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  2. The 2018 Heritage Case Studies Compilation

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  3. The History of Heritage: The stories behind the people, places and

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  4. Heritage Research

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  5. Cultural Heritage Classification From UNESCO

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  1. The Research Process

  2. The Mystery of Cleopatra's Ethnicity: White, Black, or Mixed Ancestry?

  3. Heritage legacies on major infrastructure projects: Who’s heritage is it anyway?

  4. History rewritten: Amazing Finds by Archaeologists!


  1. Heritage and History

    The relationship between History and Heritage may initially seem a natural one. If scholars of Heritage Studies (hereafter identified with a capital 'H') identify and understand their object of study, 'heritage', as a process of what is done with the past (Harvey, 2001; Howard, 2002), then historians, as people primarily engaged in the study of the past (doing History, with a capital ...

  2. Databases for History and Culture Research

    This list highlights some of the history and culture databases available to researchers from the Smithsonian Libraries and Archives. A complete listing of electronic resources is located on the Libraries and Archives' E-journals, E-books, and Databases. Databases that require SI network for access are indicated by "SI staff."

  3. American History Research Guide

    The West. Trade Literature. United States Cartography and Maps. World's Fairs and Expositions Resources. The Smithsonian Libraries and Archives' American History Research Guide is a select list of resources for students, teachers, and researchers to learn about various topics of American History.

  4. World History Encyclopedia

    World History Encyclopedia is a non-profit organization. For only $5 per month you can become a member and support our mission to engage people with cultural heritage and to improve history education worldwide. Little Wolf (Ohcumgache, also known as Little Coyote, l. c. 1820-1904) was a Northern Cheyenne chief and holy man, best known for his ...

  5. Library Research Guide for History

    Medical Officer of Health reports (British and Colonial) within The Medical Heritage Library; Army Times 1940-2015 within Periodicals; ... At Please find our list of open access resources for research in Soviet History there is a large list of resources. International and Area Studies Library (Univ. of Illinois) Slavic Studies: Resources for ...

  6. History and Approaches to Heritage Studies on JSTOR

    XML. Civic Engagement, Representation, and Social Justice:: Moving from CRM to Heritage Studies. Download. XML. The Heritage of Heritage:: Defining the Role of the Past in Contemporary Societies. Download. XML. Disruptive Innovations and New Pedagogies in Archaeology and Heritage Education:: A View from 35,000 Feet. Download.

  7. (PDF) The history of heritage

    Tel; (01392) 263306 Fax; (01392) 263342 e-mail; [email protected] 'The History of Heritage' For: THE ASHGATE REASEARCH COMPANION TO HERITAGE AND IDENTITY Edited by BRIAN GRAHAM and PETER HOWARD 'The History of Heritage' Introduction "It is so customary to think of the historical past in terms of narrative, sequences, dates and ...

  8. A bibliometric analysis of cultural heritage research in the humanities

    Substantial research on the topic of cultural heritage has been conducted over the past two decades. At the same time, the overall output volume of journals and citation metrics have become ...

  9. History Hub

    Military Records. Help for veterans, researchers, and civilians seeking information and military records, including records from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and military service personnel records. Last Activity: 1 day ago.

  10. HISTORY Gr. 10 T1 W7: The Heritage Research Assignment: Theory

    HISTORY Gr. 10 T1 W7: The Heritage Research Assignment: Theory - the nature of heritage and debates around it . Free . By. History Curriculum Advisors. Download. Type: pdf . Size: 0.32MB . Share this content. This term will now focus on The Heritage Research Assignment: Theory. This week will focus on the nature of heritage and debates around ...

  11. [PDF] The History of Heritage

    The V&A, The Destruction of the Country House and the Creation of 'English Heritage'. R. Adams. History, Political Science. 2013. This paper considers the role played by the V&A and the exhibition The Destruction of the Country House in the political activities and increasing prominence of the 'heritage lobby' in England in the….

  12. Institute of Historical Research

    The Victoria County History is one of the world's longest-running research projects, exploring England's rich local history. The Windrush Scandal in a Transnational and Commonwealth Context This research project seeks, for the first time, to produce a scholarly examination of the so-called 'Windrush Scandal' within a fully transnational ...

  13. Search Historical Records • FamilySearch

    Historical records can often reveal important details about where your family lived or came from, when family members were born or got married, and when they died. Search for your ancestors in birth certificates, marriage registrations, census records, and other documents.

  14. Air Force Historical Research Agency

    The Air Force Historical Research Agency is the repository for Air Force historical documents. The Agency's collection, begun in Washington, DC, during World War II, moved in 1949 to Maxwell Air Force Base, the site of Air University, to provide research facilities for professional military education students, the faculty, visiting scholars, and the general public.

  15. Indian Historical Review: Sage Journals

    The Indian Historical Review is a peer reviewed journal, addresses research interest in all areas of historical studies, ranging from early times to contemporary history. While its focus is on the Indian subcontinent, it has carried historical writings on … | View full journal description. This journal is a member of the Committee on ...

  16. Find your family. Free Genealogy Archive • FamilySearch

    Historical Records A huge archive of historical documents. We've gathered a variety of important documents that you can use to tell the story of your family. Those documents record key life events of your ancestors. Including: Cemetery records. Birth, death, and marriage records. Census Records.

  17. PDF Heritage and History

    The relationship between History and Heritage may initially seem a natural one. If scholars of Heritage Studies (hereafter identified with a capital 'H') iden- ... ing 'heritage' and thereby becoming part of the area of research which Heritage Studies considers. These can be productive, successful relationships and diffi-

  18. Family History Search with Historical Records

    Discover your ancestry - search Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, census records, immigration lists and other records - all in one family search!

  19. African American Heritage

    Articles. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka - A Landmark Case Unresolved Fifty Years Later, Jean Van Delinder (2004). Prologue Special Issue on African American History (1997). The Revolutionary Summer of 1862 - How Congress Abolished Slavery and Created a Modern America, Paul Finkelman (2018). Slavery and Emancipation in the Nation's Capital - Using Federal Records to Explore the Lives of ...

  20. Frederick History Research at Heritage Frederick

    Heritage Frederick holds the following resources to aid in general Fredrick County history research: 500 N. Market St. Frederick, MD. Books about towns, people, events, and organizations in Frederick County. 1000+ files on Frederick County citizens, buildings, towns, events, organizations and more. Newspapers.

  21. Exploring the Role of Conceptual Art for the New Museology

    This article argues that conceptual art crucially advanced the critical redefinition of the nature, value, display, role, and agency of the heritage object. Due to the specific understanding of the "object" and the institutional critique discourse it established, conceptual art significantly furthered the development of new methodologies in ...

  22. Grindstone Island Research & Heritage Center

    The Grindstone Island Research and Heritage Center is excited to announce the establishment of the new Grindstone Island Heritage Museum. The museum will showcase the rich history of the island and its people and provide a tangible experience for visitors to enjoy various aspects of Island life. We anticipate a grand opening by the summer of 2022.

  23. Using Probate Records in Family History Research

    This three-week online course will provide an in-depth tutorial on how to understand, locate, and leverage wills, inventories, guardianships, and other probate records in your family history research. This course includes three 90-minute classes; exclusive access to handouts and recordings of each presentation; and in-depth q&a sessions with ...

  24. New staff highlight: Amanda Hall, collection manager for Florida and

    A manda Hall has had a lifelong passion for history. As a child, she spent countless hours in museums admiring exhibits depicting human history, while her older brother obsessed over dinosaur fossils. "I would spend a lot of time in the Native American wing, and that really began my fascination with archaeology.

  25. International Museum Day 2024: History, Significance, Quotes, and ...

    Museums are considered a heritage of humanity and hold plenty of information about history, science, and culture. They serve as an educational hub, fostering curiosity, critical thinking and ...

  26. No, the American Dream Is Not Dead, but It Is in Jeopardy

    Heritage Foundation research found the total fertility rate in the U.S. dropped to 1.62 this year, the lowest in history, well below the 2.1 U.S. population replacement rate. (Heritage founded The ...

  27. History center, partners awarded Italian American research grant

    PITTSBURGH — The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded a $50,000 grant to the Senator John Heinz History Center and its partners at the University of Pittsburgh and West Virginia ...

  28. Siblings Deepen Bonds While Studying Nanoscience

    Siblings share a bond like no other. And for three pairs of siblings in UNC Greensboro's Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, getting to attend the school together grows that bond.. Brothers Frederick and Kelvin Adrah, sisters Tanjina and Tasmia Islam, and Panesun Tukur are pursuing Ph.D.s in nanoscience.Panesun's brother, Frank Tukur '23 Ph.D., is a postdoctoral research ...