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Caktus AI: How to use the ChatGPT alternative that can write essays for you

Caktus AI is a ChatGPT alternative that has piqued the interest of many people across the web, with approximately 1.1 million users having accessed the service since the beginning of 2023. It’s not quite as popular as ChatGPT , but it has a unique take on AI-generated content.

What is Caktus AI?

How to use caktus ai, what can you do with caktus ai, can caktus ai write essays, do you have to pay for caktus ai, who owns caktus ai.

The student-focused tool has taken AI content creation up a notch with features that haven’t been seen on other services. The brand also offers a number of additional writing generators and several other tools in a myriad of unique categories. Here’s what you need to know about Caktus AI.

Caktus AI is a content-generation tool with several different options beyond writing. Its creators call it an “academic curated search engine,” as it provides content for several different topics including STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and studying, as well as coding and professional services. It is being compared to ChatGPT due to how its essay writer, paragraph writer, and other writing tools work. It might also be able to better evade AI plagiarism detection than its competitor, and has the ability to add citation sources to essays.

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The additional tools included in Caktus AI make the service much more comprehensive than ChatGPT or many other AI generators .

Caktus AI works similarly to AI generators like Jasper AI in that you can input a text prompt into your desired service and the chatbot will generate content for you. You will need to register an account to access its features. Unlike many other services that often allow you to use your Google, Apple, or Microsoft accounts as a login, you will have to manually create a username and password.

You should take a look at the company’s terms of service before signing up because the free trial for Caktus AI appears to be over, and there is no easy way to access your account unless you decide to pay for the Premium service.

Caktus AI has several functions. You can use it for a number of writing tasks, in addition to coding and professional development, among others. Many people have noted that Ted Talk to essay and YouTube to essay are some of the more interesting functions of Caktus AI. The latter, for example, can help you use a YouTube video to develop a script of your own.

Because the product is separated into different sections, it helps you navigate the prompts you would have to input into the AI generator to get the content you need.

Caktus AI provides several different topics within each section so you can zero in on your desired function, including writing, coding, career, studying, STEM, fun, arts, and science. You can preview many of the different special interest generators available on the dashboard before you log in and register.

Some of the top coding scripts available on Caktus AI include Python writer, Java writer, C# writer, Javascript writer, Go writer, and Typescript writer. For example, you can input C reate code for a racing game into the Javascript writer, and it will generate a unique code that you can use to build an app. There is also an option that will explain how the code works.

Caktus AI also offers language tutors for Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, French, and Arabic, as well as a Mandarin answerer.

The STEM section of Caktus AI features several science, math, and business-based generators, including a general problem solver, a present value calculator, a derivative calculator, an integral calculator, a chemical analyzer, and a geology tutor.

Some of the more lighthearted uses for Caktus AI include generating class absence excuses, love letters, songs, captions, and text responses. You can also create flashcards for studying and use the citation generator separately from the essay writer.

Yes, Caktus AI can generate essays. The Caktus AI essay generator works a little differently than what many people might be accustomed to with ChatGPT. This product has its various services separated by topic, which can simplify inputting prompts because the service already knows you want an essay.

Unlike ChatGPT, for which you must indicate that you need a 50-word, 200-word, or 500-word essay on a certain topic for optimal results , Caktus AI can begin generating content with more of a keyword-style prompt or a more general statement query.

Since the essay generator is directed toward students, it produces only a set amount of content before allowing you to proceed by pressing the W rite more button. This then brings up a C itation selector , which allows you to choose a source that it will use to create additional content and then cite that source in your AI-generated essay.

Yes, you have to pay to use Caktus AI. There is currently no free or trial tier of the product. Clicking on any of the services on the dashboard will take you to a signup page. If you register for an account, you’ll be directed to subscribe to the service. A Caktus AI subscription goes for $10 per month, and according to its terms and services, canceling the service might be a bit of a challenge.

It appears that there was previously a free trial of Caktus AI, which offered 5,000 characters at no charge. The Premium version of the AI service previously offered a two-day free trial, according to Blogger’s Grotto . Reddit users have noted that these free options have disappeared in recent days in favor of the solely subscription-based service.

Caktus AI was co-founded by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang  in May 2022.

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Fionna Agomuoh

ChatGPT is completely free to use, but that doesn't mean OpenAI isn't also interested in making some money.

ChatGPT Plus is a subscription model that gives you access to a completely different service based on the GPT-4 model, along with faster speeds, more reliability, and first access to new features. Beyond that, it also opens up the ability to use ChatGPT plug-ins, create custom chatbots, use DALL-E 3 image generation, and much more. What is ChatGPT Plus? Like the standard version of ChatGPT, ChatGPT Plus is an AI chatbot, and it offers a highly accurate machine learning assistant that's able to carry out natural language "chats." This is the latest version of the chatbot that's currently available.

I've seen my fair share of unhinged AI responses -- not the least of which was when Bing Chat told me it wanted to be human last year -- but ChatGPT has stayed mostly sane since it was first introduced. That's changing, as users are flooding social media with unhinged, nonsensical responses coming from the chatbot.

In a lot of reports, ChatGPT simply spits out gibberish. For example, u/Bullroarer_Took took to the ChatGPT subreddit to showcase a response in which a series of jargon and proper sentence structure gives the appearance of a response, but a close read shows the AI spitting out nonsense.

The introduction of Custom GPTs was one of the most exciting additions to ChatGPT in recent months. These allow you to craft custom chatbots with their own instructions and data by feeding them documents, weblinks, and more to make sure they know what you need and respond how you would like them to.

But you don't have to make your own Custom GPT if you don't want to. Indeed, there are tens of thousands of Custom GPTs already made by engineers around the world, and many of them are very impressive.

Cactus AI - GPT-3 Powered AI Essay Writer.

  • Create now!

Features Of Cactus AI

Free ai essay generator, ai article summarizer, essay outline generator, essay shorter, about cactus ai.

This AI-based platform helps users overcome writer's block, generate new ideas, and simplify the writing process. It's capable of creating essays, finding sources, and formatting documents in MLA or APA style. Beyond essays, Cactus AI can help organize your thoughts with its structure generator, assist with coding assignments, and even create presentations. For those seeking a more refined touch, it offers an additional professional human editing service. Cactus AI is more than a tool, it's a reliable companion for academic writing tasks.

Let's talk about Cactus AI Love to hear from you!

Our location.

401 Shepherd Ave, 22th Floor, NYC

How Can We Help?

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AI Product Reviews


essay writing ai cactus

  • Our Review Rating System
  • Overview of Caktus AI
  • Pros and Cons of Caktus AI
  • Alternatives to Caktus AI
  • Final Thoughts on Caktus AI
  • How We Tested Caktus AI
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Caktus AI

We employ a 5-star rating system for all the AI tools we review to give you a comprehensive idea of the overall utility of each tool.

  • Five stars: Editor’s choice
  • Four stars: An excellent choice
  • Three stars: Meets some of our standards
  • Two stars: Doesn’t meet our standards
  • One star: Not recommended

Our team of experts has awarded this AI tool an overall rating of four stars. Caktus AI impresses with its comprehensive suite of tools tailored for students. This AI writing assistant excels in generating high-quality essays, providing step-by-step solutions to math and science problems, and assisting with coding tasks. Its affordability and generous free trial make it accessible to a wide user base.

However, the slightly slow processing speed and limited free plan prevent it from achieving a perfect score. Overall, Caktus AI stands as an excellent choice for students seeking reliable academic assistance.

Caktus AI

Our team delved deep into Caktus AI , an AI writing tool tailored for students, and unearthed a treasure trove of tools designed to enhance the academic journey. With over two million users and counting, this platform has solidified its place as a go-to resource for students seeking assistance with a myriad of tasks.

Essay Writer

Caktus AI's Essay Writer feature is a standout gem, specifically designed to streamline the often challenging process of essay composition. We put this tool to the test, presenting it with a complex essay prompt on quantum mechanics. The AI responded promptly, generating a coherent and well-structured essay that demonstrated a nuanced understanding of the topic. The output was of such high quality that it required minimal revisions, showcasing the proficiency of this writing assistant.

Math & Science

Caktus AI

This segment of Caktus AI provides a lifeline for students grappling with mathematical and scientific conundrums. We threw a complex calculus problem its way, and the platform swiftly provided a step-by-step solution. The clarity and accuracy of the solution were impressive, making it an invaluable tool for students navigating the intricacies of math and science.

Caktus AI

Caktus AI's coding tools are a boon for both beginners and seasoned programmers. To put it through its paces, we tasked it with generating a Python script to calculate prime numbers within a given range. The AI promptly delivered a functional code snippet that performed flawlessly upon execution. This feature not only aids in learning programming but also expedites the code-writing process for more experienced developers.

Question Solver

For students facing challenging questions, Caktus AI's Question Solver proves to be a valuable companion. We presented it with a complex physics problem involving projectile motion. The AI not only provided a correct solution but also broke down the steps in a clear and understandable manner. This feature is a game-changer for students seeking comprehensive solutions to a wide range of academic questions.

Discussion Questions

Engaging in thoughtful discussions is a crucial aspect of the learning process. Our team tested this feature by inputting a series of thought-provoking questions on the impact of climate change. The AI-generated insightful responses demonstrated a nuanced understanding of the topic, making it an excellent tool for fostering meaningful academic discussions.

Citation Creator

Properly citing sources is a cornerstone of academic integrity. We fed the AI a list of sources on Shakespearean literature, and it swiftly generated accurate citations in various formats, including MLA and APA. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that students adhere to rigorous citation standards in their research.

Paragraph Generator

Crafting cohesive and articulate paragraphs can be a daunting task for many students. We provided the AI with a set of disjointed sentences related to artificial intelligence, and it seamlessly wove them into a coherent paragraph, making this tool an AI essay generator that every student should use. This feature empowers students to enhance the flow and coherence of their writing with ease.

Text Summarizer

Efficiently distilling complex texts into concise summaries is a skill every student can benefit from. Our team tasked the AI with summarizing a dense scientific article on quantum computing. The resulting summary captured the key points accurately and succinctly, showcasing the effectiveness of this summarization tool.

Job Applications

For graduating students venturing into the job market, Caktus AI offers indispensable support in crafting compelling job applications. We provided the AI with a set of qualifications and preferences for a fictional job, and it produced a polished cover letter and resume highlights. This feature equips students with professional-grade application materials, giving them a competitive edge in their job search.

Free Trial and History Saving

Caktus AI provides a generous free trial allowing users to experience its capabilities with up to 5,000 characters. This trial period proved invaluable in allowing us to explore the platform's features and evaluate its performance. Additionally, the history-saving feature ensures that users can revisit and edit their exercises, adding a layer of convenience to the platform.

Caktus AI, a versatile academic tool designed to empower students, offers a rich array of features. However, like any platform, it comes with its set of strengths and limitations. In this section, we'll delve into the pros and cons of Caktus AI, giving you a well-rounded understanding of its utility.

Affordable Unlimited Subscription Plan: Caktus AI offers a premium plan priced at $14.99 per month, which grants users unlimited access to its features. This affordability ensures that students can benefit from its tools without breaking the bank.

Plenty of Additional Features: One of Caktus AI's standout qualities is its extensive feature set. From essay generation to coding assistance, it encompasses a wide range of tools, making it a one-stop destination for various academic needs.

High Essay Quality: The AI-powered essay writer in Caktus AI produces essays of remarkable quality. Our tests revealed that it can generate coherent and well-structured essays on complex topics with a high degree of accuracy.

Decent Outputs That Look Human-Generated: The platform's outputs exhibit a human touch, which is crucial for academic work. The essays, code, and solutions it generates closely resemble work produced by students, maintaining authenticity and integrity.

Plenty of Features and Services: Caktus AI goes beyond basic essay generation. It offers tools for math, science, coding, discussions, citations, and more. This breadth of services ensures that students have a wide spectrum of academic tasks covered.

Code Generator Feature: For students delving into programming, Caktus AI's code generation feature proves invaluable. It can swiftly produce valid and functional code, aiding learners in understanding and writing code efficiently.

Limited Free Plan: While Caktus AI does offer a free trial with a 5,000-character limit, it may fall short for users with extensive academic demands.

The Tool Is Slower Than Most AI Writing Tools: In comparison to some of its AI writing tool counterparts, Caktus AI exhibits a slower processing speed. This can be a drawback for users who require rapid results.

Cannot Find Support/Contact Information in the Tool: Locating customer support or contact information within the platform can be a challenge. Having readily accessible support channels is vital for users who may encounter issues or have queries.

While Caktus AI offers a comprehensive suite of features for students, exploring alternative tools can provide valuable insights and options. Here are four noteworthy alternatives that cater to different aspects of the academic journey.

Albus presents a unique approach to organizing ideas and content. This platform allows users to create boards and populate them with relevant images, creating visually engaging presentations. The integration of ChatGPT adds a layer of intelligence, providing accurate information about people, places, or facts. Albus shines in its ability to facilitate exploration, mixing, editing, and presentation of content, making it an excellent tool for visual learners and those who prioritize visual organization.


ExplainPaper is a specialized tool designed to simplify complex research papers. Users can upload research papers and receive explanations for confusing text, making dense academic literature more accessible. The platform employs an AI model to break down intricate concepts, highlighting confusing sections for easier comprehension. With the support of a Language Learning Model (LLM), ExplainPaper effectively demystifies challenging content, offering a valuable resource for students engaging with advanced academic texts.

WriteSonic is an AI-powered writing assistant that excels in content generation. It offers a wide range of features, including blog post outlines, email drafts, and more. WriteSonic is particularly beneficial for ideation and initial drafting. Its user-friendly interface and extensive array of writing styles make it a versatile tool for various writing projects.

In conclusion, after thorough evaluation, our team finds Caktus AI to be a robust educational tool catering specifically to students' needs. With its diverse set of features, from essay writing to coding assistance, it addresses various academic requirements effectively. While it may have some limitations, such as a slower processing speed, its affordability and quality outputs make it a worthwhile investment for students seeking comprehensive academic support. Caktus AI stands as a valuable addition to the arsenal of AI-powered tools available for students and learners alike.

We established four key criteria which we used to evaluate Caktus AI.

1. Registration and Usage: To gain firsthand experience, our team registered on Caktus AI and explored its features. We assessed the ease of registration, interface intuitiveness, and the accessibility of various tools. This allowed us to gauge how user-friendly the platform is for students.

2. Speed of Output: We measured the time it took for the platform to generate responses, essays, code, and other outputs. This criterion was crucial in determining the platform's efficiency in delivering timely assistance.

3. Ease of Use: We assessed how intuitive and straightforward the platform's interface was for users. This criterion is vital for ensuring that students can navigate and utilize the tools seamlessly.

4. Comparative Testing: To provide a comprehensive review, our team tested Caktus AI alongside similar tools in the market, such as Smodin and WriteSonic. This comparative analysis allowed us to benchmark Caktus AI's performance against its competitors in terms of simplicity, authenticity, affordability, and competency.

How much does Caktus AI cost?

Is there a free trial for caktus ai, what type of customer support does caktus ai offer, how does caktus ai differ from other tools, is caktus ai suitable for every business, what languages does caktus ai support.

Open AI Master

Caktus AI Review: A Game Changer for Students or Too Good to Be True?

Arva Rangwala

AI-powered tools like Caktus AI also known as Cactus AI promise to make learning easier and more efficient for students. But are they really all they’re cracked up to be? In this Caktus AI review, I’ll take an in-depth look at what this AI writing assistant offers, who it’s best suited for, and whether it lives up to the hype.

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Overview of Caktus AI

Caktus AI is marketed as an AI writing assistant designed specifically for students. It aims to help students complete academic assignments more easily through features like:

  • Essay writing
  • Paragraph writing
  • Math problem solving
  • Code writing in 10+ languages

The tool is easy to use – simply provide a prompt and Caktus AI will generate a response. It also saves histories so students can come back to refine their work.

Caktus AI offers a free trial of 5,000 characters and paid subscription plans starting at $9.90/month for unlimited use.

What is Caktus AI?

Cactus AI is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to help students complete academic assignments more easily and efficiently. It utilizes natural language processing technology to generate original long-form content like essays, articles, and code based on prompts provided by the user.

How Does Caktus AI Work?

Caktus AI is powered by an underlying deep learning model that has been trained on a massive dataset of text from books, articles, and other online sources. When a user inputs a prompt, Caktus AI’s algorithms analyze the prompt, predict relevant content, and generate original long-form text accordingly.

The tool is able to research topics, come up with ideas, organize information, and output human-like writing tailored to the user’s needs. It continually learns from new data and prompts to improve its writing capabilities over time.

How to Use Caktus AI

Using Cactus AI involves these simple steps:

  • Sign up for an account on the Caktus AI website.
  • Select the writing feature you want to use – essay, paragraph, math, code, etc.
  • Input your prompt or assignment details into the AI assistant chat box.
  • Let Caktus AI generate a draft response, which may take 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on length.
  • Review the AI-generated text, edit if needed, and use it as a starting point for your assignment.

Users can refine and iterate on the generated text through multiple chat exchanges with the assistant. All writing histories are saved in your account.

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Hands-on Review of Features

To see if Cactus AI delivers on its promises, I tested out some of the key features:

Essay Writer

I prompted the tool to write a short essay on “Why is the sky blue?” At first glance, the 353-word essay looked impressively detailed and cited multiple sources.

But upon closer inspection, parts of the essay contained irrelevant information and false claims about the sun’s distance from Earth. While convincing at first, mistakes like these could be risky for students submitting AI-generated essays unchecked.

Paragraph Writer

Asking Caktus to explain AI generated a concise, accurate 156-word paragraph. However, plagiarism checks revealed 9% of the content was unoriginal, despite the tool touting its original writing.

Math Solver

The math solver accurately solved quadratic equations in seconds. However, I found it relies on Wolfram|Alpha’s computational knowledge engine, which is free to use directly.

Code Writer

The code writer impressed by generating valid Python code to parse URLs from a text file in under a second. However, it failed to handle more complex coding tasks.

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Pros and Cons of Cactus AI

  • Quickly generates long-form writing for essays, articles, etc.
  • Code writer produces simple but functioning code instantly
  • Easy to use prompting system
  • Affordable pricing, especially for students
  • Essays and paragraphs contain inaccuracies and plagiarism risk
  • Limited scope for math and coding features
  • Slow generation speed compared to alternatives
  • Lack of customer support channels

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Who is Caktus AI Best For?

Caktus AI is best suited for students looking for an AI assistant to help draft essays, articles, and other assignments more efficiently. Its affordable pricing and variety of writing features make it a great productivity booster.

However, all students using Caktus AI should carefully review and edit any generated text to correct errors and avoid plagiarism issues. Subject matter experts and professionals may want to consider more robust AI writing tools.

Cactus AI offers:

  • 5,000 character free trial
  • Student plan at $9.90/month for unlimited use
  • Business plan at $19.90/month

The Verdict: Proceed With Caution

Caktus AI shows potential to help students save time on writing assignments through its automated drafting capabilities. However, the risk of inaccuracies and copied content makes thorough human review essential. Cactus AI cannot fully replace diligent research and writing skills.

As AI technology continues advancing, tools like Caktus AI will become even more capable. But for now, students should view it as an assistant rather than an essay writer replacement. Cactus AI can streamline parts of the process but should not be relied on blindly.

Proper vetting of any AI-generated text is a must, especially for academic work. Until the tech improves further, a healthy skepticism towards claims of flawless writing remains warranted.

Overall, Caktus AI can augment students’ productivity but shouldn’t replace critical thinking. With disciplined use, it offers a glimpse into the promising future of AI in education.

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What is Caktus AI Writer (Tutorial + Review)

Mukund Kapoor

Looking to know what Caktus AI Writer is?

Caktus AI has quickly become popular among students, professionals, and anyone using a digital writing assistant. It uses artificial intelligence to create content, help with academic tasks, and improve writing with insights from academic sources.

Are you a student aiming for academic success? Or a content creator looking for efficiency?

Caktus AI Writer is designed for various writing needs.

Let’s dive into the features and functionalities of this platform to help you decide if Caktus AI is right for you.

What is Caktus AI ?

caktus ai

Caktus AI is an AI tool designed to assist students with writing, math, and coding tasks. Launched in 2022 by co-founders Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang, it offers free trials and premium subscription options.

Besides student support, Caktus AI includes features for educators like automatic grading and personalized teaching tools.

caktus ai for educators

The platform uses artificial intelligence to help with writing. It can create essays and reports with accuracy and creativity.

Since its launch, Caktus has become popular. It now has over 2 million users . Caktus AI is a game-changer for students and educators. Not only does it support writing tasks, but it also improves learning methods.

The AI’s adaptability makes it a great educational companion. It’s not just for writing. It’s an all-in-one suite that enhances your writing and learning journey.

What Can Caktus Do?

Caktus AI Writer is not just a one-trick pony; it’s a tool designed to tackle various academic tasks. This tool’s versatility is evident in its features, each tailored to meet the unique demands of its users.

caktus ai interface

In writing, Caktus AI offers:

  • An essay writer to generate high-quality, lengthy pieces,
  • A paragraph generator for those moments of writer’s block and;
  • A content improver to help refine your writing.

It can humanize text, summarize complex discussions, expand sentences, and craft professional emails.

The tool can also generate thoughtful responses to discussion questions, making email writing effortless.

Caktus AI has tools like a Java writer

Caktus AI has tools like a Java writer, a TypeScript writer, and AI coding assistants for coders.

It can convert JavaScript to Python and create Python docstrings efficiently for students.

Caktus AI's study tools

Students can use Caktus AI’s study tools to make learning more effective. Features like Article Note Taker and Video Analyzer enhance information retention.

The platform also supports math and science and offers Text to Notes functionality.

language translation in caktus ai

Language learners can benefit from Caktus AI’s natural language processing capabilities. It offers Spanish, French, Arabic, English, Japanese, and Italian tutors.

This AI-driven tutor is there to answer your queries, assist with pronunciation, and ensure that the language barrier is not just crossed but demolished.

Job Application

Job seekers can use Caktus AI

Job seekers can use Caktus AI to improve their resumes and cover letters, helping their applications stand out.

The platform offers tools to perfect your resume bullet points and write impressive cover letters.

art caktus ai tools

Caktus AI can analyze movie scenes for art enthusiasts, providing insights into dialogue, cinematography, and narrative structure.

caktus ai tools for fun

Our time with Caktus AI wasn’t all about homework and studying. We found plenty of opportunities to have fun with it.

Caktus AI has tools like a Songwriter, a Question Solver, a Love Letter tool, and a Caption Writer. It can even generate humorous excuses for class absences.

Caktus AI Pricing Plans

The Caktus experience begins with choosing a pricing plan .

While a free plan is unavailable, you can explore the platform’s offerings with a three-day trial period to ensure the tool’s services can provide what you need.

For continued access, you have to choose between two plans:

Caktus AI Pricing

The Base Plan is for those who want writing and learning tools without a hefty price tag.

It costs $14.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

This plan includes a class helper, writing tools, math & science tools, coding tools, citation tools, a conversational tutor, and unlimited AI outputs.

It also provides academic sources, learning tools, and step-by-step solutions. 

It’s a great starting point for anyone who regularly needs help with simple writing and academic tasks.

The Pro Plan offers advanced writing and learning tools.

It costs $19.99 per month or $99.99 per year and includes all Base Plan features, an AI detection tool, priority support, and a special Discord Community Role.

Pro subscribers also get early access to beta tools and updates through the Pro Newsletter. This plan is ideal for those wanting more tools and personalized support.

The Pro Plan unlocks higher service and community engagement by investing a few more dollars each month. You’re not just using a tool but becoming part of a community of like-minded individuals who also want excellence in their writing and learning journeys.

Pros and Cons of Caktus AI

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • A diverse range of tools for different needs
  • High-quality outputs with minimal editing
  • Advanced AI simplifies complex tasks
  • Customizable settings for a tailored experience
  • Features like step-by-step solutions and academic sources
  • Supportive learning environment with unlimited AI outputs
  • There is no free plan, only a three-day trial
  • Sometimes, it lacks human writing nuances
  • May need guidance for creative writing tasks
  • It can be overwhelming, with many features
  • Depends on user input for best results

How to Use Caktus AI (Tutorial)

Now, let’s look at how you can get started with Caktus AI with this short step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Creating an Account

Visit the official Caktus AI Writer website and click the Join Caktus button.

join caktus

Enter your name, email address, and a secure password.

Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy

Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy and click the Continue button to proceed.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Profile

After creating your account, click the profile icon on the upper right side of your screen.

Caktus ai profile icon

Customize your preferences, choose your preferred tools (writing, coding, or misc), and add details like your writing interests, level of assistance needed, and preferred language.

Caktus ai settings

Caktus AI is currently available in English and Japanese. Following the above steps, you can quickly start using Caktus AI for your academic tasks.

But to get a paid plan, continue with the steps below.

Step 3: Payment Details

Click on the Subscribe Today: Get a 3-Day Trial button at the top of your screen.

You’ll be directed to Caktus’ plans.

caktus ai subscription

Input your payment details using Stripe, GPay, or Pay with Link.

Input your payment details

Click Start Trial to begin your three-day trial period.

Click Start Trial

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can explore Caktus AI Writer and enhance your writing journey.

Step 4: Creating Your First Document

Click All Files, then New Document, to start a new project.

Choose from various writing templates like blog posts or technical reports.

Name your file and start writing.

Name your file and start writing

You’ll see a clean dashboard when you log into Caktus AI Writer. The main toolbar at the top has shortcuts to the document editor and template gallery.

Hover over any icon for a tooltip that explains its function.

ai writer document in caktus ai

You’ll find all the tools you need on the right sidebar:

  • The cactus icon (red arrow) is your AI assistant.
  • The quill tip (blue arrow) hosts writing tools.
  • The upload symbol (green arrow) lets you export your work offline.

caktus ai assistant tools

Return to the dashboard and click All Tools at the lower left for more tools. You can search among 65 tools and filter them by category, like Writing .

Return to the dashboard and click All Tools

Getting familiar with these features will help you make the most of Caktus AI for your writing projects.

Step 5: Customize Your Settings

Go to the settings menu to tailor Caktus AI Writer to your preferences.

Set your language preference to adapt the AI’s output to your chosen dialect.

Adjust the Writing Style to set the tone and formality of the AI’s suggestions from casual to professional.

Adjust the Writing Style

Toggle notifications to stay informed about updates or new features.

Integrate Caktus AI with other productivity apps to streamline your workflow.

Customizing these settings ensures that Caktus AI Writer works best for your writing style and needs.

Our Experience with Caktus

Testing out Caktus AI’s essay writer and academic tools was quite a revelation.

We started skeptical but were soon impressed by how well the essay writer organized and fleshed out our ideas.

The academic tools didn’t disappoint either, easily handling complex equations and science questions.

Sure, it’s what you’d expect from an AI, but it was still impressive.

However, the AI did show some limitations, especially when dealing with the subtleties of human writing. But these moments were rare.

After a detailed test run, we found that Caktus AI excelled in grammar correction and data analysis. It struggled with capturing the nuances of creative writing, though.

The coding tools provided helpful suggestions but couldn’t replace an experienced developer’s expertise. Caktus AI is best used as a support tool, providing a solid foundation rather than a complete solution.

Despite these drawbacks, the positives outweigh the negatives. The tool consistently delivered high-quality results with minimal editing needed.

The user interface was straightforward, and the wide range of tools met our needs.

In conclusion, our experience with Caktus AI was primarily positive. The advanced AI capabilities made challenging tasks manageable, and the learning curve was almost nonexistent.

Any initial doubts were quickly resolved, and we found Caktus AI to be a valuable resource for improving productivity and learning.

Getting Customized Assistance

With the Pro plan by Caktus AI, you get personalized assistance to help you make the most of the tool.

Here’s how you can access it:

Click your profile on the upper right of your screen.

caktus ai customized assistance

Select Support from the dropdown menu to open a chat box.

Describe your issue, and the AI will provide customized solutions or suggestions.

Caktus ai support

The Feedback feature within the platform allows you to report issues or suggest improvements directly to the development team.

This two-way communication ensures that Caktus AI continuously evolves to meet user needs and preferences.

Our Final Verdict: Is Caktus AI Worth It?

After diving into Caktus AI, we’ve reached our verdict. It’s a valuable investment considering its user-friendly interface and powerful suite of AI writing tools.

The AI assistant goes beyond writing help, offering study aids for students and language tutoring for learners. It’s a game-changer for writers, students, and programmers, with tools like Python writer and Java aids.

In short, Caktus AI is a powerhouse of innovation, making it a solid choice for anyone looking to boost their writing or learning journey.

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Best AI for Students — Caktus AI: What is it and How to Use it


In the ever-evolving world of education technology, AI tools are making a significant impact, and one such tool garnering attention is Caktus AI . Designed as a versatile platform for students, Caktus AI offers a unique blend of features that aim to enhance the learning experience. With a significant user base and a growing interest in AI for educational purposes, this platform stands out as more than just a study aid. In this article, we’ll explore what Caktus AI is, its key features, how to use it, and some FAQs about it. Whether you’re curious about the latest AI trends or seeking solutions for academic challenges, Caktus AI presents an interesting case. Let’s dive in!

What is Cactus AI?

Caktus AI is an AI-powered learning platform, designed to assist students with their homework and learning. It stands out in the educational tech space by offering a range of tools for writing, math problem-solving, and coding assistance.

With a user base that has grown to over 1.1 million since the beginning of 2023, Caktus AI is rapidly becoming a go-to resource for educational support.

Key features of Cactus AI

Caktus AI offers an array of tools specifically designed to support and enhance the learning process. Here are some of its key features and their benefits:

  • Essay Writer : This tool aids students in crafting essays, improving writing style, and efficiently structuring academic papers. It’s particularly useful for generating high-quality text and organizing thoughts coherently.
  • Citation Generator : Essential for academic writing, this feature helps in finding and automatically citing sources, ensuring proper referencing, and avoiding plagiarism.
  • Email Writer : Useful for composing professional and academic emails, this tool streamlines communication, ensuring clarity and appropriateness in tone and content.
  • Python Writer : This coding assistant is invaluable for students learning Python, helping them generate code snippets and understand programming concepts more effectively. Great tool for starters to get to know Python!
  • Coding Assistants for Various Languages : Apart from Python, Caktus AI provides coding assistance in languages like Java, C#, JavaScript, and Go, supporting students in a wide range of programming courses.
  • Personal Statement Writers : For applications to colleges or jobs, this tool assists in crafting compelling personal statements, highlighting the user’s strengths and experiences in a persuasive manner.

Beyond these features, Caktus also provides users with a story generator, hook generator, sentence expander, LinkedIn summary generator, math word problem solver, etc. Caktus differentiates each of student’s needs and offers specifically designed solutions for each. It is truly a powerful AI tool for students!

How Much Does It Cost to Use Caktus AI?

There are three pricing plans for Caktus AI:

  • Base Plan: $14.99/month — billed monthly
  • Pro Plan: $19.99/month — billed monthly
  • Yearly Plan (Pro): $8.33/month — billed annually

The Pro plan includes all features of the Base Plan, plus exclusive tools of an AI detection tool, priority support, discord community roles, the latest beta tools, and a pro newsletter.

It’s important to note that Caktus AI doesn’t currently offer a free trial. Given that the platform is aimed at students, the pricing might be considered somewhat high. Before subscribing to any of these plans, it’s a good idea to think about how often you’ll use the platform’s features and whether they meet your specific educational needs.

How to Use Caktus AI?

First, visit the Caktus AI website to create an account: https://caktus.ai/plans.

Choose a plan and start your subscription. At this step, you need to type your bank details. Remember, Caktus AI does not offer free trials for now.

essay writing ai cactus

Once logged in, take some time to familiarize yourself with the layout. Caktus AI’s dashboard is intuitive, with clear navigation to different tools. Select the tool you need, such as the Essay Writer or Math Solver. Each tool comes with instructions or prompts to guide you.

Input your requirements. For each tool, you’ll need to input specific details — like the topic for an essay or a math problem you need help with. Caktus AI will provide the output based on your input. Use this as a starting point for your work or as a learning aid.

Is Caktus AI Better than ChatGPT?

Comparing Caktus AI to ChatGPT depends on what you need. Caktus AI is made for education, with tools like essay help, math solutions, and coding aid. It’s really good for students. ChatGPT, though, is more about general conversation and can do lots of different things, not just study help.

Caktus AI has a student-friendly setup, which is great for schoolwork. ChatGPT is super flexible and great for a bunch of topics, but it’s not just for studying.

So, is Caktus AI better? It really depends. If you need study help, Caktus AI is awesome. But if you want a chatbot for all sorts of questions, ChatGPT is your go-to.

Alternative of Caktus AI

In summary, Caktus AI stands out as a specialized tool for students, offering a range of features tailored for education, from essay writing to coding assistance. For students seeking a dedicated academic assistant, it offers substantial value, although considering its cost against personal needs is crucial.

As the world of educational technology evolves, tools like Caktus AI are becoming increasingly important in enhancing the learning experience. If you’re looking for an alternative to Caktus AI, especially to enhance your reading efficiency, Briefy could be a great option!

Briefy is an AI tool that simplifies lengthy texts into concise, structured summaries. It’s user-friendly — you just need to install its extension for Google or Safari. Once installed, navigate to any content page, click on the Briefy extension, and it will quickly generate a summary. This can be incredibly helpful for students or professionals who need to process and understand large volumes of information swiftly and effectively. Give it a try if you’re interested — a free plan is available!

essay writing ai cactus

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Written by Nan Ha.

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Caktus AI Review: Testing All Features

updated on February 13, 2024

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Caktus AI Review

In this Caktus AI review, I’ll explain what it does, who it’s for, and how it compares to other AI assistants.

I’ve used several AI writing assistants, but none could handle my essay-writing tasks while solving logical problems like code. However, I recently tried Caktus AI, which promised to do both.

Keep reading to find out whether it’s the study tool for you.

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is an AI platform that helps with studying and homework. It offers essay writing services, provides personalized feedback, and can tailor the writing style to individual needs.

The platform can also solve math equations, solve coding problems , and explain scientific concepts. 

Additionally, Caktus AI has learning resources like question-and-answer forums, discussion boards, and general education materials to make studying easier.

Caktus AI Review: Features

Caktus AI occupies a unique space in the AI revolution. While there are many LLMs , few are dedicated to education.

Below are some of the most significant features of Caktus AI.

AI Essay Writer

Caktus AI uses artificial intelligence to help you create essays from the ground up, or improve your existing work.

You can use Caktus AI to write 3 types of essays:

  • Easy essay: A creative essay with less emphasis on academic sources.
  • Simple essay: A creative essay with some elements of academia. Includes citations and academic sources.
  • Detailed essay: This allows you to include your research for a detailed and factual academic essay.

Caktus AI claims its “easy essays” are harder for AI detectors to flag as AI content. However, when I tested it, most AI scanners identified the essay as generated by AI.

Nevertheless, Caktus AI is better at generating factual essays than competitors like Conch AI which generates inaccurate information sometimes.

Solving Math and Science Problems

If you have a math problem, you can type it into Chatgpt and get an answer with a simple explanation. However, Caktus AI gives you a solution while explaining the concept in more detail .

Thanks to its wide variety of academic resources, you can even opt to read more about the mathematical concept or talk about it in a discussion group.

Similarly, Caktus AI can g enerate answers for complex science and technology questions and explain them in detail.

Compared to platforms like Khan Academy and Udemy, Caktus AI is more helpful in how it answers questions. It’s more of a study companion than a tool that gives you answers for your homework.

Language Tutor

If you’re trying to learn a new language at any level, you can also use Caktus AI. The platform transforms into your personalized language coach. 

Practice pronunciation , delve into the intricacies of grammar , and gain cultural insights into idioms and customs of languages like Spanish, Arabic, and French. 

However, Caktus AI leans more into the academic method of studying new languages than the casual method used by alternatives like Duolingo. 

For instance, Duolingo has a mobile app you can schedule and access several times daily to practice pronunciation.

AI Detector and Humanizer

Caktus AI also has an AI detector you can use to check if AI generated an essay. From my tests, it was quite accurate, even to the point of flagging down its own work.

However, its Humanizer feature is not effective for some of the popular AI detectors like Originality AI.

AI Assistant

Finally, Caktus AI has an AI chatbot where you can ask for help on any topic. It can help you understand any concept in English and STEM  while giving you access to various study materials.

How to Use Caktus AI

While Caktus AI has dozens of uses, most students use it to generate essays and solve math problems. Below are the steps to generating an easy essay on the platform.

  • Open Caktus AI’s website and click on Join Caktus.

Open Caktus AI’s website and click on Join Caktus.

  • Create an account with your name , email , and password . You can also use your Google or Discord account to sign in.

Create a Caktus AI account with your name, email, and password.

  • Once you’re signed in, click on Essay Writer .

Essay writer on Caktus AI

  • Click on Easy Essay .

Click on Easy Essay Caktus AI

  • Write a prompt explaining what you want your essay to be about. Give as much detail as possible for best results. You can click on the Make it Long toggle if you want it to be long.

Write a prompt explaining what you want your essay to be about

  • Click on Generate . Caktus AI will generate an Essay based on your prompt.

Click on Generate Caktus AI

Caktus AI Pricing

To end this Caktus AI review, we must talk about its price. The platform has two main plans:

  • The base plan for $14.99 monthly : Gives you access to all learning, writing, and coding tools.
  • The pro plan for $19.99 monthly : All base features plus priority support, AI detection, and humanizer tools.

Additionally, Caktus offers a 3-day pro plan trial for $1.

Get Caktus AI

Caktus AI Review Verdict

Caktus AI is a one-of-a-kind studying assistant that uses AI to help students improve their grades. While there are many AI tools you can use to learn almost anything, its focus on academic material makes it ideal for students.

However, it’s expensive for an AI tool that’s limited to academic purposes. Therefore, I recommend trying the $1 3-day trial before deciding whether it’s worth the money. I hope this Caktus AI review is of help to you and now you can make an informed decision.

Sydney Wess

Software Expert

Sydney Wess is a skilled technical writer at MSPowerUser. She evaluates and critiques an extensive range of software in tech field.

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Morning Dough

  Caktus AI is an AI-powered learning platform designed to assist both students and educators. It offers a variety of tools, including an essay writer, personal statement writer, and coding assistants. The platform is dedicated to transforming education through AI, providing a range of AI-based tools and applications for educators, such as chatbots and software that can grade essays and provide feedback.

Caktus AI Facts

Starting Price : $14.99 Pricing Model : Per Month Free Trial : No Free Plan : Not Available

Caktus Review [Key Features & Pricing]

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is a comprehensive AI writing tool designed specifically for students. It offers a range of features including code writing, essay writing, paragraph writing, and even math problem-solving. The platform is dedicated to transforming education through AI, providing a range of AI-based tools and applications for educators, such as chatbots and software that can grade essays and provide feedback. Caktus AI is also capable of translating text from one language to the other with a click of a button.

How Does Caktus AI Work?

Caktus AI works similarly to other AI generators. Users input a text prompt into the desired service and the AI generates content. The product is separated into different sections, helping users navigate the prompts they would input into the AI generator to get the content they need. Caktus AI provides several different topics within each section so users can zero in on their desired function, including writing, coding, career, studying, STEM, fun, arts, and science.

Caktus AI Features

Essay Writing Assistance

Caktus AI offers an essay writing tool that helps students structure their essays, providing suggestions for improvement and ensuring grammatical correctness.

Coding Assistance

The platform provides a coding assistant that can help students write and debug code, making it a valuable tool for computer science students.

Language Translation

Caktus AI includes a language translation feature, allowing users to translate text from one language to another with ease.

Math Problem Solving

The AI can assist with solving math problems, providing step-by-step solutions and explanations to help students understand the process.

Personal Statement Writing

Caktus AI offers a personal statement writing tool, guiding students in crafting compelling personal statements for college applications.

Educational Chatbots

The platform includes educational chatbots that can answer questions and provide explanations on various topics, enhancing the learning experience.

Caktus AI Pros and Cons

Let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of using Caktus AI as a learning and writing tool.

Caktus AI Pros


Caktus AI offers a wide range of tools, from essay writing to coding assistance, making it a versatile tool for students of different disciplines.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and find the tools they need.

Educational Enhancement

The AI’s ability to provide explanations and solutions enhances the learning experience, making it a valuable educational tool.

Caktus AI Cons

No Free Plan

Caktus AI does not offer a free plan, which may limit its accessibility for some users.

Limited Language Support

While the platform offers language translation, it may not support all languages, limiting its usefulness for some users.

No Free Trial

The absence of a free trial means users cannot test the platform before committing to a subscription.

Caktus AI Pricing Plan

Caktus AI offers 3 pricing plans:

Base Plan : This plan costs $14.99 per month. It includes access to all the basic features of Caktus AI, making it a good choice for individuals who need assistance with their writing tasks on a regular basis.

Pro Plan (Monthly) : Priced at $19.99 per month, this plan offers additional features and benefits over the Base Plan, providing more comprehensive assistance for more complex writing tasks.

Pro Plan (Yearly) : This plan costs $8.33 per month, billed annually at $99.99. It offers the same features as the Pro Plan (Monthly), but at a discounted rate for users who commit to a full year’s subscription.

Caktus AI accepts credit cards, PayPal, and bank wire transfers for payment.

Who Should Use Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is an ideal tool for students, educators, and professionals who frequently engage in writing tasks. Its wide range of features, from essay writing to coding assistance, makes it a versatile tool for individuals across various disciplines. Whether you’re a student working on an assignment, a teacher preparing lesson materials, or a professional drafting a report, Caktus AI can help streamline your writing process and enhance the quality of your work.

Caktus AI FAQs

What devices and platforms are compatible with caktus ai.

Caktus AI is a web-based platform, which means it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is compatible with all major web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Is Caktus AI suitable for non-native English speakers?

Yes, Caktus AI is suitable for non-native English speakers. The platform offers language translation features, which can help users translate text from one language to another. Additionally, the AI-powered writing assistance can help improve grammar and sentence structure, making it a valuable tool for non-native speakers looking to improve their English writing skills.

Can Caktus AI help with coding assignments?

Yes, Caktus AI offers coding assistance, which can help students write and debug code. This feature is particularly useful for computer science students or professionals working on coding projects, as it can provide guidance and suggestions for improvement.

How secure is my data on Caktus AI?

Caktus AI takes data security seriously and employs industry-standard encryption methods to protect user data. However, it is always a good practice to review the platform’s privacy policy and terms of service to understand how your data is being used and stored.

Can I use Caktus AI for professional writing tasks?

Yes, Caktus AI can be used for professional writing tasks, such as drafting reports, creating presentations, or writing articles. The platform offers a range of tools and features that can help streamline the writing process and improve the quality of your work.

Does Caktus AI offer customer support?

Caktus AI provides customer support through their website. Users can access a help center with articles and resources, as well as submit support requests via email or a contact form.

Can Caktus AI help with math problems?

Yes, Caktus AI offers math problem-solving assistance. The AI can provide step-by-step solutions and explanations, helping students understand the process and improve their math skills.

Caktus AI Review: based on real mystery shopping

Johannes Helmold

Quick Overview

Caktus AI is certainly a formidable contender among other AI essay-writing services as it offers a blend of user-friendly design and sophisticated writing aids. With its commendable A*Help score of 83.5/100 and a high paper quality rating, Caktus.ai stands out for its ability to generate essays that not only adhere to formatting standards but also exhibit a strong logical structure. While the platform mandates registration and lacks some support features, its overall value is enhanced by helpful citation tools and unlimited word count, positioning it as a top choice for students and professionals alike.

  • Affordable unlimited subscription plan
  • Plenty of additional features
  • High essay quality
  • Can’t be used without registration
  • Limited free plan

An infographic with a short Caktus AI review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 83.5/100

Service logo

In November 2022, OpenAI released its already legendary language model GPT-3.5 which has since undergone an update to a newer version called GPT-4. It made waves with its impressive generative AI technology. Its ability to produce coherent arguments and paragraphs made it a game-changer in various fields, including academic writing. The extensive scope of potential applications in this domain unlocked opportunities for implementing this groundbreaking technology in practice. 

As a result, numerous AI-powered essay-writing services have emerged, including allegedly the industry leader, Caktus, an AI-based writing tool that uses machine learning algorithms to generate content for various types of writing, including essays, articles, and blog posts. This article reviews Caktus and explores its potential to generate quality student essays. See  How We Test AI Essay Writers  for more details about our testing approach.

Caktus Review: Mystery Shopping Experience

Caktus promotes the idea of working smarter, not harder, by employing the power of artificial intelligence to enhance our thinking processes. However, it is first essential to determine our expectations from an AI-generation tool benefiting from the miracles of its technological advancements. The question arises, how do we evaluate the effectiveness of an AI-powered system? What criteria should we use to assess its efficiency in generating grammatically correct, coherent, and plagiarism-free essays? 

Keeping this objective in mind, our team initiates a mystery shopping project to evaluate AI text generators and gain insights into their functionality. We task each platform to generate a 550-word MLA-formatted personal narrative essay that conveys the feeling of gratitude. Then we evaluate each service for ease and speed of operation, affordability, and variety of services it provides. 

Additionally, we examine the quality of the generated text in its unedited form and submit it for a thorough evaluation by Professor Sybil Low , who grades it according to current American college standards.

Professor Low only shrugs her shoulders when we ask her about what she expects from an AI-writing platform:

essay writing ai cactus

It’s something new every time. In my experience, AI-generated essays have shown varying quality. While the technology has the potential to produce coherent arguments and impressive language, there are often inaccuracies, logical fallacies, and limited depth of analysis. Additionally, the output of AI-generated essays tends to be formulaic and lacks the originality and creativity that human writing can offer. Many experts, Marcel Scharth from the University of Sydney, for example, doubt that AI tech will replace professional writers soon. It is important to approach these tools cautiously and use them only as aids in the writing process, rather than complete replacements for human-generated content.

essay writing ai cactus

Based on her detailed evaluation and our criteria of value for money, overall experience, and essay quality, we assign an A*Help score to each company.

Our essay created with Caktus.ai

Paper Quality — 43.5/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The most intriguing part of our experience is assessing the quality of work. Even though AI-powered writing services are widely recognized, they are still mysterious contenders in the academic writing industry, and engaging with them is much like going on a blind date. Will the content be surprisingly good, with ideas brighter than your own, or will it fall flat, leaving you disappointed and regretful? Despite the ambiguity, the possibility of both contentment and frustration makes it an exciting experience.

The tool generates different parts of the essay simultaneously and arranges them into paragraphs according to the coherence and logical progression of the narrative. Manual editing can be done within the platform’s integrated word-processing tool. As for the formatting options, Caktus offers only the AP Format, so if any other style is required, a user will have to do it on their own. 

The prepared document was sent to Professor Low for her professional grading. The result of 90.2/100 was strikingly good. There was no criticism of the paper’s formatting, which deserves attention. However, the length of the paper was slightly inadequate, indicating that a bit more content could have been added to enhance the storytelling. The mechanics, particularly spelling and punctuation, received outstanding scores of 100%, but some areas could have benefited from wider word choice (89%). Regarding reasoning and logic, the essay received a decent score of 82%. 

Find a more in-depth description of the paper’s score below:

SCORE: 90.2 Document formatting is great! |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (97%)—try to write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 97% (spelling 100%, grammar 97%, punctuation 100%, word choice 89%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 82% (efficiency 51%, acuity 100%, clarity 100%, objectivity 79%).

Professor Low is always generous for her detailed expert feedback:

The essay does an excellent job of reflecting on the people who have helped the author along their journey and acknowledging the role that difficult times have played in shaping their perspective.

There are a few areas for improvement I’d like to point out. While AI writing software touches on the importance of gratitude, the essay would benefit from a more explicit thesis statement that clearly outlines the main argument. Additionally, a more robust introduction that captures the reader’s attention and provides more context for the personal narrative that follows would only make a reader more involved. I’d also enjoy having some specific examples to illustrate the author’s points. For instance, the importance of the “little things in life” is mentioned, but nothing is provided about what those might be. Adding more details and examples would help to make the essay more engaging and relatable for the reader.

In summary, the paper has its strengths and is generally well-written in terms of language and style, but it lacks consistency and proper character development.

Paper score: 90.2/100

Value for Money — 18/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

In 2023, few can be impressed with mere text generation. It has quickly become a routine task for many, and new advances emerge to simplify our lives even more. Citation makers, paraphrasing tools, and text summarizers are just a few examples of the perks we can now enjoy besides generating raw text. AI essay writing platforms that adopt the latest tech trends, supplement their leading offers with additional services, and offer flexible pricing will stand out among all others because this significantly increases their value-for-money ratio. Let’s take a look at whether Caktus can impress us with its value proposition.

Caktus’ business model is clear. It’s not a free ai essay writer but it offers a trial period before trying its paid options. First, to get access to the trial mode, a user must actually subscribe to one of the two available plans: Base ($14.99) or Pro ($19.99). Then, the trial itself is limited to 5000 characters of generated content. 

A screenshot of dashboard at caktus.ai

Customers have an abundance of extra services to choose from when using Caktus. You can opt to have a brand new essay written from scratch or have your existing piece enhanced with the Content Improver tool. In addition, Caktus offers to help you expand your idea with the Sentence Expander or extract the main points from a written article. The AP Style Formatting tool automatically converts your input, and Grammar Fixer polishes your language. Moreover, Caktus provides a range of business options, such as a personal LinkedIn bio enhancer, email responder, and cover letter writer.

Its wide choice of writing tools and affordable monthly plan should impress users and make Caktus a go-to for those seeking assistance with their essay-writing needs.

Service logo

Overall Experience — 22/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For people who lead a busy lifestyle, the luxury of spare time is rarely available, so they turn to online services with various needs that offer a quick and more convenient customer journey. It’s easy to imagine that this group of individuals will also be among the first users of AI essay-writing tools, and they will expect nothing less than a fast and effortless experience, similar to what they have grown accustomed to with other technologies.

A screenshot of creating essay at Caktus.ai

Caktus should not become a disappointment for people with high demands for usability performance. With third-party account being also available, registering is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve signed up, a light and airy interface catches your eye and further enhances your impression. Resembling a tablet menu, layout with icons and short descriptions of all features leaves no room for user confusion. This may be the reason why Caktus doesn’t offer any support options. However, we still believe customers would appreciate having some.  

Text generation itself couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is type in your statement, topic, or prompt, and lines of sentences start emerging in front of your eyes. Our 519-word essay was ready in a minute. Next, the system allows you to export the result in an editable document within the Caktus interface, where you can add or remove specific paragraphs if necessary.  

Caktus is committed to offering its users an effortless and user-friendly experience . With its appealing interface and powerful text generation capabilities, Caktus has already become a great AI essay-writing tool and possesses the potential to continue improvement. 

Caktus AI is impressive. It’s perfect for students with its multiple essay writing tools and services related to writing and editing . The quality of work is quite high, even with minor manual editing, which proves this service is deservedly listed among the best AI-powered essay generators. One might even think, there is no Caktus AI alternative like the platform itself.

Caktus Reviews

All services listed on our website, including Caktus went through a well-planned multilayered inspection. We collect assorted types of data through mystery shopping, analyze it, and represent it as an A*Help score. Additionally, we carefully review independent users’ feedback on Reddit, Sitejabber, Reviews.io, and Trustpilot to ensure the highest credibility.

Is Caktus a Scam?

The service proved its functionality by following our instructions and completing the required task. Caktus also demonstrated high reliability and efficiency throughout our experience of interaction with the platform. Therefore, we can affirm the platform’s proficiency in generating written content and refute any claims that it is a fraudulent service.

Is Caktus Legit?

Based on our comprehensive evaluation of Caktus, we can conclude that it is a legitimate platform for generating written content. The platform has also received positive reviews from numerous satisfied customers, further attesting to its legitimacy and reliability.

Is Caktus Safe?

Although Caktus exploits an artificial intelligence language model, it operates like a standard online service, adhering to typical terms and conditions, privacy, and other established policies. As such, it is an entirely secure company in the online realm.

Is Caktus Trustworthy?

This platform has a positive reputation among customers who have used its services, and our review also serves as first-hand evidence of the platform’s dependability. Caktus is an absolutely trustworthy service.

Is Caktus a Good Service?

We’ve examined all the important characteristics of Caktus as an AI essay-writing tool. According to our evaluation, the platform received 83.5/100 pts of A*Help score. It also leads our TOP-10 list of best AI text generators. All this indicates that Caktus is a good service for producing artificially generated content.

Is Caktus Free?

No, Cactus is not a free service. Two subscription plans are offered: Base ($14.99) and Pro ($19.99). There is also a free trial period allowing users to test the platform before making a commitment.

Can Caktus write my College Paper?

Caktus is a good tool to help improve your academic writing by supplementing ideas, providing vocabulary variety, and choosing an appropriate tone. While there may be an impression that it’s capable of writing college papers from scratch, it’s important to remember that submitting the generated texts as original work is considered academic misconduct. Users should take the generated content only as a starting point or reference to create unique writing pieces.

Does Caktus have Anti-Plagiarism Features?

As of writing, the platform does not offer any plagiarism detection plugin, software, or any other mechanism. However, there are many third-party alternatives that you can explore if necessary.

Comments (22)

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We value the diverse opinions of users, so you may find points of view that you don’t agree with. And that’s cool. However, there are certain things we’re not OK with: attempts to manipulate our data in any way, for example, or the posting of discriminative, offensive, hateful, or disparaging material.

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I was looking for deals on AI essay writers and stumbled upon Caktus. The monthly plan seems affordable, but I wish they had a better free trial.

This guide is a lifesaver, nice to see what the service is about. I was so lost with all the AI tools out there. thanks, Ahelp!

The short video tutorial on their site was super helpful! Made the whole process easier.

I’m a non-native English speaker, and I find tools like this super helpful. But why only AP Format? I needed MLA for my college essay.

I’m all for AI, but Professor Low’s feedback is spot on. These tools can’t replace the creativity and depth of human writing. Still, Caktus seems like a good aid every now and then

I’m just here for the memes. But seriously, Caktus sounds cool. Might use it for my next assignment given Im not the most gifted writer out there. Not even in my class lol. 🌵

I’ve been using ChatGPT for a while now, and I was curious about Caktus. The article is a great guide, but I’m still on the fence. Anyone tried both?

I tried to find a tool that could help with my essays, and Caktus seems to be the one. The Sentence Expander is fantastic

As a freelance writer, I was skeptical about these generators. But after reading this, I might give Caktus a shot for some quick drafts just to get an impression of what they’re capable of

I used Caktus to generate an essay on the history of gaming. It was surprisingly detailed and accurate.

yeah, me too. I was looking for gaming essay samples, and Caktus generated one that was spot on! Now I have a template to work with.

I watched a video tutorial on how to use Caktus, and it made the whole process a breeze. Highly recommend for newbies I watched a video tutorial on how to use Caktus, and it made the whole process a breeze. Highly recommend for newbies

I used Caktus for a personal narrative, and it was decent. But I agree with Professor Low; it lacked some depth. Still, for a quick draft, it’s not bad. It’s great that there is plenty of similar generators that can do way more than plain chatgpt.

The way Caktus can generate content on the fly is mind-blowing. AI is the future

I’m on Windows, and Caktus worked smoothly for me. No glitches or anything. 👍

I’m impressed with the range of tools Caktus offers. From email responder to cover letter writer? That’s some versatility

I’m curious about the other AI text generators they tested. Caktus sounds great, but I’d love to see a comparison.

Look at academichelp.net. They already have a few comparisons of various generators. Quite neat by the way.

I tried using Caktus for a gaming essay I had to write for my English class. The results were pretty dope! It’s like having a ChatGPT buddy helping you out with assignments.

Did anyone else notice the slight shade Professor Low threw at AI tech? 😂 ‘It’s something new every time.’ Classic!

LOL! I caught that too. But hey, she’s not wrong. AI essays can be a hit or miss.

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essay writing ai cactus

Added: Jun 13, 2023

Caktus AI is an AI-powered software tool that helps you write, solve, and code faster, with personalized feedback and tutorials.

essay writing ai cactus

What does Caktus AI do?

essay writing ai cactus

Written By: Nile Frater

essay writing ai cactus

Fact-Checked By: Jack Woodwalker

Caktus AI, or Cactus AI as it’s better known by, is a platform designed to help students learn and better understand their classroom material. The platform contains an AI-powered essay writer which lets you easily find citations and improve your writing and I was particularly impressed with the question-solving tool which lets you walk through difficult math equations, tricky sentence structures, or mind-bending physics questions.

If you’re studying computer science or IT like I did, you’ll be glad to know Caktus also has a module for helping you understand tricky coding problems. The platform supports over 10 languages, including Java, Javascript and Python and just like the math question solver, Caktus AI can walk you through what each line of code means and even convert code from one language into another for you.

  • Lots of features for multiple subjects
  • Very human-sounding essay generation
  • Math solver is incredibly useful
  • Hard to find any contact for support
  • Not as fast as competitors such as Jasper


Main dashboard of classes, documents and tools

Our Verdict on Caktus AI

If at any point in your academic career you think life is hard, spare a moment for my school experience 10 years ago when math teachers still thought having a calculator in your pocket at all times was a crazy idea.

Caktus AI is a revolution in learning and stands out against the crowd with it’s suite of learning tools and holds its own against competitors with a convincing, human-sounding essay writing tool. It’s not always fast enough to produce useful output during a lecture, but if you’re willing to put in the effort after class, Caktus AI is the closest thing to a perfect AI learning platform you’re ever going to find.

Compared Alternatives

  • JasperAI - Choose this if you want a more general-purpose writing tool
  • BookCoach - Pair this with Caktus AI to easily summarise classroom materials and ask questions of any books you’ve been assigned
  • AI essay writing platform with a full essay generator and support for finding citations, improving your writing
  • Maths Equation solver with AI walk-throughs
  • Code explainer, with support for over 10 languages include Python, Java, C++ and Javascript
  • Paragraph generator, especially useful if you don’t want Caktus AI to write your entire essay, but you still want some help from the AI writing assistant
  • Writing human-sounding essays, complete with full citations and sources
  • Understanding difficult work from maths, physics or data classes
  • Understanding and completing coding assignments
  • General AI-assisted learning in any classroom

Insider Tips

  • Caktus comes with a trial period of 5,000 characters for free. This is more than enough to test out the platform and make sure it’s worth paying for
  • Some teachers might frown on using Caktus AI in the classroom, but remember the AI platform can help you take better lecture notes in class, it can help you ask better questions or formulate better ideas and it can free you up to spend more time listening to your professor and less time staring at a screen. Teachers take note!
  • Caktus AI produces essays which sound more convincing and human-like than ChatGPT does, so it’s worth the extra cost
  • One of my biggest frustrations with coding problems is finding the missing semi-colon or other syntax problems professors sneak in there to make sure you’re paying attention. Even if you don’t use Caktus AI’s coding features, you should consider running your final code through the platform just to make sure you haven’t missed any syntax errors.

Caktus AI Pricing

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023

No Free Tier

0% off with Annual plan

Classes Helper

Writing tools

58% off with Annual

AI Detection Tool

Newest Beta Tools

Caktus AI Q&A

Get the inside scoop,.

From people using the tools everyday. Join the conversation.

Caktus AI Alternatives

These tools share features.

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of Caktus AI

ChatDOC is an AI-based assistant that quickly extracts, locates, and summarizes information from documents, with page references for accuracy checks.

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of Hotpot

AI art generator & enhancer, which creates unique art, adds colour and enhances images easily.

More tools in Education

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of OpExams

OpExams is an easy-to-use platform that helps teachers to create and grade exams, generate quizzes, and share resources with students quickly and easily.

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of SciSummary

SCISummary is an AI-driven tool to quickly summarize and understand scientific articles and research papers, helping researchers, students, and businesses make informed decisions quickly.

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of Homeworkify


If you’re a student and struggle with completing your assignments, then Homeworkify is for you.

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of AIApply

A platform providing job seekers unique tools for effective job hunting

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of FreeEssayWriterAI


Delve into a platform crafting unique, plagiarism-free essays using advanced technology.

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of LUCA

Revolutionary reading platform tackles dyslexia. Personalized, effective, life-changing.

Featured Tools

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of Konvart

Discover a tool that simplifies SEO, automates content generation, and enhances web traffic.

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of SnapHeadshots


Explore professional lifelike headshots in 45 minutes. Realistic, affordable, and high-quality.

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of BoodleBox

A platform build for team collaboration and efficiency with task automation and data security.

About this tool

Reviewed by.

Nile Frater is an entrepreneur and seasoned tool reviewer based in Scotland.

Jack Woodwalker is a tech reviewer, former engineer and the CEO of AllThingsAI.

How We Test

  • We verified that CaktusAI and its team are legit
  • We signed up to CaktusAI
  • We tested the tool out with some essay-writing and verified the pricing
  • We tested some of CaktusAI’s competitors like  Smodin  and  WriteSonic
  • We reviewed each tool on the basis of its Simplicity, Authenticity, Affordability and Competency

About AllThingsAI

AllThingsAI finds the best AI tools on the Internet and tests them out. Our goal is to make it easy to find the best AI you need, without spending hours of your day trying new tools. Our writing team comes from a variety of backgrounds in media and tech, but we use AI tools every day from web design, to writing, video editing, team collaboration and content production.

essay writing ai cactus

The place to find and learn about AI

Exploring the Future of Academia: Essay Writing with AI

In today's digital era, where technology is evolving at a rapid pace, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key player in various fields. One such area where AI is making a significant impact is essay writing. AI-powered essay writing tools are transforming the way we approach writing, offering new opportunities and efficiencies.

Understanding AI Essay Writing Tools

AI essay writing tools are applications that leverage the power of AI to assist with the process of writing essays. These tools use algorithms based on natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and sometimes deep learning, to understand, generate, and improve written text.

AI essay writing tools can serve a variety of functions, from generating ideas and providing suggestions, to editing and proofreading content. Some tools can even generate entire essays based on a given topic or prompt.

Breaking Down How AI Essay Writing Tools Work

AI essay writing tools work by analyzing and learning from large amounts of text data. This allows them to understand language patterns, grammar rules, and writing styles. They can then apply this knowledge to assist with or automate aspects of the writing process.

For instance, when given a topic or prompt, an AI tool might generate an essay by pulling together relevant information from its training data, structuring it in a coherent manner, and generating human-like text. Some tools can also offer suggestions for improving grammar, style, and clarity based on what they've learned.

Exploring Some Popular AI Essay Writing Tools

Several AI essay writing tools are currently available, each with its own strengths and use cases.

  • Grammarly : Known for its AI-powered grammar checking and writing suggestions, Grammarly can also help with aspects of essay writing such as clarity, engagement, and tone of voice.
  • QuillBot : This AI tool can paraphrase and restructure sentences while maintaining the original meaning, aiding in the revision process of essay writing.
  • OpenAI's GPT-3 : As a powerful language prediction model, GPT-3 can generate coherent and contextually relevant paragraphs of text, helping with content generation for essays.

Implications and Benefits of AI Essay Writing Tools

AI essay writing tools come with a host of benefits. They can significantly speed up the writing process by automating tasks such as editing and proofreading. They can also help overcome writer's block by generating ideas or providing suggestions.

These tools can be particularly useful for non-native English speakers, helping them improve their language skills and produce higher-quality writing. Additionally, AI tools offer accessibility benefits, enabling those with physical disabilities to write essays more easily.

Addressing the Criticisms and Controversies Around AI Essay Writing

Despite the benefits, AI essay writing tools also face criticism. Some argue that they could diminish human creativity or lead to a reliance on technology at the expense of developing strong writing skills. There's also the risk of plagiarism if the AI tool draws too closely from its training data when generating content.

However, when used responsibly as a tool to assist rather than replace human writing, AI can offer significant advantages.

Looking at the Future of AI in Essay Writing

As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect to see more sophisticated essay writing tools. These could include AI systems that can understand and mimic individual writing styles, tools that offer more nuanced feedback on writing quality, or even tools that can generate essays in different formats or for different audiences.

In conclusion, AI is transforming the landscape of essay writing. While it comes with challenges and ethical considerations, the potential benefits are substantial. From speeding up the writing process to improving the quality of writing, AI tools are becoming an invaluable aid in the journey of putting pen to paper... or perhaps, fingers to keyboard in the digital age.

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Over the past few years, the world has witnessed a dramatic transformation in the way we work. The once conventional 9-to-5 office routine has evolved into a flexible, location-independent paradigm, largely facilitated by technology. While this shift has been on the horizon for some time, recent global events have expedited its adoption. At the forefront of this revolution is AI software, seamlessly bridging the gap between dispersed teams and ensuring that productivity never wanes. But is this the new normal? Let's delve deeper.

Social media, once a niche platform for tech enthusiasts, has transformed into a global phenomenon that dictates everything from our daily routines to our major life decisions. It's where we connect, share, learn, and even shop. And as these platforms evolve, a powerful force operates silently in the backdrop, shaping our online experiences – AI software. Let’s take an expansive look at the intricate dance between social media and AI, venturing far beyond the realms of mere likes and shares.

In the intricate maze of numbers that is the finance industry, precision, speed, and strategy are paramount. As global economies become more intertwined and financial transactions grow in complexity, the industry is under increasing pressure to innovate. Enter AI software, with its vast capabilities and transformative potential. But like any seismic shift, the integration of AI in finance comes with its own set of risks and rewards. Let's dive deep into this captivating fusion of finance and technology.

essay writing ai cactus

Copyright © Startup - Images used for demonstration purpose only ( Licenses )

Template design by  Studio Corvus  -  View all templates


What is Caktus AI and How to Use it

Caktus AI, founded by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang, is a revolutionary generative AI platform tailored for students and professionals’ writing needs, offering a unique alternative to other platforms like ChatGPT.

With over a million active users, it’s gaining immense popularity due to its performance in generating various student-based texts and synchronization with individual needs.

From helping in essay writing and foreign language homework to producing course plans and love letters, Caktus AI also provides solutions for educators, alleviating the burden of grading and feedback.


Its natural and sophisticated approach positions it as a preferred choice for educational and social writing requirements.

Let’s deep dive into this fantastic AI tool.

What is Caktus Ai?

Caktus AI is an AI-powered writing assistant designed for students and professionals.

Created by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang, it can craft essays, solve math problems, write code and more, making it a versatile tool for academic and professional use.


Caktus AI offers unique features like interactive chatbots, language tutors in several languages and the ability to evade AI plagiarism detection, differentiating it from competitors.

Users also benefit from free credits after joining and unlimited use with an affordable plan.

Marketed as an “academic curated search engine,” Caktus AI covers a broad array of topics including STEM and has even been compared to ChatGPT in its functionality.

It helps to enhance classroom programs and provide a comprehensive platform for learning and content creation.

The below table gives a brief overview about this tool.

Related: What is Smodin.io and How it Works

How to Use Caktus AI?

Caktus AI writer is a content generation tool similar to AI generators like ChatGPT and Jasper AI.

To use it, one must first visit Caktus AI’s official website or download the app and create an account, providing accurate information for smooth usage.

The tool is not available for free; users must choose between a yearly subscription at $99.99 or a monthly plan at $14.99.

After payment, users can select from various features such as AI paragraph generation, essay writing, coding tools and more.

Giving a text prompt will then generate the content. Unlike some services, Caktus AI requires manual creation of a username and password, without options for Google, Apple, or Microsoft logins.

With the free trial apparently over, payment for Premium service is required for access and there’s no simple way to regain free prompts once exhausted.

Users should review Caktus AI’s terms and conditions before signing up to fully understand the subscription model and usage guidelines.

Key Features of Caktus AI

Caktus AI is a comprehensive tool that offers a wide array of features designed to assist students in various educational tasks. Here are the key features, broken down into a numbered list:

  • Free Trial: Allows users to try the tool with 5,000 characters without any cost.
  • Essay Writing Tool: Generates high-quality essays based on user input. Suggests better words, phrases, and sentence structures. Provides a Citation Selector to add references. Requires fact-checking to ensure accuracy.
  • AI Paragraph Generator: Generates unique paragraphs based on short prompts. Useful for various types of content.
  • Coding Tools: Assists in writing code for several languages including Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, and more. Explains how the generated code works.
  • Language Tutors: Offers interactive and engaging tutors for learning different languages including Russian, Japanese, French, and Arabic.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface where users simply tell it what they want to write.
  • Semi-Automatic Assistance: Requires some intervention to complete most tasks.
  • History Saving: Allows users to come back to their exercises to make edits or ask for new output.
  • Math & Science Tools: Assists in solving math and science problems, including Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, and more.
  • Job Application Assistance: Provides AI assistance with cover letters and resumes.

Caktus AI use cases

Caktus AI is a comprehensive educational tool designed to assist students in a variety of ways.

It is useful for solving homework questions, writing essays, and even creating resumes to help students secure jobs.

Caktus allows students to learn various subjects through its step-by-step process. But its applications extend further: Caktus offers specific assistance to students with learning difficulties like dyslexia and dysgraphia, providing support in writing, coding, equation solving, and reading with its Text Summarizer tool.

For graduating students, the AI’s text generation capabilities can write professional cover letters and resumes, making the job application process quicker and potentially more successful.

Overall, Caktus doesn’t merely automate tasks but also facilitates learning and addresses unique educational challenges.

In a nutshell, below are the use cases:

  • Solving homework questions and writing essays.
  • Creating resumes for job applications.
  • Assisting in learning various subjects.
  • Support for students with learning difficulties, including dyslexia and dysgraphia.
  • AI-generated cover letters and resumes for graduating students.

Ways to Make the Most Out of Caktus AI Writer for Education

Ask clear and specific questions.

Start with precise inquiries on particular topics to enable the AI to generate more accurate and relevant answers.

Provide Relevant Context

Include information about your expertise or subject of study to receive more personalized and targeted responses.

Be Open-Minded

Recognize that Caktus AI is not a human tutor, so responses may vary. Keeping an open mind will allow you to benefit from its insights.

Follow Up with Additional Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions or request further information to deepen your understanding and explore topics.

Use Caktus AI as a Supplement

While powerful, Caktus AI is not a replacement for textbooks or human tutors. Use it to reinforce concepts and fill in gaps in your knowledge.

Caktus.ai Pricing Plans

Caktus AI offers two paid subscription plans: the Monthly Premium Plan at $14.99 and the Yearly Premium Plan at $99.99.

Both plans provide unlimited credits, advanced AI for writing sophisticated texts and codes, 20+ templates for studies, flashcards and a guarantee for unique products.

The yearly plan is a more cost-effective option at the equivalent of $8.33 per month.

Monthly Premium Plan

  • Unlimited credits
  • Advanced AI for writing
  • 20+ templates for studies
  • Guarantee for unique products
  • 10,000 credits on referral

Yearly Premium Plan

Equivalent to $8.33 per month

Upon registration, users receive 20,000 free credits.

Note: There’s no option to try the service without registration or to access a free trial.

These plans are designed to accommodate various user needs, ranging from short-term to long-term engagement with the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions about Caktus Ai

A: Caktus uses a large language model and the CORE database to provide educational results, acting as an affordable academic resource outside of the classroom.

A: Yes, it is embraced by many professors and can help in taking notes and generating ideas.

A: It costs $14.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly, with an automatic renewal subscription service. Free users can generate up to 5,000 characters of text.

A: Caktus focuses on academic sources, personalizes to a user’s writing style, and provides educational tools, while ChatGPT provides more generic responses.

A: Although it helps in generating texts, it may be considered cheating. Professors might detect the AI style, leading to trouble. Users should utilize the tool at their own risk.

A: Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang cofounded the company in 2022.

A: Yes, it generates essays on various subjects with an inbuilt editor for customization.

A: It usually provides accurate and plagiarism-free content but may hallucinate sometimes. Verification before submission is advised.

A: It was created by co-founders Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang in 2022 and has become a popular learning platform.

A: No, Caktus AI is designed for students and focuses on academic data, while ChatGPT provides more general answers.

A: Human-like outputs, various features, and services, including a code generator feature.

A: Slower compared to other AI writing tools, and a lack of support or contact information within the tool.

A: It is ideal for students of all levels, offering affordable solutions for essays, equations, and code-writing tasks, making it a strong alternative to other AI writing tools.

I hope this comprehensive article on Caktus AI was useful for you.

  • How to Install ChatGPT Plugins and how to use them?
  • Fix: How to Uninstall ChatGPT Plugins?
  • Fix: Please Stand By While We Are Checking Your Browser Error On ChatGPT

essay writing ai cactus

FutureAiPrompts.com, a team of AI enthusiasts, provides quality prompts and tutorials for language models like GPT and Bard. They aim to make AI accessible and promote its responsible use, believing this can unlock AI's full potential and spur innovation across industries.

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The AI Reports

the ai reports logo

  • June 26, 2023
  • 10 min read

Caktus AI Review

essay writing ai cactus

Have you ever found yourself struggling with essays, coding assignments, or language learning? Imagine a world where an AI-powered learning platform could provide you with all the tools you need to excel academically. That’s where Caktus AI comes in! With its wide array of features and tools designed for students and educators, Caktus AI is here to revolutionize the way you learn and achieve your academic goals.

Short Summary

Discover Caktus AI, an AI-powered learning platform with personalized and engaging solutions!

Explore amazing features like essay writing assistance, coding solutions & language learning capabilities.

Users rave about its 4.8/5 star rating for versatility & effectiveness, but consider potential drawbacks too!

Understanding Caktus AI: An AI-Powered Learning Platform

Caktus AI is an innovative platform that combines the power of artificial intelligence with a user-friendly interface to assist students and educators alike. With AI-based tools like the Caktus AI Writer, this platform offers a range of services, from essay writing assistance to personal statement and resume support, as well as coding solutions. So, whether you’re perfecting your essay writing skills or diving into the world of code, Caktus AI has you covered.

essay writing ai cactus

With a vision to transform education by making it more personalized, efficient, and engaging, Caktus AI, founded by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang, utilizes advanced AI algorithms to adapt to each student’s unique learning needs and preferences. The platform’s versatility and effectiveness make it an essential tool for learners of all levels, from high school students to professionals.

Essay Writing Assistance

Gone are the days of staring at a blank screen, trying to figure out how to start your essay or academic paper. Caktus AI’s essay writer tool uses inputted prompts to generate essays, providing you with ideas, outlines, and summaries to elevate your content. Moreover, the platform offers grammar and spelling checks, citation formatting, and enhanced writing assistance to ensure your work is accurate and well-written. Who wouldn’t want a helping hand to raise their writing game to new heights?

Teachers and students alike can benefit from Caktus AI’s essay writing assistance. The platform not only improves content quality but also saves valuable time, allowing educators to write and provide feedback more efficiently and students to focus on refining their skills. It’s like having your very own personal writing tutor at your fingertips!

essay writing ai cactus

Personal Statement and Resume Support

In today’s competitive job market, having a standout personal statement and resume is crucial. Caktus AI offers personal statement generation, cover letter writing, and resume bullet point creation for job seekers. With the help of a personal statement writer, these tools can help you create impressive resume bullet points and job applications that catch the eyes of potential employers, increasing your chances of landing your dream job.

Caktus AI understands the importance of a well-crafted resume and offers valuable guidance and suggestions throughout the resume-building process. From optimizing content and improving layout to enhancing the overall presentation, users have found this assistance incredibly beneficial for crafting resumes that stand out from the competition.

With Caktus AI on your side, which someone owns, your next job is just a few clicks away!

Coding Solutions

Coding can be a daunting task for many, but Caktus AI is here to make it a breeze. This platform provides the ability to generate code for a few different languages, like Python, Java, C#, and JavaScript, plus Go. It makes coding much easier! With a code editor, debugger, and various libraries and modules at your disposal, learning and mastering programming languages has never been easier.

essay writing ai cactus

Caktus AI offers tools such as the Python Writer and Java Writer to help users generate and explain code, making it an essential resource for both beginners and experienced programmers. Whether you’re solving math problems or working on a complex coding project, use ai tools from Caktus. AI’s coding solutions have got your back.

Caktus AI's Unique Offerings

In addition to its primary features, Caktus AI boasts a range of unique offerings that set it apart from other AI platforms. These include an academic curated search engine, a movie scene analysis tool, and language learning capabilities.

Let’s dive deeper into these exciting features and see how they can further enhance your learning experience.

Academic Curated Search Engine

Research is a vital part of any academic endeavor, but finding reliable sources can be a time-consuming challenge. That’s where Caktus AI’s academic curated search engine comes in! This powerful tool streamlines the research process by allowing users to quickly and easily search for academic papers, journals complex articles, and other resources.

Designed with students in mind, this academic curated search engine service combines the convenience of web-based search engines with the rigor of peer-reviewed scholarly sources. By providing access to high-quality information at the click of a button, Caktus AI helps students find the information they need quickly and efficiently, leaving them with more time to focus on their studies.

Movie Scene Analysis Tool

Whether you’re a film buff or a student analyzing a movie for an assignment, Caktus AI’s movie scene analysis tool is here to make your life easier. This innovative tool generates concise summaries of movie scenes, allowing you to extract key information, identify plot points, characters, and other elements of a movie, all without spending hours watching and re-watching the film.

Not only does the movie scene analysis tool save time on essay writing, but it also enables users to gain a deeper understanding of the structure of a movie scene and how different elements interrelate. With these useful tools at your disposal, dissecting and analyzing films, including youtube video content, has never been more straightforward.

Language Learning Capabilities

Learning a new language can be challenging, but Caktus AI is here to make it a more enjoyable and accessible experience. The platform offers a language learning tool with natural language processing capabilities, supporting dozens of languages and translation features. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, Caktus AI can help you improve your language skills and broaden your horizons.

With features such as speech recognition, translation, and grammar correction, Caktus AI’s language learning capabilities enable users to practice speaking, writing, and understanding their target language more effectively. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to a world of new opportunities.

Pricing and Plans: Is Caktus AI Worth It?

Caktus AI offers a monthly premium plan and yearly premium options, priced at $14.99 per month and $99.99 per year, respectively. With a wide array of features and tools designed to enhance learning and improve productivity, many users find the platform to be a worthwhile investment.

Do you think Caktus AI suits your needs? Can Caktus AI provide you with the desired results? When considering the versatility, effectiveness, and unique features that Caktus AI provides, it’s easy to see the value in this AI-powered learning platform. From essay writing and coding solutions to language learning and academic research, Caktus AI is a comprehensive resource for students and educators alike.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your academic game, why not give Caktus AI a try and see the difference for yourself?

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Who's Behind Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is the brainchild of Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang, two innovative individuals with a passion for education and technology. Harrison, a software engineer, and Tao, a data scientist, combined their expertise to create a platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to transform the way students and educators learn and work.

With their vision and dedication, Caktus AI continues to make waves in the world of both science and education.

Comparing Caktus AI to Other AI Tools

While there are many AI tools on the market, Caktus AI stands out with its focus on education and unique offerings. From its primary features like essay writing assistance and coding solutions to its one-of-a-kind tools like the academic curated search engine and movie scene analysis tool, Caktus AI provides students and educators with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform designed to improve learning outcomes and boost productivity.

The platform is designed to be fun, intuitive and easy to use, with a range of features that make it easy to access the resources and tools needed to succeed. Caktus AI also offers a variety of tutorials and support.

essay writing ai cactus

AI Platforms for Education

Caktus AI is not the only AI platform designed for education, but it certainly stands out from the crowd. Other AI platforms like Querium, Pearson AI, Altitude Learning, Gradescope, Knewton’s Alta, Knowji, Ivy Chatbot, and Geleza offer various features and benefits, such as personalized learning, adaptive assessments, and intelligent tutoring systems.

However, Caktus AI’s unique set of features, such as its academic curated search engine, movie scene analysis tool, and language learning capabilities, make it a standout contender in the world of AI platforms for education. With its versatility and effectiveness, Caktus AI is an essential tool for learners of all levels, from high school students to professionals.

Content Generation Alternatives

Content generation alternatives, such as AI-powered content generators or chatbots, offer a range of features and capabilities for generating content. Some of these alternatives might provide more accuracy and customization options, but Caktus AI still stands out in the content creation market with its comprehensive and accurate content generation tool solution.

In addition to its primary features like essay writing assistance and coding solutions, Caktus AI also offers unique tools like the academic curated search engine, movie scene analysis tool, and language learning capabilities.

While content generation alternatives might have their own strengths, Caktus AI provides an all-in-one platform that caters to the diverse needs of students and educators, making it a top choice for those looking for a versatile and effective AI-powered learning platform.

User Experience: What Do People Say About Caktus AI?

Caktus AI has received an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from satisfied customers, who praise the platform’s versatility and effectiveness in writing essays, solving math problems, and improving productivity and learning. While no platform is perfect, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from users highlights the strengths of Caktus AI and its potential to make a significant impact on the world of education.

essay writing ai cactus

Caktus AI has been praised for its ability to help students learn more effectively and efficiently, as well as its ability to help them improve their productivity. It has also been praised for its ability to help students write better essays and solve math problems. With its versatility and effectiveness, Caktus AI is well known for its versatility and effectiveness.

Potential Drawbacks and Limitations of Caktus AI

Despite its many advantages, there are potential drawbacks and limitations to using Caktus AI. One of the main concerns is the platform’s occasional generation of answers that are not entirely accurate or relevant to the given task. Additionally, there are limitations to the number of characters that can be generated, and language support might be limited for some users. Nevertheless, Caktus AI remains a valuable resource for generating written content and can be a helpful tool for students and researchers.

Another potential drawback is the issue of academic integrity when using Caktus AI Writer. While the use of Caktus AI might not be detected by plagiarism detection software, it could still be noticed by professors or markers, especially if they are familiar with the AI style of writing. As with any tool, it’s important for users to consider the ethical implications of using Caktus AI and ensure that their work maintains a high standard of academic integrity.

In conclusion, Caktus AI is a game-changing AI-powered learning platform that offers a wide array of features and tools designed to enhance learning and improve productivity. With its primary features like essay writing assistance, personal statement and resume support, coding solutions, and unique offerings like the academic curated search engine, movie scene analysis tool, and language learning capabilities, Caktus AI is an invaluable resource for students and educators alike. While there are potential drawbacks and limitations to consider, the benefits of using Caktus AI far outweigh any concerns, making it a top choice for those looking to revolutionize their academic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Caktus AI is still free! You can start with a 5,000 character free trial to generate around 500-1,000 words.

If you need more than that, you can upgrade to the Caktus Premium plan for only $9.99 per month, allowing you to also generate content in an unlimited number of words.

Caktus AI has an impressive amount of positive reviews and is highly rated by experts in the field. Its easy-to-use interface and powerful features make it a great choice for those looking to get the most out of their artificial intelligence endeavors. We are confident that Caktus AI is a great choice and will be able to help you reach your goals.

Excitingly, Caktus AI has proven to be a reliable and effective Artificial Intelligence platform with an impressive score of 84.5/100 from A*Help and a spot in our top-10 list of the best AI text generators. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive range of features, this AI tool is sure to satisfy your needs for successful AI ventures.

Wow, the Caktus AI Essay Writer is the perfect way to generate essays and save time on homework! You can get started with their service for only $9.99 a month, or save even more with a yearly premium plan for only $59.99!

It’s an unbeatable deal that lets you take advantage of unlimited usage. Get your AI writing assistant today!

Based on the current evidence, it looks like Caktus AI is pretty difficult to detect. In many cases, even plagiarism detection software might not be able to pick up on it.

So all in all, Caktus AI is quite undetectable!

Caktus AI is an amazing resource that provides students with a variety of powerful tools! Whether you need help writing an essay, polishing a resume, coding a solution, searching for academic information, analyzing a movie scene, or learning a new language, Caktus AI has you covered!

With Caktus AI, students can access a wide range of resources to help them succeed in their studies. From essay writing to coding solutions, Caktus AI provides everything from writing essays to coding solutions.

Cactus.AI – The Ultimate AI Assistant for Students

Overloaded high school and college students need all the help they can get balancing course workloads and reaching extreme levels. Yet traditional support resources like tutors and writing services cost ridiculous sums without even guaranteeing better outcomes.

Enter Cactus.AI – a customizable AI assistant purpose-built to help students learn smarter by generating written content, explaining concepts, solving problems and more.

But does this new AI tool actually lift grades while making school more manageable? This comprehensive review digs into everything students and parents should know to evaluate if Cactus.AI can supercharge education.

Table of Contents

What is Cactus.AI?

Cactus.AI Build an AI specifically focused on helping students, not potentially harming them.

Functionality ranges from:

  • Essay & paper writing:  Generate drafts from prompts for jumpstarting the writing process
  • Text summarization:  Shrink papers, readings and other sources down to only salient points for faster comprehension
  • Answering study questions:  Ask about confusing homework problems and receive explanations to bolster understanding
  • Writing code:  Enter parameters and have Python scripts auto-generated as learning frameworks
  • “Humanizing” AI content:  Special rephrasing so AI written essays pass plagiarism checks after refinement
  • Professional correspondence:  Create emails, messages and letters for politely interfacing with teachers about grades, recommendations or other needs

This expands capabilities seen in earlier AI writing tools like ChatGPT with education-centric usage in mind. Students receive an academic aid fine tuned for actual learning applications – not just generic web surfing.

While some critics express hesitation in adding any technology to already tech-saturated student lives, Cactus.AI aims to enhance skills, not replace them outright. More on striking the optimal balance of human vs. AI effort later.

First, examining the tool’s capabilities merits a deeper understanding to gauge the breadth and depth of assistance available.

Cactus.AI Features and Functions for Students

Unlike generalized AI platforms built for professionals, academics or other groups, Cactus.AI focuses squarely on practical student needs:

AI-Powered Essay Writing

The poster child feature – an essay generator allowing writing assignment requirements and keywords as inputs before producing complete essays as outputs. Students receive ready-made drafts to expand upon in their own words.

The functionality even supports creating custom title pages, headers/footers, bibliographies and citations in popular academic styles like APA, MLA and Chicago.

While early waves of AI tools like ChatGPT can write briefly on student prompts, Cactus.AI Essay Writing aims for advancement through lengthier form essays with proper scholarly formatting included.

This provides massive head starts on assignments, especially the tedious lit review and citation portions bogging down human effort. Students then review, refine and finalize drafts in their own words to fulfil academic honesty policies.

When facing essay-heavy majors or course loads bordering unreasonable, essay generation brings immense relief letting pupils focus mental energy on actual learning vs. paper writing overhead.

Efficient Text Summarization

Beyond direct writing needs, Cactus.AI assists in processing overwhelming reading demands through summarization.

Whether condensing dense academic literature, lengthy Wikipedia explainers or textbook chapters into concise overviews, unlocked time savings compound.

By digesting source material into salient points first, students frontload comprehension before diving into finer details. This multiplication of learning rate with minimized inputs positions summarization functionality as an unsung hero.

Much like executive summaries preface in-depth reports in business contexts to frame key talking points upfront, academic summarization helps students rapidly extract core concepts from readings. Enhanced retention and test preparation naturally follow.

Detailed Question Answering

Even the most studious, engaged students encounter confusing questions around course concepts or problem sets. Constant back and forth clarification requests with professors grow tiresome quickly.

Cactus.AI aims to fill gaps by allowing specific question inputs complete with additional context if needed. The tool then generates detailed explanations of answers pulled from its vast knowledge base.

Not only does this accelerate working through assignments or test prep, but it also reinforces foundational understanding. Students receive digestible clarity on formerly fuzzy topics in their own words vs. dense textbook language.

Subject matter coverage even spans complex STEM niches like organic chemistry, physics, coding, algebra, statistics and more posing perpetual difficulty. For struggling students, question solving brings light into the tunnel.

Automated Code Generation

Particularly in rapidly evolving tech-adjacent fields, writing sound, functional code occupies immense mindshare. Students grinding through computer science and engineering programs feel this acutely with endless coding projects.

Cactus.AI code generation tools allow for describing desired functions or outputs. The system then produces starter code frameworks modelling industry best practices. Rather than fixating on pesky syntax and debugging minutiae, students up-level focus on mastery of underlying concepts.

As with essay writing, code generation helps enter keystrokes and foundational structure. Students then carefully review, comprehend and optimize further while retaining authorship.

This allows directing brainpower toward advancing skills through hands-on experimentation vs. reinventing basic code from scratch each assignment. Students code smarter embracing AI assistance .

Specialized “Humanizing” Functionality

A core barrier for some students adopting AI tools remains plagiarism detection risk. Turning in generated content as one’s own counters academic honour codes enforced by automated duplication checks.

Cactus.AI looks to neutralize this friction through integrated “Humanize” functionality. This special paraphrase tool rewrites sentences, switches up the wording, varies diction and makes other micro changes.

The resulting text reads original to both people and software checks. Yet preserves semantic essence from originally generated pieces.

Students invest minimal effort to make AI drafts feel personalized pre-submission vs. extensive full re-writes. This frees up cycles for actual learning.

Professional Correspondence Templates

Beyond core assignments, students juggle heavy administrative overhead like messaging instructors, handling enrollment changes, managing group project dynamics and similar tedium.

Rather than racking brains composing thoughtful emails, Cactus.AI generates professional templates tailored to the audience and purpose. Students then review and send personalized notes efficiently.

Pre-defined email templates cover common scenarios like:

  • Assignment extension requests
  • Question clarification
  • Extra credit opportunity inquiries
  • Recommendation letter asks
  • Addressing group project conflicts
  • Managing enrollment changes

Administrative tasks no longer trigger stress. Students maintain positive rapport through professional correspondence without the typical toil.

Cactus AI

Cactus.AI Tools – Your Ultimate School Helper

Taking a zoomed out perspective, Cactus.AI positions itself as more than just an AI essay helper . The full stack of tightly integrated education-focused tools makes it more akin to an ultimate personal assistant:

Rather than a one-dimensional essay bot, Cactus.AI strives to deliver end-to-end functionality improving how students actually learn. Writing becomes smoother. Comprehension deepens faster. Questions get answered quickly. Coding accelerates real skill building.

The tool aims to increase bandwidth for genuine mastery and passion in pursuing academic interests rather than mandated assignments alone. Students spend less time struggling through workstreams feeling pointless or irrelevant.

Administrative overhead disappears into the background as well. Positive student-teacher relationships strengthen without added stress.

This panoramic approach positions Cactus.AI as a game changing 1-stop shop set to evolve education, not just paper writing. However, assessing the offering warrants examining the exact pricing and subscription plans available.

Cactus.AI Pricing: Assessing Subscription Options

Cactus AI Price

In contrast to traditional services like tutoring running thousands of dollars annually, Cactus.AI looks reasonably accessible to most students:

Functionality like bulk discounts for classrooms and custom Enterprise plans suggest even more cost efficiency at scale.

The Free tier allows limited daily generation volume for lighter needs. But Premium unlocks the full power – critical for extensive writing or heavy course loads. Still far cheaper than alternative solutions.

Compared to hitting up parents for books, tutors, language lessons and various academic extras, Cactus.AI promises strong ROI in helping students directly. Those struggling to afford proper learning resources gain support.

While free exposure seems enticing unlocking all capabilities proves paramount. For $100-150 yearly, Cactus.AI reduces tons of pain points and busy work bogging down success.

Getting Started: Quick & Easy Onboarding

After selecting a pricing plan matching needs, onboarding Cactus.AI takes just minutes:

  • Create Account : Register using email, Google or Facebook
  • Select Subscription : Choose Monthly, Yearly or Free based on generation volume needs
  • Payment & Activation : Submit payment details to unlock Premium benefits
  • Start Using Cactus.AI : Begin entering prompts and leveraging AI helper!

No complex software downloads or setups are required. The intuitive browser-based app means students of all tech skill levels can begin immediately enjoying assistance.

Using Cactus.AI to Enhance Learning: Core Benefits for Students

While using AI for school likely first appeals to students seeking shortcuts on assignments, Cactus.AI aims deeper at enhancing actual skills and knowledge. Used judiciously, core benefits include:

1. Write More Original, Higher Quality Papers

Rather than full dependency, students reference AI-written draft essays as jumpstarts clarifying arguments and structure before penning fully original versions.

This diversity of inputs and examples boosts creativity, vocabulary and expression in their own words vs. formulaic templates. Students write better overall through AI collaboration while retaining full authorship.

2. Improve Comprehension & Retention

Summarization tools transform lengthy, dense readings into focused overviews pulling only the most resonant points. Students absorb key concepts faster without getting lost in superfluous details. This multiplication of learning efficiency powers better retention and application vs surface level cramming.

3. Master Concepts Faster, Boost Grades

Getting immediate explanations to complex questions makes conquering formerly confusing topics easier. Students fill knowledge gaps through digestible AI clarification servicing improved grades. Removing hindrances accelerates subject matter mastery.

4. More Energy for Passion, Less Busywork

Eliminating the tedium of writing, research and administrivia unlocks mental bandwidth. Students gain the capacity to focus efforts on personal academic interests rather than mandatory assignments alone. AI assistance powers fulfilment.

The core premise: Cactus.AI helps students learn smarter by removing friction, not replacing critical thinking outright. AI generates drafts and frameworks for people to build upon showcasing original thoughts using our own voices.

This positions the tool as a launch pad for accelerated success vs. a crutch undermining merit. But balancing human effort and AI support warrants ongoing attention.

Optimizing Human + AI Efforts for Sustainable Learning

AI holds immense promise in helping students thrive academically. But reliance without accountability risks diminishing returns as human effort drops:

The key is establishing symbiotic collaboration: humans cue guidance from AI tools before taking generated frameworks into our own words and critical analyses maximizing integrity.

AI provides the jumpstart fuel . Draft essays, summarized concepts and explained questions prime the human pump faster.

But humans add the special sauce . We carefully review AI outputs, refine them fully into our own words and intellect, and produce wholly original work showcasing our emerging voices.

This balances speed and scale from AI leveraging data with nuanced critical analysis from people factoring full context. Students utilize technology deliberately while retaining responsibility.

Judicious usage of Cactus.AI promises huge academic benefits: better writing, faster learning, less tedium. But sustainable usage requires calibrating the right ratios of influence between human effort and AI assistance based on each student’s needs.

Pros & Cons of Using Cactus.AI

As with any technology, reflect on both upsides and downsides when evaluating if Cactus.AI aligns with your learning values:

For many students, boosts like better outcomes and saved time should outweigh risks assuming deliberate usage and adult guidance. But weighing tradeoffs remains smart.

Integrating human judgment into any AI helps offset inherent weaknesses for now. This allows benefiting from rapid advances made possible through technology while retaining autonomy.

Top Alternatives Beyond Cactus.AI

While a niche offering focused specifically on education assistance, other emerging AI tools deserve consideration as supplemental aids:

Each solution warrants individual evaluation balancing features and pricing models against needs beyond Cactus.AI core specialization. Developing an integrated toolkit expands capabilities.

Cactus.AI Review – Verdict on AI for Learning Enhancement

Cactus.AI earns a strong recommendation as a supplemental aide steering students toward success provided it’s deployed deliberately. Key conclusions:

Cactus.AI Hits the Mark On:

  • Affordability – Solid value vs. extensive private tutoring
  • Relevance – Tools target actual student pain points directly
  • Convenience – Easy sign up and onboarding, all digital access

Areas Requiring Student Accountability:

  • Judicious Usage – Avoid overreliance and undermining critical thinking
  • Review & Customization – Refine AI outputs into original work
  • Ethics & Intentions – Uphold academic honesty by embracing support deliberately

Ideal Student Profile:

The tool offers maximal benefit to students balancing advanced coursework amid other obligations simply requiring more bandwidth. Think:

  • Honors & AP Courses
  • Varsity Athletics
  • Jobs After School

For this stretched-thin yet striving to excel, Cactus.AI buoys smoother sailing.

In closing, today’s hyper-competitive academic landscape demands leveraging technology judiciously, not abstaining entirely. AI writing tools lead the charge providing rocket fuel if harnessed deliberately.

Cactus.AI brings specialized power helping students balance growing workloads in customized, ethical ways not seen prior. The future of learning indeed looks bright.

FAQs About Cactus.AI

Is Cactus.AI better than ChatGPT?

For education use cases specifically – yes. Cactus.AI focuses tightly on actual student needs like writing, studying, coding etc. ChatGPT has broader general knowledge.

Is Cactus.AI safe for students to use?

When applied judiciously under adult supervision, yes. Monitoring usage to avoid overreliance is prudent until the maturity of underpinning AI technology improves further.

Does Cactus.AI offer a free version I can try as a student?

Yes! But generation volume caps apply. Premium unlocks additional capacity and optimal generating power.

Is Cactus.AI detectable via plagiarism checks?

Its “Humanize” tool aims specifically to minimize text similarity flags by paraphrasing. But risks still exist so caution is warranted.

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AidyAI – Your Free Writer Helper

What is cactus ai writer and how to use it.

cactus AI writer

Tom Gurstapp

Looking for a nice AI writer to help you use words and explain point of view in the right way? Cactus AI writer might be exactly what you need. Read our blog post to find out how it can help with code, science, writer homework, math science, and more.

Table of Contents

What is Cactus AI

Cactus AI is an innovative AI-powered learning platform designed to assist in essay writing, including personal statements and academic papers.

It’s a versatile tool that adapts to your writing style, making it ideal for students and professionals alike.

How to Start Using Cactus AI

To begin using Cactus AI, simply create an account on their platform.

Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs, whether for school work,homework, writer tasks, coding assignments, or content creation. Enjoy the trial period to explore its full range of features, including AI essay generation and editing tools for code.

How does Cactus AI improve Essay Writing Process

laptop, woman, education

1. Personalized Writing Assistance

Caktus AI, as an essay writer, offers personalized writing assistance, adapting to individual styles. This AI tool learns from your writing patterns, ensuring that each essay reflects your unique voice.

Ideal for personal statements, Caktus AI tools help maintain authenticity while enhancing clarity and coherence, making your essays stand out.

2. Streamlined Research with AI

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Caktus AI streamlines writing by quickly sourcing relevant academic materials. This feature saves time and ensures that your essays are backed by credible sources, enhancing the overall quality and depth of your arguments.

3. Enhanced Editing and Grammar Tools

Caktus AI based tools editing features go beyond basic grammar checks. It employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to refine sentence structure, improve word choice, and ensure overall readability. This results in polished, professional-quality essays, ideal for academic submissions or published papers.

4. AI-Powered Content Generation

For students overwhelmed with school work, Caktus AI’s essay generator is a game-changer. It can create drafts or entire essays on various topics, providing a solid foundation for further customization with artificial intelligence.

This feature is particularly useful for generating ideas or overcoming writer’s block, but also for coding tools, when your write essays, and other academic sources.

5. Time-Saving Essay Outlining

Caktus AI’s paragraph generator helps in structuring essays efficiently. By providing a clear outline and logical flow, it saves time and simplifies the writing process.

write, author, a book

Caktus AI tool is especially beneficial for complex topics in fields like studying computer science or math, where clear argumentation and personalize writing style is key.

6. Versatile Writing for Diverse Needs

From coding assignments through AI image generation to cover letters and writing essays, Caktus AI’s versatility makes it a valuable tool across disciplines.

Whether you’re writing a discussion board post or a scientific paper, Cactus AI writer adapts to the specific requirements of different writing formats, ensuring relevance and engagement that can transform education.

7. Continuous Learning and Improvement

Caktus AI is not just a tool; it’s an AI-powered learning platform. It evolves with each use, learning from feedback and user interactions.

This continuous improvement means that the more you use Caktus AI, the better it gets at assisting with your specific writing needs, transforming the way education and essay writing are approached.

Conclusion on Caktus AI 🌵

Caktus AI has emerged as a noteworthy player in the realm of AI tools, particularly in the field of essay writing. Cactus AI writer ability to streamline the writing process is not just impressive; it’s transformative. 🚀

  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is intuitively designed, making it easy for students and writers alike to navigate and use Caktus for their writing needs. Whether it’s for school essays, math science reports, or coding tasks, Caktus AI simplifies the process.
  • Enhances Writing Style: One of the standout features of Caktus AI is its capability to adapt and enhance the user’s writing style. This personalization ensures that each piece of writing, be it an essay or a scientific document, is not only well-crafted but also retains the individual’s unique voice. 📝
  • Time-Saving: In today’s fast-paced academic environment, Caktus AI is a boon for students and educators. It significantly reduces the time spent on homework and writing assignments, freeing up valuable free time for other important tasks or leisure activities.
  • Versatility in Subjects: Whether you’re tackling a complex math problem, writing code, or exploring a scientific concept, Caktus AI is equipped to assist. Its versatility across various subjects is particularly beneficial for students who are often juggling multiple assignments.
  • Impressive AI Capabilities: The AI essay creating feature of Caktus AI is particularly noteworthy. It not only generates content but also helps in explaining concepts and ideas in a clear and concise manner, making it easier for students to grasp and learn.

In conclusion, Caktus AI stands out as a comprehensive and efficient AI tool for academic writing. Its ability to provide unlimited usage, coupled with its effectiveness in various subjects, makes it an invaluable asset for students and educators.

workplace, wallpaper 4k, office

The platform has certainly left many users, including myself, thoroughly impressed with its capabilities. It’s a shining example of how AI can transform education and the writing process. 🎓🌟

FAQ on Caktus AI and Cactus AI writer

Is caktus ai still free.

Caktus AI offers a free tier with basic features, ideal for students and casual users. However, for unlimited usage and access to advanced features like AI-powered essay designing and academic source integration, subscription plans are available.

What is the difference between Cactus AI and ChatGPT?

Caktus AI specializes in the writing process, particularly for essays and academic documents, with tools tailored for students and writers. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is a more general AI tool, capable of a wide range of tasks including conversation, coding assistance, and content creation.

Is Cactus AI detectable?

Caktus AI, while advanced in generating content, may be detectable by certain plagiarism and AI detection tools. It’s important to use it as a support tool for writing and ensure originality in the final submission.

What is the best free AI writer?

Caktus AI is highly regarded among free AI writers, especially for students and academic purposes. It excels in essay creating, offering tools to enhance the writing process and generate content efficiently, making it a go-to for those seeking a reliable essay writer or personal statement writer.

Is Cactus safe to use?

Caktus AI is generally safe to use. It prioritizes user data security and privacy, ensuring that documents and personal information are protected. This makes it a trustworthy tool for writing essays, coding, and creating academic content.

Is Caktus better than ChatGPT?

Caktus AI and ChatGPT serve different purposes. Caktus AI is specialized in essay writing and academic work, providing features tailored to students and educators. ChatGPT, while versatile, may not have the same focused functionality in academic writing that Caktus AI offers.

Is Cactus AI plagiarized?

Caktus AI generates original content using artificial intelligence. However, it’s crucial to cross-check and ensure the uniqueness of the output, as with any AI tool. Caktus AI aims to aid the writing process while encouraging originality and proper citation of academic sources.

Does Caktus AI use GPT 3?

The specific technology behind Caktus AI, whether it uses GPT-3 or another AI framework, is not publicly disclosed. Caktus AI focuses on providing a platform that helps students write better essays, generate engaging content, and streamline their homework process using advanced AI.

Who owns Caktus AI?

The ownership of Caktus AI is not commonly known. It operates as an AI tool and platform focused on assisting in the writing process for students and educators, offering features to create and improve essays, personal statements, and other academic documents.

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Grading papers is hard work. “I hate it,” a teacher friend confessed to me. And that’s a major reason why middle and high school teachers don’t assign more writing to their students. Even an efficient high school English teacher who can read and evaluate an essay in 20 minutes would spend 3,000 minutes, or 50 hours, grading if she’s teaching six classes of 25 students each. There aren’t enough hours in the day. 

Website for Mind/Shift

Could ChatGPT relieve teachers of some of the burden of grading papers? Early research is finding that the new artificial intelligence of large language models, also known as generative AI, is approaching the accuracy of a human in scoring essays and is likely to become even better soon. But we still don’t know whether offloading essay grading to ChatGPT will ultimately improve or harm student writing.

Tamara Tate, a researcher at University California, Irvine, and an associate director of her university’s Digital Learning Lab, is studying how teachers might use ChatGPT to improve writing instruction. Most recently, Tate and her seven-member research team, which includes writing expert Steve Graham at Arizona State University, compared how ChatGPT stacked up against humans in scoring 1,800 history and English essays written by middle and high school students. 

Tate said ChatGPT was “roughly speaking, probably as good as an average busy teacher” and “certainly as good as an overburdened below-average teacher.” But, she said, ChatGPT isn’t yet accurate enough to be used on a high-stakes test or on an essay that would affect a final grade in a class.

Tate presented her study on ChatGPT essay scoring at the 2024 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association in Philadelphia in April. (The paper is under peer review for publication and is still undergoing revision.) 

Most remarkably, the researchers obtained these fairly decent essay scores from ChatGPT without training it first with sample essays. That means it is possible for any teacher to use it to grade any essay instantly with minimal expense and effort. “Teachers might have more bandwidth to assign more writing,” said Tate. “You have to be careful how you say that because you never want to take teachers out of the loop.” 

Writing instruction could ultimately suffer, Tate warned, if teachers delegate too much grading to ChatGPT. Seeing students’ incremental progress and common mistakes remain important for deciding what to teach next, she said. For example, seeing loads of run-on sentences in your students’ papers might prompt a lesson on how to break them up. But if you don’t see them, you might not think to teach it. 

In the study, Tate and her research team calculated that ChatGPT’s essay scores were in “fair” to “moderate” agreement with those of well-trained human evaluators. In one batch of 943 essays, ChatGPT was within a point of the human grader 89 percent of the time. On a six-point grading scale that researchers used in the study, ChatGPT often gave an essay a 2 when an expert human evaluator thought it was really a 1. But this level of agreement – within one point – dropped to 83 percent of the time in another batch of 344 English papers and slid even farther to 76 percent of the time in a third batch of 493 history essays.  That means there were more instances where ChatGPT gave an essay a 4, for example, when a teacher marked it a 6. And that’s why Tate says these ChatGPT grades should only be used for low-stakes purposes in a classroom, such as a preliminary grade on a first draft.

ChatGPT scored an essay within one point of a human grader 89 percent of the time in one batch of essays

essay writing ai cactus

Still, this level of accuracy was impressive because even teachers disagree on how to score an essay and one-point discrepancies are common. Exact agreement, which only happens half the time between human raters, was worse for AI, which matched the human score exactly only about 40 percent of the time. Humans were far more likely to give a top grade of a 6 or a bottom grade of a 1. ChatGPT tended to cluster grades more in the middle, between 2 and 5. 

Tate set up ChatGPT for a tough challenge, competing against teachers and experts with PhDs who had received three hours of training in how to properly evaluate essays. “Teachers generally receive very little training in secondary school writing and they’re not going to be this accurate,” said Tate. “This is a gold-standard human evaluator we have here.”

The raters had been paid to score these 1,800 essays as part of three earlier studies on student writing. Researchers fed these same student essays – ungraded –  into ChatGPT and asked ChatGPT to score them cold. ChatGPT hadn’t been given any graded examples to calibrate its scores. All the researchers did was copy and paste an excerpt of the same scoring guidelines that the humans used, called a grading rubric, into ChatGPT and told it to “pretend” it was a teacher and score the essays on a scale of 1 to 6. 

Older robo graders

Earlier versions of automated essay graders have had higher rates of accuracy . But they were expensive and time-consuming to create because scientists had to train the computer with hundreds of human-graded essays for each essay question. That’s economically feasible only in limited situations, such as for a standardized test, where thousands of students answer the same essay question. 

Earlier robo graders could also be gamed, once a student understood the features that the computer system was grading for. In some cases, nonsense essays received high marks if fancy vocabulary words were sprinkled in them. ChatGPT isn’t grading for particular hallmarks, but is analyzing patterns in massive datasets of language. Tate says she hasn’t yet seen ChatGPT give a high score to a nonsense essay. 

Tate expects ChatGPT’s grading accuracy to improve rapidly as new versions are released. Already, the research team has detected that the newer 4.0 version, which requires a paid subscription, is scoring more accurately than the free 3.5 version. Tate suspects that small tweaks to the grading instructions, or prompts, given to ChatGPT could improve existing versions. She is interested in testing whether ChatGPT’s scoring could become more reliable if a teacher trained it with just a few, perhaps five, sample essays that she has already graded. “Your average teacher might be willing to do that,” said Tate.

Many ed tech startups, and even well-known vendors of educational materials, are now marketing new AI essay robo graders to schools. Many of them are powered under the hood by ChatGPT or another large language model and I learned from this study that accuracy rates can be reported in ways that can make the new AI graders seem more accurate than they are. Tate’s team calculated that, on a population level, there was no difference between human and AI scores. ChatGPT can already reliably tell you the average essay score in a school or, say, in the state of California. 

Questions for AI vendors

At this point, it is not as accurate in scoring an individual student. And a teacher wants to know exactly how each student is doing. Tate advises teachers and school leaders who are considering using an AI essay grader to ask specific questions about accuracy rates on the student level:   What is the rate of exact agreement between the AI grader and a human rater on each essay? How often are they within one-point of each other?

The next step in Tate’s research is to study whether student writing improves after having an essay graded by ChatGPT. She’d like teachers to try using ChatGPT to score a first draft and then see if it encourages revisions, which are critical for improving writing. Tate thinks teachers could make it “almost like a game: how do I get my score up?” 

Of course, it’s unclear if grades alone, without concrete feedback or suggestions for improvement, will motivate students to make revisions. Students may be discouraged by a low score from ChatGPT and give up. Many students might ignore a machine grade and only want to deal with a human they know. Still, Tate says some students are too scared to show their writing to a teacher until it’s in decent shape, and seeing their score improve on ChatGPT might be just the kind of positive feedback they need. 

“We know that a lot of students aren’t doing any revision,” said Tate. “If we can get them to look at their paper again, that is already a win.”

That does give me hope, but I’m also worried that kids will just ask ChatGPT to write the whole essay for them in the first place.

This story about  AI essay scoring was written by Jill Barshay and produced by  The Hechinger Report , a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. Sign up for  Proof Points   and other  Hechinger newsletters .

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What is ChatGPT? Here's everything you need to know about ChatGPT, the chatbot everyone's still talking about

  • ChatGPT is getting a futuristic human update. 
  • ChatGPT has drawn users at a feverish pace and spurred Big Tech to release other AI chatbots.
  • Here's how ChatGPT works — and what's coming next.

Insider Today

OpenAI's blockbuster chatbot ChatGPT is getting a new update. 

On Monday, OpenAI unveiled GPT-4o for ChatGPT, a new version of the bot that can hold conversations with users in a very human tone. The new version of the chatbot will also have vision abilities.

The futuristic reveal quickly prompted jokes about parallels to the movie "Her," with some calling the chatbot's new voice " cringe ."

The move is a big step for the future of AI-powered virtual assistants, which tech companies have been racing to develop.

Since its release in 2022, hundreds of millions of people have experimented with the tool, which is already changing how the internet looks and feels to users.

Users have flocked to ChatGPT to improve their personal lives and boost productivity . Some workers have used the AI chatbot to develop code , write real estate listings , and create lesson plans, while others have made teaching the best ways to use ChatGPT a career all to itself.

ChatGPT offers dozens of plug-ins to those who subscribe to ChatGPT Plus subscription. An Expedia one can help you book a trip, while an OpenTable one will get nab you a dinner reservation. And last month, OpenAI launched Code Interpreter, a version of ChatGPT that can code and analyze data .

While the personal tone of conversations with an AI bot like ChatGPT can evoke the experience of chatting with a human, the technology, which runs on " large language model tools, " doesn't speak with sentience and doesn't "think" the way people do. 

That means that even though ChatGPT can explain quantum physics or write a poem on command, a full AI takeover isn't exactly imminent , according to experts.

"There's a saying that an infinite number of monkeys will eventually give you Shakespeare," said Matthew Sag, a law professor at Emory University who studies copyright implications for training and using large language models like ChatGPT.

"There's a large number of monkeys here, giving you things that are impressive — but there is intrinsically a difference between the way that humans produce language, and the way that large language models do it," he said. 

Chatbots like ChatGPT are powered by large amounts of data and computing techniques to make predictions to string words together in a meaningful way. They not only tap into a vast amount of vocabulary and information, but also understand words in context. This helps them mimic speech patterns while dispatching an encyclopedic knowledge. 

Other tech companies like Google and Meta have developed their own large language model tools, which use programs that take in human prompts and devise sophisticated responses.

Despite the AI's impressive capabilities, some have called out OpenAI's chatbot for spewing misinformation , stealing personal data for training purposes , and even encouraging students to cheat and plagiarize on their assignments. 

Some recent efforts to use chatbots for real-world services have proved troubling. In 2023, the mental health company Koko came under fire after its founder wrote about how the company used GPT-3 in an experiment to reply to users. 

Koko cofounder Rob Morris hastened to clarify on Twitter that users weren't speaking directly to a chatbot, but that AI was used to "help craft" responses. 

Read Insider's coverage on ChatGPT and some of the strange new ways that both people and companies are using chat bots: 

The tech world's reception to ChatGPT:

Microsoft is chill with employees using ChatGPT — just don't share 'sensitive data' with it.

Microsoft's investment into ChatGPT's creator may be the smartest $1 billion ever spent

ChatGPT and generative AI look like tech's next boom. They could be the next bubble.

The ChatGPT and generative-AI 'gold rush' has founders flocking to San Francisco's 'Cerebral Valley'

Insider's experiments: 

I asked ChatGPT to do my work and write an Insider article for me. It quickly generated an alarmingly convincing article filled with misinformation.

I asked ChatGPT and a human matchmaker to redo my Hinge and Bumble profiles. They helped show me what works.

I asked ChatGPT to reply to my Hinge matches. No one responded.

I used ChatGPT to write a resignation letter. A lawyer said it made one crucial error that could have invalidated the whole thing .

Read ChatGPT's 'insulting' and 'garbage' 'Succession' finale script

An Iowa school district asked ChatGPT if a list of books contains sex scenes, and banned them if it said yes. We put the system to the test and found a bunch of problems.

Developments in detecting ChatGPT: 

Teachers rejoice! ChatGPT creators have released a tool to help detect AI-generated writing

A Princeton student built an app which can detect if ChatGPT wrote an essay to combat AI-based plagiarism

Professors want to 'ChatGPT-proof' assignments, and are returning to paper exams and requesting editing history to curb AI cheating

ChatGPT in society: 

BuzzFeed writers react with a mix of disappointment and excitement at news that AI-generated content is coming to the website

ChatGPT is testing a paid version — here's what that means for free users

A top UK private school is changing its approach to homework amid the rise of ChatGPT, as educators around the world adapt to AI

Princeton computer science professor says don't panic over 'bullshit generator' ChatGPT

DoNotPay's CEO says threat of 'jail for 6 months' means plan to debut AI 'robot lawyer' in courtroom is on ice

It might be possible to fight a traffic ticket with an AI 'robot lawyer' secretly feeding you lines to your AirPods, but it could go off the rails

Online mental health company uses ChatGPT to help respond to users in experiment — raising ethical concerns around healthcare and AI technology

What public figures think about ChatGPT and other AI tools:

What Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and 12 other business leaders think about AI tools like ChatGPT

Elon Musk was reportedly 'furious' at ChatGPT's popularity after he left the company behind it, OpenAI, years ago

CEO of ChatGPT maker responds to schools' plagiarism concerns: 'We adapted to calculators and changed what we tested in math class'

A theoretical physicist says AI is just a 'glorified tape recorder' and people's fears about it are overblown

'The most stunning demo I've ever seen in my life': ChatGPT impressed Bill Gates

Ashton Kutcher says your company will probably be 'out of business' if you're 'sleeping' on AI

ChatGPT's impact on jobs: 

AI systems like ChatGPT could impact 300 million full-time jobs worldwide, with administrative and legal roles some of the most at risk, Goldman Sachs report says

Jobs are now requiring experience with ChatGPT — and they'll pay as much as $800,000 a year for the skill

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ChatGPT may be coming for our jobs. Here are the 10 roles that AI is most likely to replace.

AI is going to eliminate way more jobs than anyone realizes

It's not AI that is going to take your job, but someone who knows how to use AI might, economist says

4 careers where workers will have to change jobs by 2030 due to AI and shifts in how we shop, a McKinsey study says

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Meta are paying salaries as high as $900,000 to attract generative AI talent

How AI tools like ChatGPT are changing the workforce:

10 ways artificial intelligence is changing the workplace, from writing performance reviews to making the 4-day workweek possible

Managers who use AI will replace managers who don't, says an IBM exec

How ChatGPT is shaping industries: 

ChatGPT is coming for classrooms, hospitals, marketing departments, and everything else as the next great startup boom emerges

Marketing teams are using AI to generate content, boost SEO, and develop branding to help save time and money, study finds

AI is coming for Hollywood. 'It's amazing to see the sophistication of the images,' one of Christopher Nolan's VFX guy says.

AI is going to offer every student a personalized tutor, founder of Khan Academy says

A law firm was fined $5,000 after one of its lawyers used ChatGPT to write a court brief riddled with fake case references

How workers are using ChatGPT to boost productivity:  

CheatGPT: The hidden wave of employees using AI on the sly

I used ChatGPT to talk to my boss for a week and she didn't notice. Here are the other ways I use it daily to get work done.

I'm a high school math and science teacher who uses ChatGPT, and it's made my job much easier

Amazon employees are already using ChatGPT for software coding. They also found the AI chatbot can answer tricky AWS customer questions and write cloud training materials.

How 6 workers are using ChatGPT to make their jobs easier

I'm a freelance editor who's embraced working with AI content. Here's how I do it and what I charge.

How people are using ChatGPT to make money:

How ChatGPT and other AI tools are helping workers make more money

Here are 5 ways ChatGPT helps me make money and complete time-consuming tasks for my business

ChatGPT course instruction is the newest side hustle on the market. Meet the teachers making thousands from the lucrative gig.

People are using ChatGPT and other AI bots to work side hustles and earn thousands of dollars — check out these 8 freelancing gigs

A guy tried using ChatGPT to turn $100 into a business making 'as much money as possible.' Here are the first 4 steps the AI chatbot gave him

We used ChatGPT to build a 7-figure newsletter. Here's how it makes our jobs easier.

I use ChatGPT and it's like having a 24/7 personal assistant for $20 a month. Here are 5 ways it's helping me make more money.

A worker who uses AI for a $670 monthly side hustle says ChatGPT has 'cut her research time in half'

How companies are navigating ChatGPT: 

From Salesforce to Air India, here are the companies that are using ChatGPT

Amazon, Apple, and 12 other major companies that have restricted employees from using ChatGPT

A consultant used ChatGPT to free up time so she could focus on pitching clients. She landed $128,000 worth of new contracts in just 3 months.

Luminary, an AI-generated pop-up restaurant, just opened in Australia. Here's what's on the menu, from bioluminescent calamari to chocolate mousse.

A CEO is spending more than $2,000 a month on ChatGPT Plus accounts for all of his employees, and he says it's saving 'hours' of time

How people are using ChatGPT in their personal lives:

ChatGPT planned a family vacation to Costa Rica. A travel adviser found 3 glaring reasons why AI won't replace experts anytime soon.

A man who hated cardio asked ChatGPT to get him into running. Now, he's hooked — and he's lost 26 pounds.

A computer engineering student is using ChatGPT to overcome learning challenges linked to her dyslexia

How a coder used ChatGPT to find an apartment in Berlin in 2 weeks after struggling for months

Food blogger Nisha Vora tried ChatGPT to create a curry recipe. She says it's clear the instructions lacked a human touch — here's how.

Men are using AI to land more dates with better profiles and personalized messages, study finds

Lawsuits against OpenAI:

OpenAI could face a plagiarism lawsuit from The New York Times as tense negotiations threaten to boil over, report says

This is why comedian Sarah Silverman is suing OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT

2 authors say OpenAI 'ingested' their books to train ChatGPT. Now they're suing, and a 'wave' of similar court cases may follow.

A lawsuit claims OpenAI stole 'massive amounts of personal data,' including medical records and information about children, to train ChatGPT

A radio host is suing OpenAI for defamation, alleging that ChatGPT created a false legal document that accused him of 'defrauding and embezzling funds'

Tips on how to write better ChatGPT prompts:

7 ways to use ChatGPT at work to boost your productivity, make your job easier, and save a ton of time

I'm an AI prompt engineer. Here are 3 ways I use ChatGPT to get the best results.

12 ways to get better at using ChatGPT: Comprehensive prompt guide

Here's 9 ways to turn ChatGPT Plus into your personal data analyst with the new Code Interpreter plug-in

OpenAI's ChatGPT can write impressive code. Here are the prompts you should use for the best results, experts say.

Axel Springer, Business Insider's parent company, has a global deal to allow OpenAI to train its models on its media brands' reporting.

Watch: What is ChatGPT, and should we be afraid of AI chatbots?

essay writing ai cactus

  • Main content

How Red Hat is embracing AI to make sysadmins' lives easier


I'll be so glad once every technology or business press release no longer begins with, "Now with AI!" Most of the time, it's just lip service. Red Hat  is a bit different: the company is integrating AI across its product line. This includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI (RHEL AI) , Red Hat OpenShift AI , and Red Hat Ansible Automation. Here's what each one does and how they fit together.

Red Hat was working with AI well before this latest rush of announcements. Red Hat's first serious AI work was with Red Hat Lightspeed , a generative AI service with an automation-specific foundation model. Lightspeed, which uses natural language processing (NLP) to turn prompts into code, first appeared in the Ansible DevOps program, where it helped to simplify complex system administration jobs. In particular, it was designed to demystify the creation of Ansible Playbooks .

Also: IBM open-sources its Granite AI models - and they mean business

Moving forward, RHEL AI is Red Hat's foundational AI platform. Currently in developer preview, RHEL AI is designed to streamline generative AI model development, testing, and deployment. This new platform fuses IBM Research's open-source-licensed Granite large language model (LLM) family, the LAB methodology-based InstructLab alignment tools , and a collaborative approach to model development via the InstructLab project.

IBM Research pioneered the LAB methodology, which employs synthetic data generation and multiphase tuning to align AI/ML models without costly manual effort. The LAB approach, refined through the InstructLab community, enables developers to build and contribute to LLMs just as they would to any open-source project.

With the launch of InstructLab, IBM has released select Granite English language and code models under an Apache license, providing transparent datasets for training and community contributions. The Granite 7B English language model  is now integrated into InstructLab, where users can collaboratively enhance its capabilities.

RHEL AI is meant to simplify enterprise-wide adoption by offering a fully optimized, bootable RHEL image for server deployments across hybrid cloud environments. These optimized bootable model runtime instances work with Granite models and InstructLab tooling packages. They include optimized  Pytorch  runtime libraries and GPU accelerators for AMD Instinct MI300X, Intel and NVIDIA GPUs, and NeMo frameworks.

RHEL AI is also integrated within OpenShift AI, Red Hat's machine learning operations (MLOps) platform, allowing for large-scale model implementation in distributed clusters.

Also: The Linux Foundation and tech giants partner on open-source generative AI enterprise tools

RHEL AI will also use Lightspeed to help you deploy, manage, and maintain your RHEL instances. For example, at Red Hat Summit , Red Hat demoed how it could check for  Common Vulnerability and Exploit (CVE) security patches, and you could then tell your system to go ahead and implement the patch.

Next up: OpenShift AI, which includes RHEL AI, enables enterprises to scale workflows and manage models via Kubernetes-powered MLOps. IBM's watsonx.ai enterprise studio users will benefit from this integration by gaining access to improved model governance and pricing.

Like RHEL AI, this new AI-friendly version of OpenShift -- Red Hat Kubernetes distro -- includes Lightspeed to make OpenShift easier to use. For instance, it will recommend how to deploy new applications, when to use autoscaling, and the appropriate sizes for cloud instances. Further, it will monitor your application; after the app has been up and running for a while, Lightspeed will autoscale the app's resources down if the capacity requirements are lower than expected.

In short, said Ashesh Badani, Red Hat's senior VP and chief product officer, "Red Hat Lightspeed puts production-ready AI into the hands of the users who can deliver the most innovation more quickly: the IT organization."

Also: Why open-source generative AI models are still a step behind GPT-4

Finally, in Ansible, Red Hat has added "policy as code" to its bag of tricks. Why? Sathish Balakrishnan, Ansible's VP and general manager, explained that as AI scales the capabilities of individual systems beyond what we can manage, the challenge of maintaining IT infrastructure has grown ever larger.

From where Balakrishnan sits, "AI is the final stage of the automation adoption journey. In the context of enterprise IT ops, AI means machines automating processes, connecting infrastructure and tools to make them more efficient, and making decisions to improve resiliency and reduce costs."

By using AI to automate Policy as Code, Red Hat sees the new Ansibile efficiently enforcing internally and externally mandated policies at the start of a new IT project and then managing its operations at scale.

If it strikes you that there's a single theme here uniting all the programs, you're right. Red Hat is using AI to make life easier for its system's administrations. Yes, you'll be able to build AI programs on RHEL and OpenShift, but in the near-term, Red Hat AI is all about integrating the entire Red Hat software family into an easy-to-manage, smart software stack for all its customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Ibm open-sources its granite ai models - and they mean business, how chatgpt (and other ai chatbots) can help you write an essay, meet gemini education: three ways google is equipping students and educators with ai.


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    Easily return to edit, improve, or access insightful summaries of past or current classes. With Caktus AI, you can enhance your academic experience with all-in-one support for your homework. Caktus AI technology is trained with the largest database of academic papers and essays globally, enabling students to inspire with high-quality work ...

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    AI essay writing tools can serve a variety of functions, from generating ideas and providing suggestions, to editing and proofreading content. Some tools can even generate entire essays based on a given topic or prompt. Breaking Down How AI Essay Writing Tools Work. AI essay writing tools work by analyzing and learning from large amounts of ...

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    Caktus AI is a comprehensive educational tool designed to assist students in a variety of ways. It is useful for solving homework questions, writing essays, and even creating resumes to help students secure jobs. Caktus allows students to learn various subjects through its step-by-step process. But its applications extend further: Caktus offers ...

  17. Caktus AI Review: Should Students Own it? The AI Reports

    Short Summary. Discover Caktus AI, an AI-powered learning platform with personalized and engaging solutions! Explore amazing features like essay writing assistance, coding solutions & language learning capabilities. Users rave about its 4.8/5 star rating for versatility & effectiveness, but consider potential drawbacks too!

  18. Cactus.AI

    What is Cactus.AI? Cactus.AI Build an AI specifically focused on helping students, not potentially harming them. Functionality ranges from: Essay & paper writing: Generate drafts from prompts for jumpstarting the writing process Text summarization: Shrink papers, readings and other sources down to only salient points for faster comprehension Answering study questions: Ask about confusing ...

  19. What is Cactus AI Writer and How to Use it

    Cactus AI is an innovative AI-powered learning platform designed to assist in essay writing, including personal statements and academic papers. It's a versatile tool that adapts to your writing style, making it ideal for students and professionals alike. How to Start Using Cactus AI. To begin using Cactus AI, simply create an account on their ...

  20. 10 Best AI for Essay Writing

    Here are a few of them —. 1. Saves time. Using best AI for essay writing has its own benefits. Students can take care of the research process while these AI tools write the essays for them. Be it an essay topic or a full-length essay generation, it saves a bunch of students' time. 2. Boosts productivity.

  21. EssayGenius

    EssayGenius uses cutting-edge AI to help you write your essays like never before. Generate ideas, rephrase sentences, and have your essay structure built for you. EssayGenius lets you write better essays, in less time. Our AI tools help you generate new paragraphs, complete sentences, and rephrase your work to avoid plagiarism.

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    A new tool called Writable, which uses ChatGPT to help grade student writing assignments, is being offered widely to teachers in grades 3-12.. Why it matters: Teachers have quietly used ChatGPT to grade papers since it first came out — but now schools are sanctioning and encouraging its use. Driving the news: Writable, which is billed as a time-saving tool for teachers, was purchased last ...

  23. PROOF POINTS: AI essay grading is already as 'good as an overburdened

    Early research is finding that the new artificial intelligence of large language models, also known as generative AI, is approaching the accuracy of a human in scoring essays and is likely to become even better soon. But we still don't know whether offloading essay grading to ChatGPT will ultimately improve or harm student writing.

  24. Essay Writer

    Introducing AI Writer, the leading iOS app that brings advanced artificial intelligence technology to the world of writing. Whether you need to create an essay, compose an email, formulate an engaging resume or a compelling narrative, "AI Writer" gives you all the tools you need to succeed. With an advanced AI-based chat system, "AI Writer ...

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    10 ways artificial intelligence is changing the workplace, from writing performance reviews to making the 4-day workweek possible. Managers who use AI will replace managers who don't, says an IBM exec

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    The open-source giant's AI work is all about integrating the entire Red Hat software family into a smart, easy-to-manage stack. Here's what each one does and how they fit together.