cover letter should speak to the specific outcomes that you drove in previous roles. That could be:

  • The accuracy of the predictive models you've developed
  • The sales increase you've helped drive with data analysis
  • The operational costs you helped reduce

These outcomes will show hiring teams what you're capable of and make your value crystal clear!

3. Match Your Cover Letter And Resume Design

Quality Impacts Perceived Value - Car Example

They're the exact same car, down to the year, make, and model. The only difference is the way the product was presented. Like I said, quality impacts perceived value.

One of the best ways to boost the quality of your cover letter is to make it look clean, professional, and have it match your resume. That's why the resume templates in our resume builder tool match the cover letter templates in our cover letter builder:

Matching Cover Letter And Resume

If you use both tools to create your cover letter and your resume, your entire application is going to be top notch.

Key Takeaways To Wrap Up Your Job-Winning Cover Letter

You made it! We packed a lot of information into this post so I wanted to distill the key points for you and lay out next steps so you know exactly where to from here.

Here are the 5 steps for writing a job-winning Recruiter cover letter:

  • Start with a proven cover letter template from
  • Use to find the right keywords and optimize your cover letter for each role you apply to
  • Start your cover letter with a personalized greeting for the hiring manager or team name
  • Emphasize the measurable outcomes and value you drove in previous roles (include metrics!)
  • Compare the draft of your cover letter to the examples on this page to make sure you're on the right path
  • Use a tool like  Hemingway App or Grammarly to proofread your cover letter before you submit it

If you follow those steps, you're going to be well on your way to landing more Recruiter interviews and job offers.

Now that your cover letter is taken care of, be sure to check out our guide on writing a job-winning Recruiter resume (with examples!).

best cover letter for marketing job

Paula Martins

Paula is Cultivated Culture's amazing Editor and Content Manager. Her background is in journalism and she's transitioned from roles in education, to tech, to finance, and more. She blends her journalism background with her job search experience to share advice aimed at helping people like you land jobs they love without applying online.

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  19. Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example and Template for 2024

    Here are the steps to follow for writing a marketing cover letter: 1. Set up your document. Create a new document to use for your letter. You may work on an online platform or in your preferred word-processing program, and many of these options include cover letter templates. Confirm your document has 1-inch margins and a professional font ...

  20. How to Write a Cover Letter When You're Changing Careers (Sample + Tips

    How to write a career change cover letter. A cover letter is a chance to expand upon the bullet points outlined in your resume. It's a space where you can explain your interest in the role and company, highlight your experience and skills, and sell a recruiter on the overall fit you'd make. But a career changer needs to do all of that and more.

  21. Marketer Cover Letter Example and Template for 2024

    Lauren Franky. 901-555-0123. [email protected] May 10, 2023 Dear Hiring Manager, I'm writing to express my interest in the Marketer position at P. Parker Marketing. As a content and digital marketer with over seven years of experience, I feel I could provide a fresh and experienced perspective for the creation of marketing campaigns.

  22. Marketing Cover Letter Writer

    I am looking for a talented writer to craft a compelling cover letter for an marketing position. Key Requirements: - Experience with writing cover letters for marketing roles. - Understanding of the marketing industry and its latest trends. - Ability to tailor the letter for the job. - Please refer to my attached resume and job requirement.

  23. Recruiter Cover Letter Examples For 2024 (20+ Skills & Templates)

    This cover letter demonstrates how the author identifies and communicates their transferable skills: Recruiter Cover Letter Example #3: Recruiter With A Career Gap. Our third example highlights a candidate with a career gap. Here is what their cover letter might look like: The 8 Best Recruiter Cover Letter Templates