1. JUST Synonyms: 382 Similar and Opposite Words

    Synonyms for JUST: exactly, precisely, perfectly, even, to a T, expressly, similarly, uniformly; Antonyms of JUST: somewhat, slightly, vaguely, differently, variably ...

  2. Ways to Replace the Adverb "Just": A Word List for Writers

    Andrea just wants ice cream, no sauce, no sprinkles. The phrase at the end of the sentence, no sauce, no sprinkles, emphasizes Andrea's preference, so just is superfluous. It's just unbelievable that they broke up. Unbelievable, an absolute adjective, eliminates the need for an adverb of degree. Just pay attention, and you'll learn the ...

  3. What is another word for just?

    Synonyms for just include fair, honest, decent, upright, equitable, ethical, righteous, good, impartial and unbiased. Find more similar words at!

  4. Words to Use in an Essay: 300 Essay Words

    If you're struggling to choose the right words for your essay, don't worry—you've come to the right place! In this article, we've compiled a list of over 300 words and phrases to use in the introduction, body, and conclusion of your essay. Contents: Words to Use in the Essay Introduction. Words to Use in the Body of the Essay.

  5. Synonyms of JUST

    Synonyms of 'just' in British English. just. 1 (adverb) in the sense of recently. Definition. an expression requesting someone to wait for a short time. The two had only just met. ... or tips on writing the perfect college essay, Harper Reference has you covered for all your study needs. February 13, 2020 Read more

  6. 80 Synonyms & Antonyms for ESSAY

    Find 80 different ways to say ESSAY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at

  7. 39 Different Ways to Say 'In Conclusion' in an Essay (Rated)

    Example: "In a nutshell, there are valid arguments on both sides of the debate about socialism vs capitalism.". 18. In closing…. My Rating: 7/10. Overview: This phrase is an appropriate synonym for 'In conclusion' and I would be perfectly fine with a student using this phrase in their essay.

  8. 40 Big Words That Make an Impact In Speech and Writing

    Whether you're writing an essay or speaking in front of a group, there are certain big words you can use to impress your audience. ... Sometimes you just need a specific word to describe the mood or moment. ... Pronunciation. Synonyms. Definition. disillusioned. dis-ill-loo-zhund. disenchanted, disappointed. having lost one's ideals ...

  9. How To Avoid Using "We," "You," And "I" in an Essay

    Maintaining a formal voice while writing academic essays and papers is essential to sound objective. One of the main rules of academic or formal writing is to avoid first-person pronouns like "we," "you," and "I.". These words pull focus away from the topic and shift it to the speaker - the opposite of your goal.

  10. 19 Other Ways to Say "I Believe" in an Essay

    It Appears. Another way to say "I believe" without using the first person is "it appears.". Like the original phrase, this one indicates that the statement following it is not certain. In fact, it is simply an observation. Although this phrase is not necessarily superior to "I believe," it does remove the personal pronoun "I ...

  11. 15 Other Words for "This Shows" in an Essay

    KEY TAKEAWAYS. "This shows" is a common phrase used in essays to demonstrate how one thing leads to another. "This demonstrates" is a great formal synonym that'll help to spice up your academic writing. Try "suggesting" as an alternative that shows how one thing could have created another. Keep reading to learn different ways to ...

  12. What is another word for "just like"?

    similarly to. essentially like. the same way. by its nature. serving as. in the same way that. in the way that. in the same manner that. just for.

  13. 40+ Other Ways to Say 'For Example' & Liven Up Your Writing

    Looking for other ways to say for example after using it for the umpteenth time? No worries. Discover a wide variety of options to replace it here!

  14. 11 Alternatives To "Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly" In Writing

    The last example is. To begin. One reason is. Another reason is. Finally. Most importantly. Lastly. The preferred version is "first of all," which would go on to be "second of all" and "third of all.". We can use them when we want to list things in order, and they all work much better in writing than "firstly," "secondly ...

  15. 200+ Other Words For Said: Synonyms to Spice up Your Writing

    One of the words that comes up most commonly in various types of writing, from fiction to academic writing, is the word "said." Any time a writer is referencing the words or thoughts expressed by another person, whether that be thoughts expressed verbally or in writing, an appropriate way to introduce--or attribute--that person's thoughts is with the phrase "said."

  16. 14 Other Words for "Said" in an Essay

    Stated. One of the most common ways to replace "said" in an essay is "stated.". It's a great formal synonym that helps to keep things direct and clear for the reader. It works well before a quote. You should write "stated" to clarify that you're about to run a quote by the reader. Of course, you can't claim that someone ...

  17. 10 Other Ways to Say "This Shows" in an Essay

    Increasing customer satisfaction scores this demonstrates the success of our new service initiative. 2. This indicates. "This indicates" is a neutral phrase that fits well in both formal and informal essays. It's less forceful than "this proves" but still shows a clear connection between evidence and conclusion.

  18. 11 Other Ways To Say "I Think" And "I Believe" In An Essay

    Here are some options: The preferred option is "in my opinion." "In my opinion" is clear and direct, and sounds more formal than "I believe" and "I think.". It's a good way to make it clear that what you're saying is your personal opinion while still sounding credible.

  19. 57 Synonyms & Antonyms for JUST AS

    Find 57 different ways to say JUST AS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at

  20. Porsche-driving Indian teenager who killed two people ordered to ...

    A n Indian court granted bail to a drink-driving teenager who rammed his Porsche into a motorbike and killed two people, on the condition that he "write an essay" about the incident.

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    Doctors said that the symptoms of both KP.2 and JN.1 — which now makes up around 16 percent of cases — are most likely similar to those seen with other variants. These include sore throat ...

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    By Julia Angwin. Ms. Angwin is a contributing Opinion writer and an investigative journalist. It's a little hard to believe that just over a year ago, a group of leading researchers asked for a ...

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    Researchers at the A.I. company Anthropic claim to have found clues about the inner workings of large language models, possibly helping to prevent their misuse and to curb their potential threats.

  24. The Supreme Court Just Handed Another Loss to Congress

    We ought to be left a tad uneasy by Thursday's 7-2 Supreme Court decision upholding the mechanism for funding the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The result isn't wrong, and should even ...

  25. For Markus Johnson, Prison and Mental Illness Equaled a Death Sentence

    It was 1:19 p.m. on Sept. 6, 2019, in the Danville Correctional Center, a medium-security prison a few hours south of Chicago. Mr. Johnson, 21 and serving a short sentence for gun possession, was ...

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    The rap battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar is about more than whatever personal beefs these two men have with each other. As many have noted, it is a significant moment in hip-hop history ...

  27. Opinion

    In 2023, Russia's trade with China hit a record $240.1 billion, up by more than 60 percent from prewar levels, as China accounted for 30 percent of Russia's exports and nearly 40 percent of ...

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    The liberal arts are fading just when we need them most. ... Guest Essay. Higher Education Needs More Socrates and Plato. May 19, 2024. Credit... Soña Lee. Share full article. 394.